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  1. Lots of Japanese stuff. Check out Lord of Apocalypse.
  2. :platinum:#39 - Killzone: Mercenary



    Man, I am glad that this game is finally done. I got a new job recently that's been pretty demanding, so I would spend my time grinding kills in this game, or completing the occasional contract in bed before I fell asleep. It's a cool novelty in how advanced of an FPS it is for a handheld; I don't even think the Switch has anything like this. I have very fond memories of Botzone in the original Killzone back on the PS2. Given that the original is pretty much the only one that's possible to platinum due to its lack of online trophies; I might do that one some day, though it isn't likely. I think I've had my fill on the series. Even if Sony decided to bring it back, I don't see myself being interested enough to even look at it.


    The grind was unreal. At least, it was for me -- as someone who has a weak constitution for that sort of thing. Huge thanks to @Deadly_Ha_Ha and a user named Mako (can't remember his PSN-ID, but he helped us early on with some of the multiplayer stuff) for their assistance with the aforementioned online trophies last year.


    The game was a good reminder on how cool the Vita is -- and I may even do another Vita title now that I have the inspiration.

    1. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      GG focusing on robot zoo simulators instead of badass Killzone games led them to delete the servers like idiots, shunning the games that game them so much, BUT THIS PLAT SUCKED WEEN.


      To clarify, he and I started it (and I finished it) before the server shutdown shit, but if given the choice which we didn't know we needed to make at the time, I'd have gone for Shadow Fall in a heartbeat over this game.

    2. Sikutai


      39? Cute.

    3. CelestialRequiem


      @Sikutai -- yep. Unlike some people here, I haven't molested the integrity from my account:




      Good luck commenting now, lmao.

  3. That is crazy. How would you even try to go about avoiding this? I know PS5 games can't be flagged presently -- but is there any immediate indication that you're in a hacked lobby?
  4. Soul Sacrifice Delta, CiB: --- But wait, there's more! I got an unofficial game manual from 2old4gaming. It's excellent, and fits nicely: It'll be a while before I play it, as I need some people who are available IRL for the adhoc trophies.
  5. Looks like it isn't difficult, which is a real pity. But, I'm a player first, and a trophy hunter second. Happy to have a collection of these games. Hopefully my physical copy won't take long to get here.
  6. Someone in the PlatinumGames Discord got the platinum trophy for Sol Cresta and directly credited my guide as being the reason to convince him to do it. He even cited relevant information such as the issues with the Switch version, as well as the steps I designed for the applicability to offset the strenuous nature of the game. 


    Winning Guide of the Year for 2022 was a huge honor, but seeing that someone actually pursued the game because of the guide is way more rewarding. I got lucky that PSN trophies have parity with the in-game/Steam achievements. Makes the guide perfectly usable regardless of the player's platform of choice.

    1. MidnightDragon


      That's really cool

  7. Oh, now, here we go. Looks like you found something that is stimulating in more than one cognitive medium. Coupling fun mechanics with cute girls can only result in 📈. Well done with this one. Long had my eye on it and of course MOSS delivered the goods with the girls and a quality shmup. I appreciated your observation on where this calls in terms of shooters and its sub-genres. Interestingly, I owned the physical for this game at some point, though was lost in a move like 5 years ago. I haven't looked on eBay as I'm scared of what I would find in terms of its pricing, but I was able to get the game for a comically low price, like yourself, on the PSN store. ...Sol Cresta can continue waiting for now, however, your reward will not only be met with a prestigious platinum for mastery, but you're treated immediately for engagement: We await for your next cosmic adventure.
  8. Happy 10 year anniversary to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.






    1. Copanele


      Happy birthday to the game that gave us the best Brazilian smile in a videogame

    2. zizimonster




  9. Thanks man -- I truly appreciate it. Haven't been on PSNP as often due to work but yep, I got it. Considering the Attack on Titan game now, too...
  10. Revisiting Killzone on my Vita has reminded me how cool the device is.


    Even seeing a bit more action than my Switch presently. A shame that Vita games are so expensive now. I've owned one since launch, so I refuse to admit any culpability for its failure.

    1. Sikutai


      Vita Games are not expensive.

    2. Deadly_Ha_Ha


      Your Vita games are a joke, it's no wonder the ones YOU get aren't expensive, but if you have taste in games and care about physical then yes, they are expensive. Vita games that aren't cross platform, impossible plats, or just little shit games, they are the expensive ones

  11. Got it yesterday
  12. Apparently a trophy regarding the ramen rhythm game is gonna be a real bitch. And after playing it, yep, I believe it.
  13. Oh, they are hilariously awful.
  14. It's really fun. There needs to be less non-combat sections though. The Police Station bullshit, and the amount of cutscenes that are in this game are fucking crazy. The combat in this game is fucking awesome though.
  15. Usurping the present guide on this site is the benchmark you should be aiming for to even be considered for publication.
  16. Funnily enough, I can't buy this game, lol. Amazon won't deliver it until ten days after launch, and I can't get it off of the PSN store. Also, my account is Japanese, and it isn't even being sold in Japan. I know this is a sort of newer publisher, but God damn, they are fucking up when it comes to accessibility of even purchasing this fucking thing. I want it day zero, and play it for a few hours tomorrow before work. Fuckers.
  17. Tagged to edit questions later today.
  18. Quit sweet-talking me. People keep on complaining about the game for its difficulty. You're gonna sell me on this game even more.
  19. I would caution anyone to take reviews of skill-based games with a grain of salt. They always never commit enough time to develop proficiency, and this has been going on for damn near 20 years with games like this.
  20. GotY 2023 contender, ladies and gentlemen.
  21. Armored Core: Verdict Day.
  22. Minish Cap is my favorite Zelda game, so I'm happy I'll be able to play it on the Switch.


    ...Would have loved Generation 3 Pokemon, though.

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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      MC is like top 3 for me too!! Such a classic... Are they doing a remaster or something??

    3. CelestialRequiem


      @Joe Dubz -- Nintendo is adding GB and GBA games to their online service -- Minish Cap was a highlight.


      That game is so amazing... might play it tonight. Have to get back to Omori, however.

    4. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Oh shit, that's awesome news!! May give me an excuse to dust the ol' Switch off for a change... That and Metroid Prime remaster!!

  23. D0Cz6ve.png


    Nicely done. The game being on PS+ means people will be happy to utilize the resource you provided.


    ...The guide views for Sol Cresta definitely usurps its owner count, lol.

    1. nukillerstar


      It's renewed my interest in making guides despite how terrible this past year has been with growing up and all!

      Again, it's in no small part people like you who inspired me to write and get going on that front. You've always been and continue to be an amazing resource, and more importantly, a friend.

    2. CelestialRequiem


      20s are awful -- especially when you're expected to put forth more in this economy. However, it is the best decade to sacrifice due to your youth. I wish I knew that when I was younger, and I wouldn't have made the stupid decisions that I did.

  24. No issue here. My account is Japanese. Mostly seems to be an EU thing.