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  1. #13 - Completionist Saw this game before and wanted to play it but never got started until i heard of the shutdown. good timing too due to to most buggy trophies being patched. Got into one of first boosting groups and about a week or so we were all done with trophies needing boosting. Gameplay is really enjoyable, soundtracks are great, Map and Ball variety make every match its own feeling and seasonal events make it even better. Even with tracking of some trophies still being broken the 250K XP trophy popped for me at 217K and daily contracts popped at 95 instead of 100. Overall great game but unfortunate that its getting shut down. still glad for the experience.
  2. A bit late posting this now but boosted this with a partner many days before the shutdown but still played even after finishing the trophies. It was a really fun and more unique battle royale, loved the variety of attacks. awesome menu music too. Truly unfortunate it was shutdown but glad i was able to enjoy it before it did.
  3. Finished this yesterday while boosting with another person and wanted to share our method: It is recommended to be in a voice chat. Start matchmaking Solo at the same time. through the lobby player count and time left till launch you can tell if you guys are in the same lobby or not. If not just back out and try again until you are in the same lobby. After launching use either the map by pressing the pause button or the compass around the mini map on your HUD to coordinate where you guys will be going. also make sure to launch very high so you can reach any part of the map. If not obvious it is recommend to go to locations with few to none players but it will be hard to coordinate due to the circle being so small and you don’t get a very clear view of other players until you have nearly landed. Near the borders of the Circle that is closing in on the map is usually best because players won’t be finding anyone to Rumble with there. Most common places would be behind a building or a truck and on some parts of the map very tight spaces can be found too. After you’ve found a good Place, one player blocks and the other does the vicious attack. be aware that the attack makes some noise so if another player hears it and decides to attack, you both need to run and find a new location to boost. you can engage but there is the danger of either you knocking out your partner or attracting another player so this is not recommended. Back to the method: Since the attack does damage you can do it 4 times before knocking out your partner. To do it more times you need to collect Health items to regenerate health which consists of: Core Powder(Green Jar), Chicken, Nacho Bucket, Corn(in game name is Popcorn Party). They can be found in Crates and sometimes laying around in different locations in the map like near a trash can, etc... Chicken and Nachos can also be obtained from food vans. Food items can be dropped so both players can look and stack up on food items and not just the person blocking. Also consuming the Core Powder with full health increases your full health so if the blocker can get this with full health the number of times the attacker can do the attack will increase to 5 or more instead of just 4. If you manage to get further into the match without either players getting knocked out it will become harder to find health items so if you come to a point where no more can be found just apply the method until you’ve knocked out your partner, maybe 1 more hit will be all you needed! There most likely will be times where other players will interrupt or tryhards not willing to let go even after you’ve been trying to escape but it can be done despite these interruptions. Again a reason why it is recommended to be in a voice chat. The “Block Beats Strike” trophy can also be done with your partner before going for this trophy, it is much easier and quicker and if not interrupted can be done in a single match. Hope this helps, Happy Rumbles everyone.
  4. Servers were shut down a few months ago, DLC is gone forever?
  5. Yep, this was it. Thank you!
  6. After sniping the first 3 enemies and the Sniper, the level does not progress. Dusty just says “target eliminated” and it does not progress to the next batch of enemies, leaving me there to just scope out the mountains. Has anyone run into this problem and Is there a fix? I did not run into this problem on the normal playthrough of the level.
  7. Is this still attainable? Tried it right now with 2 friends online but didn’t get the trophy.
  8. Same here. Displays: “An error occurred when retrieving data from the online service, please try again later”
  9. The PS3 was the first console that made me love games more than I already did. and it was the first console that i experienced online gaming on. Before the PS3 i had a PS2 and some games on a IPad i used to have but the online aspect of games on PS3 really changed it all for me. It was my first experience with online games and meeting people that loved gaming as much as I did, games like Playstation Home, Littlebigplanet 2, Modnation Racers, I have so many fond memories from the online section of these games and made many friends. (All which haven’t logged in for years but I’m grateful for the time with them) And trophies of course, it’s where my love for trophy hunting started. Online aside, the generational jump was huge and there are so so many good games even without a online mode. The multifunction aspects of the console was a huge thing at the time and still is if you ask me. The startup sound, enough said. This might not exactly define the PS3 but it’s a feature that I have yet to see anywhere: the set timezone feature, showing the earth and showing the exact place where you select the timezone. Hadn’t seen anything like it and still haven’t! Also the life with PlayStation application was really cool to me at the time. The PS3 was a huge part of my childhood and the nostalgia of it is unreal for me so the answer to your question: Absolutely Yes.
