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  1. Rough rundown of the experience system Getting to level 50 will arguably take the longest to get depending on skill, otherwise it may be headshots/vehicle kills that take up most of your time. Hopefully this can help you with the level 50 trophy and you can determine how you want to go about it by reading this. Categories of experience that can be earned after each game: - Gameplay - Support - Defence - Offence - Combat - Time Bonus - Match Win/Loss Bonus - Commendation Gameplay This is your own personal scores/XP for the game in total. If you hold the touchpad down to open the scoreboard, find your name and add up all of your own personal scores for each category. The total number will be how much XP you'll gain for 'gameplay'. For the following categories i'll explain how each one works. Support This is essentially things you do that benefit the team. The XP you gain from support is not only what you get, but what your whole squad gets in total. This applies to most other categories so joining a squad with the most XP across everything and finishing the game with that squad is obviously better than being in a smaller squad or being alone. Some examples of support XP: - Support supplies = 25 XP - Rifleman small ammo box = 20 XP - Reviving = 30 XP - Bandaging teammates = 20 XP - Building nodes = 40 XP per node - Node XP = 10 XP for each node per minute while that node is up and active - Barricade = 12 XP - Barbed wire = 5 XP - Building outpost = 10 XP Defence This is purely just being in your own territory. If you're inside the blue area of your map, you'll get 20 XP per minute, and just like support, this is the total across your entire squad. If you're defending your own objective and inside the black circle with or without the enemy also inside the circle, you'll still get the same 20 XP per minute. Defending doesn't benefit you at all in terms of XP. Note: Time spent dead will not count towards any XP. The time essentially pauses while dead. When knocked and bleeding out, you'll still gain time and XP. Offence The exact same system as Defence, except when you're inside the oppositions territory which is the red area on your map. 20 XP per minute for each player spent here. Sometimes in the Offensive gamemode, you'll not be allowed inside the oppositions territory, though this doesn't matter as you'll therefore be in your own territory and earning the same XP anyway. Capturing an objective gives no XP. Combat Anything you do that kills the enemy or destroys vehicles. This includes things such as placing mines. Again, this is your squads total. XP examples: AP Mine = 10 XP AT Mine = 10 XP Kill as squad leader = 6 XP Kill as medic = 6 XP Kill as Rifleman = 6 XP Kill as Assault = 3 XP Kill as engineer = 3 XP Headshots and killing within the objective grants more XP. I think it's an extra 3 XP each (not entirely sure). No XP for assists Note: If your enemy is bleeding out after you shoot them, you'll only gain XP after they've fully bled out and died. If they're revived, you won't get any XP. Time Bonus Self explanatory. The longer you are in the game, the more XP you'll get. Time Bonus doesn't actually give you much XP at all compared to other categories. I'm not quite sure how much it gives, it could only be 10 XP per minute or something around that. Although, it goes without saying, the longer you're in the game, the more XP you'll get from other categories anyway. Time bonus is literally just a small added bonus, nothing to worry about. Match Win/Loss Bonus 50% extra XP if you win, or 25% extra if you lose. Commendation If someone presses R3 while on your name at the end of the game you'll get an extra 10% XP. Can only give this to one person per match. Building all 3 nodes as engineer and then swapping to whatever role you want to play is probably the most efficient/easiest way to get XP while actually playing. Also, joining a squad that's got the most XP before the game ending is easy XP. I think the fastest way while playing solo is jumping in and out of games that are close to finishing and wait until it ends to claim a squads total XP, but that also takes the fun out of the game. You play how you want. There's also other methods which require others to boost with. If i've left anything out (which i've left out a lot), it's because I don't know or i'm not sure how much XP you'll get for it. Like, destroying vehicles gives a lot more XP than getting a few kills, though I'm really not sure how much it gives. I'm level 50 now and don't want to waste another 10 hours finding every other way to earn XP and how much everything gives you. There's a few guides for XP that I looked at, but all were on PC and outdated now. They've showed vastly different rates of XP.
  2. You're talking like randoms are competent in any other multiplayer game. Answers are no and no. I play for the objective, but never rely on others to do their job. I've either picked a role to take out vehicles, or I'm squad leader so I can set my own spawns. If I had a full squad in chat, I can see this game being among my favourite, but it does take a lot of communication and coordination.
  3. 2 supplies is enough for 2 each of the 3 nodes (6total). So yeah, about 10 supplies should last most the game with the time it takes to destroy them. I haven't figured out why this happened, but I was defending on Sainte Marie du mont and I was able to place down supplies inside the HQ without needing to drive closer to the centre of the map. Made it A LOT quicker and easier not needing to leave. Maybe its only a defensive side thing in the offensive gamemode
  4. Drop 2 supplies with the supply truck, refill the 2 supplies at the ammo depot (found at HQ spawn points) and go drop those off at the same spot. I usually drop off 10 or so supplies and then build all 3 nodes. You need to destroy them before building more which takes a while to do, but I found that while holding square to destroy them, you can open the map/scoreboard and let go of square and the process will continue without you holding it. Makes it less tedious. I don't think you can make it 'quick'. Only trophy that I haven't worked out a decent method for is destroying 100 vehicles. That may need to be the only trophy I boost. I was hunting vehicles for a good 15 hours and got less than 10
  5. Getting quite annoying now. I'm loving the game and everything about it, but I get an error message and kicked from the game when I put a spawn beacon down. Squad leader is my main role as I can't trust others to use spawns properly, but I'd say I have a 20% chance on getting that error when I place my spawn beacon. Also, I spent about 5 hours playing yesterday (not as squad leader so I never got that error) without leaving the server. My game froze and couldn't do anything but turn off my console. Came back on and lost all progress from that one server. Level was back down to 9 after being at 16 or 17, was due to earn a map trophy for 5 plays in 1 more game, but that never happened after the next time I got that map so I can only assume all my stats for that session was deleted. I'll be playing 1 game at a time and quitting to the menu at the end from now on when it says 'next match starts in..' just so my stats save properly. I advise others to take that same precaution. Not worth losing even 1 game progress when full matches take 1-2 hrs on average. In saying all that, from a standard MP point of view, it's a great game 😅
  6. Oh wow. That's kind of cool, but also annoying as a trophy hunter who might not want to play each year's worth of eFootball. I guess there's a chance that I'll be back to do this each year then. Maybe not a game a completionist will want to start. Yeah exactly. If no more new titles, why call it 2022?
