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  1. Once Upon a Time Common: 79.93% There Was a Wolf Common: 79.78% Who Ruled The Land Common: 79.60% He Was Much Feared Common: 79.51% But Soon He Mended His Evil Ways Common: 79.43% Master Librarian Common: 59.75% And All Were Happy Common: 79.37% The Wolf Among Us. This is going perfectly great. The story makes a interesting and twisted episodes and everything is going dam good. Last episode is all I needed to complete the game.
  2. Platinum #1 The Wolf Among Us Common: 56.49% Difficulty: 2/10. Enjoyment: 10/10. Challenge: 8/10. Music: 8/10. Genre: Point-and-Click, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Crime, Mystery, Murder, Conspiracy, Consequences, Death, Magic and Fables. Grind Difficulty: 4/10. Platinum Time: 1 day and 19 hours. This is my first platinum trophy i've earned. I really enjoyed the story and choices throughout The Wolf Among Us and it went perfectly well. Yeah well, alot of fuck up fables in Fabletown. There's so much for me to find new dialogues and even I haven't heard any new of them. This is just the beginning guys and believe me I have many games up my sleeve and I could pull em all out but not just yet though. Highly recommended for this game. Next Platinum: ???
  3. Promising Leads Common: 82.16% Belly Full of Stones Common: 82.07% What Big Eyes You Have Common: 81.72% Huff and Puff Common: 81.36% Severe Case of Lycanthropy Common: 81.23% Journeyman Librarian Common: 57.04% The Enchanted Land of New York City Common: 81.12% The Wolf Among Us. So far so good. It has alot of potential within this game and now things like this are getting darker and more fights to it. Just a two episodes left remaining.
  4. Right to an Attorney Common: 85.47% Breaking Point Common: 85.12% Sisters Common: 84.36% Apprentice Librarian Common: 58.53% Made Them Cry Common: 83.83% Can I Get a Fresh Set of Towels? Common: 83.60% No Respect for the Dead Common: 83.47% The Wolf Among Us. It's going good and fun time to see violence in the making. Still going as always and kept it nice and strong.
  5. Welcome to Fabletown Common: 95.56% Wolf in Sheriff's Clothing Common: 93.11% The Long Goodbye Common: 92.54% The Frog or the Prince? Common: 90.67% Panic in the Parlours Common: 89.14% Novice Librarian Common: 61.16% A Light Snowfall Common: 88.19% The Wolf Among Us. This is going off to a good start and so far so good. I've barely scratched the surface. Still a long ways off though.