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  1. It works, got it this way.
  2. I am doing the Protecting the Weak, He never came Back mission, but the Mission marker is 200 Meters in the ground under a Mountain, is this a bug ? Solved: it was a different unmarked location, the way point was buged
  3. I tried it, its NOT fixed, Great absolutely Great.
  4. I have older saves, but this Quest is broken (for now) Update A new Hotfix arrived, is this quest fixed now ?
  5. Sadly i have the same Bug like you
  6. After 42h i had my second crash (please dont hate me) but that crash froze my ps4 pro, and i needed to pull out the electricity cable, WTF I will never buy a Game again that is overhype,
  7. I play Astral chain, and i love it, the Gameplay is so much fun.
  8. Your Avatar is so great for this Topic
  9. This Video helped me a lot
  10. I dont know why PSNP, cannot change it Like that, https://www.(URL not allowed)/game.aspx?gameid=11143
  11. If someone has a EU key for me that would be Great.
  12. I am really interested in his Game, count me in.
  13. I hope someone has a Key form me, this Game looks realy Fun.