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  1. I dislike gaming chairs. They're all made by like one or two companies are uncomfortable. They look ridiculous as well - I like my space to not look "gamery". I have an office chair that's like thousand dollars and it is one of the best things I own. Considering at my desk I work, study, ready and play games, I wanted something that was built to last. Anyone who wants an office chair should just start here: https://store.haworth.com/collections/office-chairs
  2. It is such a pity that the PS2 games on the PS5 are dogshit. Just tried playing Manhunt on it and it blows. Playing this game as a PlayStation 2 Classic on the PlayStation would be a better experience. 


    I no longer have a PS4, but I would get one for PS2 games. I can't plat the game like this. 

    1. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      What are the issues? I know when I played them on PS4 there were always stuttering issues in every game. It was weird.

    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      a lot of the ps2 games have lighting issues and flickering text issues on ps5.

  3. If Silent Hill 1 had a platinum, it better have you do a ten-star run. That run is fucking hard, lol. I haven't been able to do it yet.
  4. ****** ***** ***, ***, ** **** **** ** *****.
  5. And I wanted it at a 6... lol. Authors tend to get too sensationalized with their difficulty ratings, I find. Of course it is subjective - but that defense doesn't mean much if no one can define number values with difficulty.
  7. Q4jBjwk.png



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    2. Flubberwunked


      Got the no damage run on the DLC Armstrong fight and it's definitely the hardest trophy in the game imo, but @Copanele some of those VR missions aren't that far behind when it comes to the difficulty of that boss.


      VR Missions 1,18,19 and DLC VR Missions 27 and 30 are by far the hardest ones. DLC VR 27 was the hardest one in my opinion, so you should probably save that one for last.


    3. CelestialRequiem


      Dude! You did it! 

    4. Copanele


      @Flubberwunked yep, VR 27 was the absolute worst. Now trying to do VR 30, I swear I don't understand how I can't simply get out of Mastiff's grabs. I am literally murdering the L3 xD 

      Also congrats! that was one crazy boss fight, Sam is way squishier than Raiden

  8. Pretty difficult since you have to play one-handed.
  9. Best PFP. 



    1. BrandedBerserk


      Thanks, had to dig through quite a bit of fan art to find it 🤣

  10. Now you can get the platinum again for fun.
  11. Oh no... You may have to play the game again... I'm so sorry. ;(
  12. Fucking stupid lol.
  13. Stopping by, felt like saying "Hello" but now... I'm reconsidering. I'm leaving without saying "Hello" but I will say:



  14. Holy shit, Gradius V is on the Japanese PSN Store on PS3. I love Gradius and I love Treasure. Can't wait to play this tonight.

    1. enaysoft


      Shame it isn't a PS3 version and not just a PS2 port.


      Still, with the other games available on Hamster Arcade Archives, only game missing from the mainline missing is Gradius 4.


      Gradius V is probably the best, with Gradius Gaiden in a very close second. I wonder if that's available on the PSStore. I still have the double pack of Parodius and Fantastic Journey on my Playstation at home somewhere.