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  1. having this problem with "A New Home" trophy. I have completed the game and just finished the memory lane quest. And yet the trophy for finishing all area isn't popping :/ edit: so redid it and still nothing. But i started new game plus and got the last suit i needed which gave me that trophy and when i check "A New Home" popped as well so weird :/
  2. So im trying to get this trophy with a friend, we have done it a lot. I got the in-game badge for it complete but i don't have the trophy. Is it glitch for me now?
  3. to get S rank teach you need 417 AP while the max AP in the game is 442, so long as you dont miss any more you'll be fine
  4. yea me and a friend been having a lot of problem with the game in online co-op. He made a video showing some of the things we ran into. im working on my own video Youtube
  5. been playing with a friend and this is some of the stuff we ran into Kicked from the party and unable to load to in until the other player close the game and restart it Loading into a friend game and having the screen be black got kick from a friend game and when came back finding the doors open for him and close for me and unable to open them on my side No mini-map on the HUD and no player icon on said map 2 TIMES (so far) of the map being bugged where it will show an area/dungeon entrance on a floor but that door is for another floor another time when we went through a one-way door i failed and got stuck on 1 side of the door while my friend made it pass and got stuck on a different area where he could not make it back to the summon stone forcing us to leave the game In chp 11 there is a point where you must glide down and i saw my friend fall into the void yet he was moving and fighting enemies then all of a sudden i got kicked and he had completed a quest and right after that we kept getting a network error where it said we werent corrected to the internet yet we were in a party chat just fine.
  6. for the King of Redecorating trophy can it be obtain by staying in one room knocking everything over then pressing (L1) to restore everything then knock them over and keep repeating?
  7. The first time i just click a bunch of random symbols and for the second time i named the group *name hidden in spoiler because it is a spoiler for endgame content* if i do a third playthrough i think ill call them "BeckySquad" or something close
  8. Lupin 3rd
  9. finally beat all 4 mini games and got my Platinum :3 just waiting for PSNProfiles to update
  10. i can do it, PSN is bbsftw
  11. sadly i dont remember, i think from a chest or as a reward Edit: checking online seems like stealth in big bridge is on bridge map 2 on the bottom left, so all the way and back down you go on that map
  12. there is a mirajewel called stealth thats cut down on amount of battles you run into
  13. screw these minigames. should have never been require for the platinum >.<
  14. same and now i need to go back and capture the special version of her for the trophy >.<