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  1. The guide says stages 4 or 29, but stage 25 has 2 terminals right at the start. I know I'm way late, but thought I'd add that.
  2. It seems that you can do co-op with 1 person, just let 2p die. Enemies will be tougher, but otherwise the same. As long as 2p never resurrects after death, you should get it. They come back at the start of each new level as well. I'm hoping I can do this with some practice, I don't have a very good partner.
  3. It seems that Babel is the best deck for me. In a non ultra 1 sided match, I can always get 3, often 4, sometimes all 5 activated. I just need more online matches to do it in, and those aren't common.
  4. When going for this, I did delete my save once to redo the tutorial. Then I restored it and did it again. Then did more trials, and then it popped. No idea what the reasoning is.
  5. Maybe my settings are bad, but it only matches me against godlike players and I can barely even get 2 gougis activated per battle. Given that I am going to be on the receiving end of massive beatdowns every match, what's the best deck to use so that I don't have to do 100 matches?
  6. Yes you should be able to do it with 2 controllers. Just remember that if you win with a perfect, that overrides ex finish or ca finish. They must hit you once.
  7. I was trying to see if I can find something to screenshot to prove it but maybe not. Come to think of it I did do the twilight mission but it wasn't my last mission for the trophy. Is there only 1 in dlc 2? Also, I have a lot of ??? in gameplay records for both dlc, how do I fill those in?
  8. This is untrue. I did not do the twilight missions for either DLC and I have 100% in the game.
  9. Well, I got it finally. I was just redoing trials in order and redoing a Parasoul one popped the trophy. Whatever.
  10. I just find it hard to believe that I haven't already met whatever time requirement for it already, those trials aren't exactly fast. I redid the entire tutorial, and I've been redoing all trials (about halfway through). I wonder if I can just idle in training mode...
  11. Uhh... thanks? It's a bronze trophy, I know exactly what it is. It just has vague requirements and seems to be glitched for me. It's my last trophy for platinum, as well.
  12. I'm at 98%, did all tutorials trials challenges everything. I've redone about 20 trials, a couple challenges, random tutorials, a lot of misc things, and no trophy. What the heck?!
  13. Learn his attacks, he has 2 very open ones where he raises his head high on one side and swipes to the other side. Roll through that attack and get a hit off. His other openings are after a dash if you're close, and when he vomits fire. Stay just out of his melee range until you see the first 2 attacks and you should be fine. Ultimately I couldn't beat him with 30 endurance so I had to pump it to like 45+ to be able to take hits and eventually win.
  14. From depth 3+ you'll see better gems than anything you found in story mode - by the end, I was using gems with +21% attack, for example. Also, the later chalice dungeons give INSANE amounts of souls. For example, a single weak zombie can give you 4-5000 souls! Once your weapon is decent and you make some serious progress, you will see your levels explode. As far as timing, it doesn't even matter. I did a couple early ones, and then ran all the rest in NG+. You'll need to be either at the end of story mode or in NG+ before you can handle depth 3 dungeons anyway.
  15. Phtumerian Descendant was far harder for me when I tried to actually fight him. When I gave up and just attempted non stop parries, then it went better. When I reached Bloodletting Beast, I really had no idea what was going on because he was so big and I couldn't see his attacks from his feet. I was just doing a ton of damage and sometimes but not always taking a ton of damage back, so eventually I did more damage than he did and won. Queen was... cool, but that stun mechanic made no sense and was so damn random.