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  1. Get in there.
  2. Been studying it for years. I also used to live in Osaka. I have Japanese friends that I speak to regularly as well. I wouldn't call myself an anime fan, really, however. I do read manga. Berserk is the best piece of media you can experience, in my opinion.
  3. So it is impossible to get this DLC now? Wow, that's nuts. Game is really on its last leg.
  4. Funny enough, I've thought about going for GT Sport. Been getting into simulators a lot recently. Thanks for writing this up; I'll definitely come to you if I have any questions. You got this. I would recommend looking for a friend who is also interested in pursuing it. Makes the game much more approachable. That's something that is going to be mentioned in the guide. You can of course call onto me if a specific mission (or missions) is/are giving you trouble.
  5. Yes... but the OP is talking about how companies are bending backward for China.
  6. Maybe The Wonderful 101 Remastered.
  7. Excellent. It was cool to see this dynamic. Of course, being your friend IRL means that I knew about this before anyone else. Thanks for playing Armored Core with me. Thanks to @hore, too. I like to trophy hunt -- but I like to have fun, first and foremost. I think not only was this project intense, but it was fun. We had a lot of laughs on Discord playing this absurd game. This is only the start. We have many more games to play together.
  8. I could have told you that.
  9. This was where I stopped reading as I knew you had said everything that you needed to say. Kidding -- but I'm glad you did the game with me. @hore, too. He had a post on another forum that was years old and still was interested in pursuing this platinum with us. We did an excellent job.
  10. How I spend my days: 

    1.) Wake up and immediately clock in and make coffee. 

    2.) Play Armored Core: Verdict Day while I work.

    3.) Clock out and play Armored Core: Verdict Day. 


    Then when I go to lie down for bed, play Dark Souls on my Switch to invade people before I sleep. This can't be a healthy routine. 

    1. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      Not any more : ^             )

  11. Well, by technically, I have played those games "not once". Enjoy. That's one of the most fun games you can play.
  12. Vanquish? The PS4 version is harder. You take more damage in 60fps and they (largely) eliminated the infinite EMP grenade glitch. EDIT: If it means anything, @Destructor-8 -- Vanquish is my favourite game ever made; and I have the fastest time to plat on PS3. I like to think I'm decently knowledgeable in that game.
  13. "It ain't no joke." -- Kanye West.
  14. Soar, Raven.
  15. You mean an ellipses? It felt right to have one. You made a comment about a game not having any online trophies (despite not having any form of online interactivity as well as the game being over half a decade old.