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  1. There's definitely River City tie-ins. Their first playable appearance was in the 1994 game Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka for the Super Famicom (SNES), and both the girls appeared in the other games in the series all over the place, as cameos or NPCs.
  2. I was at 99% before entering the secret shop, then I bought only one of the secret items and I got 100% that way.
  3. Almost all of these games have limited continues and once those are used, you have to start over. I don't remember exactly which ones, but Contra 3: The Alien Wars and Contra: Hard Corps gives you only few credits.
  4. Beat the collection super fast on Xbone, probably the first person to do it as well, within a 4 or 5 hours time frame, I attack'd aggressively and I was locked and loaded! For those of you wanting to wait for the patch that give you the Japanese versions may have a huge advantage since those will be much easier for you, since you'll gain access to stage select codes, not to mention almost all the games have limited continues, but like Castlevania there's the save state feature. You can do just fine without those benefits too, especially if you use speed run techniques like I do. The games that require you to play from start to finish all the way through are: - Contra (NES USA) - Contra (Arcade) - Super Contra (Arcade) - Contra 3: The Alien Wars (SNES USA) - Contra: Hard Corps (Genesis USA) - Super Probotector: Alien Rebels (SNES PAL) - Probotector (Hard Corps, Mega Drive PAL) For the Mega Drive PAL version, all you need to do is choose Route E (Secret Boss Arena) to get that one quickly. And the SNES one, Normal or Easy setting counts for the trophy but I recommend you play that one on Hard for the true ending! I still don't have a PS4 yet but I would probably stack all the retro arcade games and collections once i get one. :3
  5. Yes, the passwords work. I do not own a PS4, but it works on Xbox for sure. 5 of the games have the exact same passwords no matter if you picked International or Japanese version of the Collection, however, the old passwords for Kid Dracula only seem to work on Japanese version, since the new translated English version has changed the password pattern algorithm completely. Castlevania NES and Castlevania the Adventure GB doesn't have password or stage select, so you have to play those from start to finish, but they are very short games so no problems at all really. :3
  6. Copy paste my comment from my Xbox Trueachievements page: "The game menus work just fine for me. It's not the same as the Arcade Classics. You have a few options for screen aspect ratio, as well as background borders to choose from. 6 of the games has a Password system, while the other 2 require you to play from start to finish in one play. There's no rewind as far as I can see, but the save state option exist at least. The version I downloaded from the store is the Japanese version, and Simon's Quest remained the English version, while the 7 other games were Japanese ports. Quick and simple if you know exactly what you're doing~" Also, one achievement got a broken time stamp which added 7 hours into the actual time that I popped the achievement and that was "beat CV3 with Alucard" but that was probably an error on the Xbox side. Secondly, 3 achievements were not appearing or scanned properly to the websites either and those were the Bloodlines and SCV4 cheevos. For those wondering about how you can download it, the Japanese store on xbox had it up at 3:00am Europe time. I can't say about the other game stores but I was able to play just fine at least.
  7. It's completely RNG randomness. You should keep trying even with the current saves you have. You have more success by beating a few more bosses, specially those on the right side of the stage select menu. The speed run strategy goes by this route by using Zero as the character: Burn Dinorex > Crescent Grizzly > Dynamo 1 > Tidal Whale > Spike Rosered > Dark Necrobat > Shining Firefly > Dynamo 2 > Volt Kraken Somewhere around the time you beat Dynamo 2 or Volt Kraken, you should have a save ready and then attempt to fire the cannon. It requires so many restarts and save reloading until it finally happens. You'll get it eventually.
  8. "Encounter Vile V four times and defeat him before completing the Gateway stage in Mega Man X8." The concept of this is that Vile will appear within specific mid-boss rooms during the game, once you have defeated at least 2 maverick bosses. He appears on the following stages: - Optic Sunflower - Gravity Antonion - Dark Mantis - Bamboo Pandamonium - Earthrock Trilobyte - Burn Rooster - Noah's Park (Intro Stage) After defeating at least 2 stages, do what you can to spawn him 3 times in the 8 boss stages during the course of the game. You can revisit stages you already beaten and he is able to appear on those stages as well. After defeating him in the Jakob Elevator stage, go back to Noah's Park stage for your 4th Vile encounter, the midboss room. He will show up there!