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  1. Sol Cresta OST is finally here: 






    Super excited that this arrived. It isn't uploaded anywhere and the OST is only available in Japan if you did not get the Limited Run Games special edition. Here's a picture of the back: 






    The CDs themselves are also incredibly sleek: 








    My favorite track in this game is called "Trimurti the Trinity" -- it plays during the second boss on Stage 06 (this also happens to be the best fight in the game, in my opinion). 







    I ripped the OST to FLAC -- so it actually does sound incredible. Prior to me getting this soundtrack, I would just use my headphones and listen to the track on Nintendo Switch version of the game through the Sound Test menu (most of the OST is available there). Really cool to listen to while I'm working and not needed in my many meetings. 

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    2. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      Fucking yawnnnn the retirement home called for you gramps lol what a nerd

    3. VoidVictorious


      All CDs are sleek! lol

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Sweet!! I'm definitely a sucker for a great OST. Especially if it is like 8- or 16-bit chiptunes style! Half the time I'll pull up the chiptunes playlist on Spotify... Yano, to listen to other video games songs while I'm gaming 😝


      Agreed with @VoidVictorious, I really dig how the actual discs look.