  7. 'Konami has announced that from this year onwards, its perennial sports franchise will be called eFootball. Under its new name, the series will become a free-to-play digital-only football experience'. So yes, a new eFootball (PES) game each year I'm assuming. Maybe they wanted to shake things up. Adapt or die, right? Fifa hasn't changed much and everyone hates the game more and more each time. I wonder with this change if they'll have dlc and many add ons throughout the year. PES never had dlc trophies, but this is a huge change and a different style list. I can see more being added that's for sure.
  8. Support teams have always been useless. I've never truly listened to them and taken their word as gospel. They're always oblivious to anything that's actually happening to the game. If anyone remembers Mad Max shutdown when Warner Brothers support said 'the shutdown won't affect any trophies at all'. That spread around psnp and everyone was relieved, until later on it was discovered that it actually does make a trophy unobtainable. Support teams carelessness and lack of information almost ended terribly for this whole community going for that plat. That sort of thing has always happened where the support team don't know anything and will just give you any old information.
  9. As someone from that old 'Psnp generation', I can confidently say 2012-13 was peak trophy hunting years for me. Competing with friends to try have more platinums back when 50 plats was a crazy amount and pushing each other to go further in games that would take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete the average game (Max Payne 3 being one many people are playing now). And looking at your platinum count feeling like you've actually accomplished a lot and worked really hard for that number. That's essentially why I started a fresh account recently so I could look at my list again and be proud of every single game I have played and get that '2012 trophy hunting' feeling back. And yes, God of War was considered easy, but still a respected game. As long as you stayed away from the small handful of games like Hannah Montana, Puss in Boots or Megamind (coined dirty games because trophy whore wasn't even a thing you could be with next to no easy games to play), you'd have the respect from pretty much anyone on the site. A lot of that respect has disappeared and this definitely feels like a more toxic place. Trophy hunting used to be very linear where leaderboards held a significant importance to the entire community, whereas now there's a lot more ways people go about hunting trophies (level, completion, rarity etc). Yeah, an awful lot has changed.
  10. Up to the task had 144 or so tasks to complete with I think 2 tasks affected by the shutdown. So as long as they got those 2 done, they can finish the other 142 whenever and still earn the trophy. There's some that did earn their very first trophy after the shutdown, but I think you could still complete those 2 tasks without popping any trophies (obviously not after shutdown). Not entirely sure if that's all 100% accurate, but I think it could be possible. There's 2 trophies for driving distance and travelling on foot which wouldn't take long at all, so they'd have to only do what's required for those tasks. Someone would have to attempt it themselves and confirm if that is doable without popping the travelling trophies
  11. A lobby of 10 is enough for a game, no? Even if its only 2 or 3, you can earn trophies against them. And are trophy hunters not meant to play a game after getting 100% or plat? Definitely not angry about others getting easy plats. Just don't understand the entitled mentality. Either boost, or if you can't boost, then earn it legitimately. Or just continue complaining like some do which won't change anything If you don't have time for a game, how's that anyone else's issue? I won't change how I play and sacrifice my fun and free time just because you want to boost and manage your time different. Whoever you played against obviously put the time into the game because they enjoy it, and therefore still play it for fun. Ratalaika was a suggestion 😂 you even said you don't have the energy or time for a MP. I gave the recommendation of playing when others aren't on in off peak hours or suck it up and play properly as they aren't likely ever going to let you boost. Can't do much else and complaining sure as hell won't solve anything. Again, goodluck with it.
  12. It's a MP game my guy... If someone is playing the game properly and for fun, why hate them for that? Only time I have a real issue is if both parties are boosting and one decides to ruin it for the other to increase their own kill count or stats or whatever it may be. If you're wanting trophies in an active game where there's others in your lobby, then just do it legitimately (how you're supposed to). Trophies were meant to be an achievement, not a participation medal that everyone deserves. If you can't do it, then wait for the game to be dead and boost then, or just play a ratalaika. Anyway, good luck with the 100%
  13. Hopefully not another autopop list. Too good of a game for anyone to autopop, and I'd also love to reclaim my spot as fastest achiever 😀
  14. To get your own lobby, search for whatever mode you want. Then back out of it to game mode menu and immediately select it again. It'll say matchmaking in progress, but it shouldn't say 'searching' underneath that. If it says searching, it's trying to find others games. When it doesn't say searching, it'll put you in your own lobby/game. You can then invite whatever account you're boosting with from there. I think this is what the OP was referring to, just in a less helpful way.
  15. Thanks man! I do love me some Rein. Also, yeah. Hunt Showdown is one of the better games I've ever played. Doesn't give the same competitive feeling that I play BR's for, but it's such a great game for its atmosphere and AI. I have got plat a few times and recently went back and got fastest 100% for it on this site. I enjoy that game way too much. I went back and played it on my ps5 when I got fastest and had 0 problems with it running sub-optimally. It was perfectly fine.