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    "Everyone .. in the history of our species lived here - on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam" - Carl Sagan... So that's why I do something meaningful like hunting trophies.

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  1. https://www.aabs.co.jp/ At the top of that page it says the PS5 version is 'now printing'. But yes, only the best games span from PS3 to PS5. GTA V, Skyrim, Aabs Animals. Not even Minecraft could achieve that. Edit: wait, I didn't even think of vita. Aabs > everything else apparently.
  2. Yeah, but I also remember people were somewhat accepting of this as a 'one off' easy game because of the charity work. It was reportedly donating only 2% of what it made, but the intentions behind it are far better than any breakthrough jumping turbo game. This is what had been donated up until 2016. https://www.aabs.co.jp/ I'm going to assume with the massive influx of ezpz gamers nowadays, their profits and the subsequent donations will tenfold.
  3. The moth frame down near the Slytherin common room did the same for me. I never managed to get it in my entire playthrough, but luckily those pages aren't required for trophies. Was a bit annoying though as I would've liked to have properly 100%'d everything.
  4. This issue has already been solved in another thread years ago. In order to auto pop all obtained trophies from 1 list to the other, you need to have played and fully completed at least 1 match on your original game (if you started on the ps4 version, then play 1 game on that version) within the last few months for the game servers to update your online save. If you've not played in more than a few months, it tends to forget your account stats and trophy data. I'm assuming it'd be after updates they do to the game. This was the fix found a few years ago and worked for everyone. The only people here who it hasn't worked for are ones who haven't played in a long time with the guy who instantly downloaded ps5 and autopopped correctly, so it shows this fix still holds true.
  5. Unranked is a relatively new mode and was added to the game after they reworked and changed the trophies in 2019. I'm assuming they never bothered to allow trophies when adding the new unranked mode in and it acts just like a custom game would. Maybe if it was reversed and unranked was added in first, they would've allowed unranked as well.
  6. Map stats don't matter and act as a guide/reference. All the map stat collectibles are all required, but the counter for them can easily glitch and thankfully doesn't affect the trophy. Only important stats are the challenge tab and collectibles tab so make sure they're 100%, though, the dlc has 1 or 2 appearances for the collectibles tab that aren't required. So if the challenge tab is counting it correctly, you're fine.
  7. No, just activating them counts. I did it before release, so no idea if that's changed now, though I doubt it.
  8. Back in those days the average consumer age for video games was much lower as gaming in general wasn't exactly widely accepted by adults and seen more as 'children's games'. Therefore, those type of movies that kids loved did well in video game form. Nowadays, the average age is much older because those kids grew up and don't care for Puss In Boots anymore. At the same time, there's a much higher expectation for creativity now and a lot of the time games based off a movie just isn't that great or poorly done, so it's typically avoided. There are exceptions of course and the ones that do well now are usually for adults, like Mad Max, Aliens, Spiderman, HP, LoTR, Starwars, Friday 13th. That's my opinion and how I see it anyway.
  9. Huh? There is though. Every platform that has trophies has its own leaderboard too on this site. Did I understand you correctly? Or was that sarcasm/a dig at sly?
  10. This game has had an insane amount of bugs over the years, so it's also safe to say it easily could've been one. Though, I don't think an event would have boosted my gold that much. I maxed out ALL the upgrades that cost torm favour and my total torm number didn't budge thats how much i had. That shouldn't ever be possible. After less than 6 hours, everything reset itself anyway. I should've got to wave 250 while I had basically infinite money 😂 oh well
  11. Thanks for reminding me of the pain. I did this for a solid 12-15 hours a few years back. I got 2nd fastest (at the time) after already getting platinum on another account. Wanted to do it fast and wow did I regret it a few hours in. The method at the time was to do several 900s, then end run and restart. Pressing 5+ buttons a second for over half a day straight absolutely destroyed my forearms. You'd think my fingers and hands would be finished, but no, it was the forearms as I was holding the controller awkwardly to make it easier to button mash the correct combo for what seemed like the foreseeable future. Just for a trophy..
  12. Not sure why you didn't play the all out superiority for vehicles in the portal mode. People mentioned this mode several times in this thread and that exact mode was in rotation for the entire week. It's changed now 12 hours ago so its too late. You only need 2,400 and I was getting 100-150 a game with a friend being in the same tank. Took us maybe 3 or 4 hours total. Just turn crossplay off and you'll verse only (or mostly) bots. It's an official server so T5 works. But looks like you'll have to wait for the next rotation now, who knows when that'll be.
  13. Lol okay. Read this thread
  14. Sorry for the mass reply, but this is to clear it up for everyone asking almost the same thing. Maybe some of you have figured it out already. The collectible trophy requires the collectible tab to be 100% complete, NOT the collectibles shown on the map (though most of them are needed). All maps lie to you in what is needed with either field guides or the collection chests. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade lie about both while everywhere else in the highlands show inaccurate number of chests on the map, but I'll go over these later. In Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, the maps show the number of ALL field guide pages when you actually only need revelio field guide pages for the trophy. The field guides found from the dragon statue/pots (on the wall or standing on the ground), moth frames, flying pages and the 'leviosa' wizard statue DO NOT COUNT. You can collect those just to be a completionist, but they aren't required and will not help towards the trophy. Only pages that are revealed with revelio count and they can be found in the collectibles tab. These pages are the ones that show a picture with some written information about it. This means all the known glitches to do with pages not counting or ones that just dont spawn are pages that aren't needed for the trophy. That is pages done, but the collection chests can be even more confusing. You will need all chests according to the map. Follow a guide for these making sure every single area of the map, including all Hogwarts areas, have all chests collected. If you've followed a guide and know you've got them all and it says you're still missing one, redo them all again for that area which is missing one. It tends to be the camps where a chest says it has been collected, but you go back there and you need to open the chest and collect it again. On top of this, there are 15 follow the butterfly chests (1 being in a side quest) and 12 chests hidden in the vivariums (where your beasts are in the room of requirement) with 3 chests being in each of the 4 vivariums. NONE of these vivarium and butterfly chests will count towards the chests on the map, but ARE needed. If a butterfly chest glitches and doesn't appear when the butterflies stop (which happened to me 3 times out of 15), just leave the area completely and the butterflies will reset to the original location and the chest should spawn the second time after following them. These chests should unlock most of the conjurations from the collectibles tab. What you have left should just be what is needed to be purchased from the tomes store in Hogsmeade. So essentially make sure you have all chests according to the map areas, plus 15 butterfly chests and 12 vivarium chests which are unrelated to map chests. And all field guide pages which are ONLY revelio pages, none of the others. You'll also need to 100% ALL challenges in the challenge tab which will also contribute to the collectibles. Remember, the collectibles tab is what is required for the trophy and not what the maps are saying.
  15. Spoilers ahead for this quest.. It did go for quite a while and I agree, it was easily the worst part of the game. Though, it was worth it in the end because once you complete it, that female elf (forgot her name) works for you and you can sell your loot to her for 10% extra. So for an orange/gold item that usually sells for 200 would go for 220. By the time I finished absolutely everything and 100% I still needed 15k gold to buy everything needed for the 100% collectibles even when occasionally selling to her throughout the game. I think taking advantage of her extra 10% would save quite a bit of gold grinding in the end.