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  1. trophies are still can be earned legitimately. Game is still well populated even more than bf1 and bf hardline combined (got their plat recently and going backwards) but most people plays on conquest large/team deathmatch lobbies. However there is one specific server for nearly each game mode; 1- 'D.E.F.U.S.E' server for defuse (hardcore settings enabled) 2- 'KNIFE' server for squad deatmatch 3- 'you suck' server for domination 4- 'we love rush' server for rush mode & there are still few players playing on both obliteration and squad obliteration lobbies; so didn't have a problem with 'Bomb Squad' Servers on the list may not be fully populated everytime but they are dedicated for their game modes so i added them to my favs & checked them after a conquest match and on and on. -TL;DR There is no need for boosting 'Won Them All' and 'Bomb Squad' trophies, maybe i was lucky but got them both in a single day and wanted to share this info since there are still players wondering on if 'plat is obtainable without boosting'.-
  2. Hey, need help with the lvl 50 crew trophy; thanks in advance PSN: stguskhe Ty or the invite, got it ☺️
  3. ‘Red Ronin’ trophy got fixed today, platinum is obtainable rn.
  4. In Decimus Hunt missions there are 3 valorplate cores near each other. I don’t remember the exact locations but one of em rests on your left when you exit castle walls. After u pick that up other two should be close to a cliffside which reside at castle walls’ right side.
  5. yes, they will unlock one by one.
  6. u need to beat the highest level dreamstone then it will unlock the other bosses and their higher level versions and so on.
  7. Campaign prolongs the platinum like 10 hours, only thing u should be looking out is Ascended Tower (20) if u are a beginner this will be your last trophy. Look out for some builds, i used [weapon technique dmg + weakpoint dmg + crit chance + crit dmg] on all my items to get it done back in the day, but dunno if it’s viable nowadays.
  8. Yes u can earn everything for platinum & there is dreamstone mode where u can fight with every boss.
  9. Dreamstones, ToT & AToT. All of the chests found in these modes count for the trophy. But dunno about the light chests in Lightbringer mode.
  10. Everything can be earned for platinum in challenger edition, but yeah without campaign it’s only grinding and u will get bored more easily
  11. indeed trophy is actually easy, i'm a solo player and while going for 25 extractions i've done 4 clean exits with randoms
  12. here are my tips: -for specialist i agree on casper being the easiest (even though i got it with falck). -for vehicle latv4 recon/hovercraft with prox sensor equipped as throwable. both vehicles require 1600 kills/assists. Lock one of those vehicles at the start of the round and take cover behind an objective/choke point. Exit vehicle and throw one prox sensor over objective then throw ammo bag to replenish your gadget and immediately get back on your vehicle. With prox sensor equipped u can easily score 100 spot assists per round (at the same time u will be farming prox sensor mastery too.) -for weapon (this should be the most comfortable pick for everyone's own choice) but i already farmed pp-29 and k30 to t1 so i highly recommend using k30, it benefits most in close quarters and be sure to go with extended mag/ammo bag because it basically lasers people down so u will need all the ammo. (dunno the nerfed pp-29 so not recommending it) -for gadget prox sensor ofc
  13. same here, both collateral trophies are purely based on luck, my friend started to play after version 5.0.0 and unlocked both trophies (in his first matches) while i have nearly 200 games & still didnt get a collateral kill with a sniper. my best advice for others would be to play in corresponding modes with specific weapons such as Instagib/Team Instagib for railgun or Team Shotty Snipers/BubbleHead Snipers mode for sniper trophies.