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  1. Thank you so much guys, just spent the day getting them both on PS4 and PS5, digital and disc on 1.02. Quitting back to menu after Move On worked for me just fine all the way to end of Ch.5
  2. Just wondering if it unlocks Ch.8 because of Emma and Abi being dead?
  3. I think the latest it'll be July 8th, with its online multiplayer launch
  4. I started my PS4 playthrough with this method and though I messed up the last part in Ch.9 with the window interaction, I went back with chapter select later and it didn't work. I got a backup save at the end of Ch.7, so I can go back to there and try again later after I get the other trophies, and at the very least back it up again before Eliza to be ready for patch.
  5. Yeah start of Ch.3
  6. I just did it a minute ago, think have to wander around a bit more and you get another short cutscene where she appears next to Abi.
  7. This is the 2nd player that got it after completing Chapter 8, but yeah, could just be a really messed up bug
  8. At this point, everyone that's unlocked and explained how has done something completely different playing through 1.0 and 1.02 versions with the exception of Move On every opportunity and not collecting The Hierophant. One thing I haven't seen explained are the people unlocking it after completing Chapter 8. If it's possible to unlock it before Chapter 9, what the hell else is there? All I can see is that the people that have unlocked it all did something unnoticeable to trigger it without realizing. Either that or it really is a complicated messy fked bug
  9. Thought there was one that missed a card as well and still got the trophy
  10. I have, Moved On from Eliza every opportunity, missed one card + Hierophant, went for everyone alive + Hacketts dead playthrough and no Hard Pass
  11. I just finished a full playthrough of 1.0, no Hard Pass - Reinstalled, fresh save file - Followed PowerPyx guide for everyone lives and all Hacketts die - Moved On every opportunity - Skipped The Hierophant card and missed The Tower Will try to play around with the 1.02 patch and hopefully just pops randomly
  12. Because you stated earlier that you started your 2nd playthrough pre-patch and later patched at Chapter 4, can you ask if they started the same playthroughs where they got the trophy were pre-patch as well? Thanks!
  13. Formal Gardens is tricky, I think there are other things on that map besides flowers that have some sort of collision, so I wouldn't recommend trying a map that has something in the way. Or like NMErickson said, reset the game if it happens to carry over the 25 cent penalty no matter what you do. Rowley Manor Rear Garden 59 Coville St Garden Lawns These are maps that don't have things in the way, so maybe try them. Another thing I haven't really tested but still want to be aware, and that's if sending employees on contracts and receiving their own penalties affects you too. If anyone wants to try and report it, please do!
  14. So I've been asked how to achieve this since it looks like it's bugged and can't get it no matter how safe you play it with the lawn mower. Right now the only safe solution I could do is simply just pick a smaller map preferably without any flowers and use the Trimmers. Takes longer to finish, but it guarantees it's done. Now to explain the problem with using the lawn mower. No matter how safe you play, the problem lies with the trailer you drive off and on at the start of the map. I notice this from doing challenges, but no matter how slow I go, I've always gotten a penalty from just driving off the trailer, meaning it causes a small bump.
  15. Might be a bit late to this, I finished all the maps a few days ago and needed a breather 😭 Does take a bit of time to get starting, few tips that helped me get going 1. Pause function is your best friend, take your time to think and to prevent disaster from happening. Without it, you're going to have a depressing time dealing with sick dinosaurs rather than rough weather later. 2. Incubation cost decrease is your next best friend, get it asap and you'll save a lot when you pump out dinosaurs in large numbers later 3. Get things going as fast as possible, research what you need, get a few dinosaurs pumping out (or find in the wild) 4. Fire your most expensive scientist or ones you don't need, they're the main reason you'll just keep losing money most of the time. I even fired them all for one map to get the dosh rolling in at 200-300k per minute. I'd say best to start thinking about getting rid of them after dropping below 1m. After learning my mistakes during the first map, I got things going pretty smoothly, all my early hours was taking my time building up a lot of cash, I'd have over 20M barely getting through 2 star. Hope this helps anyone 😬