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  1. Maybe they wouldn’t have to remove jobs if they didn’t add so many adversary modes that even less people play than sea races, parachuting ect. People will still play modes when tied to a trophy can’t say the same for idk just pick whatever modes not x2 money.
  2. When I sold all my PS3 games the only one I kept was lbp2 for all the memories it made for me. Such a sad ending to a fun game was hoping to go back into it and get more trophies too.
  3. If I buy any avatars or themes they appear on the download list but when I download them they don’t appear. Anyone have this issue too? Edit: the avatars will appear on ps4 so I can still technically use them but it’s a bit inconvenient I can’t access them on ps3.
  4. Buy the tow yard at the impound lot then you should get the fare calls. Edit: the reason to buy the tow yard is because of a glitch, if you already bought the tow yard before the taxi company Idk if it will work.
  5. Thanks for the replies. 😀
  6. I just finished the game with Leon and got the hero emerges trophy. Do I need to play the full game again with Claire to get the heroine emerges trophy? Or can I just do the 2nd run to get it?
  7. It worked like that until rockstar disabled it in 2018, still works on ps4 though.
  8. Do you have anyone on your friends list who also has the game? I read that if you do you can’t connect for some reason.
  9. Can you give any troubleshooting tips on what you did?
  10. I can’t connect to the autolog no matter what I do and it’s pissing me off, I’ve even unlinked and linked my accounts back multiple times and still nothing. If it helps anyone I get error 800d if anyone has any fixes please let me know I would greatly appreciate it!
  11. Did either of you have it wish listed before it got taken off the store?
  12. Must be a glitch or just got lucky, I tried and kept getting the same games like god of war collection and jak& daxter.
  13. Went to pc and didn’t look back until recently, I love how much freedom you get.
  14. Resident evil remake avatars from preordering the PS3 version https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/PlayStation_Network_avatars
  15. Nobody even plays this anymore in co-op you’ll be fine just get some partners to fill the match.