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  1. I struggled that way as well and found it much easier to put poison rounds in a silenced long-range weapon...I used the MS16 with the 4x scope (attach the mods and poison rounds at a workbench) Find a military base, get on rocks above and silently shoot several enemies...watch on as they all start shooting at each other. It's a bit hit and miss but you'll get it easier with this method imo.
  2. I played off line for about 14 hours and nothing popped for me. I was trying to avoid the trophy list for spoilers, but I was getting worried so I had a quick look and knew something was wrong. I then went online yesterday and a few of the trophies finally started popped, but I am missing the first two story trophies, the 100 hit combo and the cooking one. Hoping if I play the first few hours on a fresh run I can get these missing ones done.
  3. My bad, I didn't realise...I wonder why it was removed? It seems like useful stat to me.
  4. I'm new around here, but there seems to be a simple solution to me. In the Stats section of each profile, there is an average rarity percentage. Couldn't that just be put on the front page of each profile like 'Games Played' ' Games Completed' etc etc. It's a simple change from the owners standpoint that will give people the information they want at a glance. I've not been at my profile long but I seem to be hovering around 50%. I think I'm a pretty average gamer when it comes to difficulty. A lot of the easy game players seem to hover 70%. I saw some crazy dude UR collector at 24% this morning. Wouldn't having that percentage on our profiles be enough....would for me. I only say all this because while the idea by Fawlty Power looks great, I think there is too much info on the screen and I don't see the owner wanting to invest that much work in a complete design change. He is more likely to go with a simple change.