  10. Gladly Yes! don't remember the exact date but got mine somewhere near the end of 2011. As of January 22, 2023 its still working really good but the number of crashes have increased in the past 2 years.
  11. Level 244 - Legendary Captain Win a game with a Legendary Fleet
  12. If i could go back, i would definitely not start this game or i would make sure to find a partner before starting. All of the trophies of this game are extremely easy except for a section of the trophy where it requires you to do all levels on hard. After doing a full playthrough on easy and upgrading your walker to the max, Hard mode too becomes easy but you just need to be more cautious. BUT the final 2 levels are extreme. was replaying for hours trying to finish them and had to look up videos on yt and find tips in different forums. was very exhausted by the time i finally finished them. also due to how many few people own this game i could not find a partner. Its not a bad game in general and is fun in co-op but FUCK Veteran
  13. Thank you, these are really good to know. wanted to add G2A as I got it from that site. did research on it before buying and getting scammed or not depends if the seller is scammer or not. Took a risk and it was legit, but if anyone is worried about getting scammed I would not advise this site. Also don’t make an account because I heard they have hidden fees once you enter card details.
  14. Hello everyone, I’m having trouble getting Japanese Yen. What good retailers can you suggest that I could purchase from?
  15. - Never Tell me the Odds Complete Endor on UNLEASHED dfficulty. Was coming up on this Milestone so i knew i had to make it a good trophy from one of my favorite games. since i had already gotten plat for this game back in 2019 i couldn't make that the milestone. I didn't own the DLC either until mid 2021, since then it's been on my backlog but now its finally finished. The DLC was so fucking good, such a small yet Powerful and Dark expansion from the original game. Never thought i'd be kicking Ewoks around like a bunch of soccer balls Definitely one of the best DLC's out there, Glad to have experienced it.
  16. A bit late but just found this thread so lets go: First trophy of 2023: - Returning the favor Defeat a grenadier with his own Grenade. Definitely enjoyed this one😆 First DLC 100% of 2023: The Battle of Endor - Victory! Complete Endor. A dark but enjoyable DLC.
  17. I used a guide from yt to make mine:
  18. Yes, thank you. Any chance you know more genuine retailers?
  19. Even with the game delisted and servers shut down is there any way to get all DLC’s as of today? Maybe through a physical edition of the game maybe?
  20. Looks like DLC was delisted from stores, any way to get them as of today?
  21. Level 240 Master of Magecraft Unlock 6 class afterglows The final trophy needed to get 100% for this game. The grind was kinda fun, glad to be done with it. Rip to its soon to be shutdown servers.
  22. #11 - ONRUSH Saw this game in the server shutdown forum, looked up the gameplay, seemed fun and gave off Motorstorm vibes. what really got me hooked was the fact that the former devs (or some of them?) which were at evolution studios (now at Codemasters) that had worked on Motorstorm also worked on this game. this really was kind of like a remake of Motorstorm especially with the Superstar progression being the same as the level progression in the original motorstorm, the core of this game feels so much like motorstorm. i instantly knew i waned to get the plat for this game and to me it also felt like honoring the original games. I really liked the variety of customization options for the Vehicles, Characters and Tombstones. also the crashtags too. just wish most of them were free rather than having to buy them or earn them based on digital luck. don't get me started on the Soundtracks and songs because they were BANGERS!!! i've saved most of them and listen to them a lot. the intro Song was definitely the best one in my opinion, gets you instantly pumped to start the game and in-game its a huge motivation booster. the menu soundtracks are cool and kinda soothing. The in-game soundtracks are just perfection. Also for anyone who wants the full list of the soundtracks and songs as listed by Codemasters themselves: only complaint i have is that after getting a hard hit and becoming shortly more vulnerable that even if a tiny plushy is thrown at you, you'll still get wrecked. had too many crashes that could've easily been avoided due to the car becoming so fragile. other than some unnecessary hard challenges i had a great time with this game, would love to see more in a sequel.
  23. Thanks y’all, I set up a session and was able to quickly get it.
  24. I’m currently having problems trying to finish “win by at least 3 rounds” in the “jump ship” weekender event in superstars. I’ve used both dynamo to help my teammates get more boost and outlaw to drain boost from the enemy team but there’s always 1 round which my team still loses. What should I do? Can it be done in a coop session?