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  1. You get what you deserve to be honest. I remember you saying you're buying the game because people were telling you not to buy it, now it's a buggy mess you're having doubts LOL
  2. How's it dumb? I don't want to play with a boxed view. I imagine the game doesn't have remappable controls either...
  3. as soon as i saw there was no fov slider i decided not to buy it
  4. Is there an email i can contact?
  5. be careful there's a rogue moderator surveying this topic and banning people if you talk bad about the game
  6. damn that sucks that there won't be a guide for this game. Probably won't pick it up since i imagine there's 100s of collectibles and stuff
  7. Sadly there won't be a guide for this game
  8. You don't need every log in the game. If i remember correctly there's about 150 but there's plenty more so don't worry about this
  9. Tried today after the patch and that specific airdrop is still broken...
  10. Strange mentality... this isn't just an indie game you know
  11. It's from the most recent patch... i was able to fix the one airdrop with the military tech by doing a rollback, but the sunken airdrop still persists. When i open it there's no loot to collect and i don't get the completion icon. But i can reload the game and it'll still be shut for me to open again with the same results... so hopefully it's an easy fix on their end
  12. Be careful playing this game if you're going for that big shiny plat. I've had an instance where i've opened a sunken airdrop only for it to not register. Now i've opened a normal one and it hasn't registered... did you know this game has been out over a year?
  13. The game play is actually so fun but shame the trophies absolutely blows... what a shame
  14. Bugged AIRDROP Is this the one (circled in red) that everyone is having an issue with? Edit: the icon should be inside the rectangle building where the big zombie is
  15. I've just deleted my save file, uninstalled the game and went straight back to that location as soon as i was able to and the bug still happens... wtf