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  1. Any idea if Kakarot is the PS4 or PS5 version ?
  2. I personally think PS6 games will share their trophy lists with PS5 games, as did some PS3 games with PSV. And I also prefer square trophy icons of PS5, I find it more clean visually. The only problem is when someone has rectangle trophy icons from PS3/PS4/PSV games and square icons from PS5 games together in the list, it doesn’t look good sadly(Myself included). This is like the perfect profile(for me) :
  3. " I have no interest in playing without trophy support " When trophy hunting goes too far for your own sanity
  4. Nooo, they fucked up Rings of Power. Dunno if it’s a good idea especially if they miscast Kratos, that should be enough to turn off most people.