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  1. I never was not into gaming. I came out the womb with a controller in my hands! Jokes aside, I teach martial arts, workout, read books, read manga, spend time with my family, and watch stuff on YouTube. I can watch TV, movies, and anime, but I rarely do that.
  2. Take a break if you're not enjoying games anymore. There's plenty of things other than gaming to enjoy in life!
  3. No, I love gaming too much. Have you ever recorded gameplay?
  4. Grand Theft Auto V
  5. Apparently, one of the trophies are unobtainable without participating in events.
  6. No. If only trophies/achievements were on every console and shared across all platforms, my list would be huge.
  7. That you're proud to finish Proteus
  8. Above and Beyond The PSP God of War games have been a nice change of pace from the no hits and no death runs I've been doing. They're pretty easy platinums with only the challenges and missables to worry about. They were fun and relaxing!
  9. One day I'll be able to throw away my money on stuff like this.
  10. They're probably dirty on the inside and need to be cleaned or the padding inside has worn out and needs additional support (like paper) or a replacement.
  11. No problems yet. I sure hope it stays that way.
  12. Platinum Blades and Dark Corners Dishonored was more fun than I initially gave it credit for many years ago. I'm glad I came back for the platinum! Blink and Bend Time really make stealth a non-issue and sometimes optimal over running and gunning. I like how there are many ways to play, it made the repeated playthrough/clean up a lot more fun than other games.
  13. Valkyria Chronicles
  14. Your Dark Souls platinum