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  1. I would check this page from time to time to see if there was any updates. The page simply doesn't exist anymore. I think it was still up a few weeks ago. Does anyone have news about this?
  2. Hey, looking for someone to help me with this one, would anybody be able to give a hand? ID: DarckSephiroth
  3. Hey, I'm looking for someone to do the "Friend or Foe" Fruit Ninja trophy on PS VITA. I saw that you are missing this trophy, want to do it with me? 

  4. Thanks for the quick answer!!! Tamo junto rapaz!
  5. Hey, so the content for full burst is included on disc? Or do you have to download it through a code? I'm thinking of getting a used copy, but the new content would have to come on the disc for it to work.
  6. Any news on this??? I finally got the 250k trophie on around lvl 240, now my only problem is the 1000 ko assists, I've passed 2200 assists and no trophy.
  7. I played the game just on the ps5 up to this point, so I tried to download it on my ps4 pro to see if I could make the trophes pop playing on it, but the game just doesn't load, it loads forever on the "knockout city news" screen and it never gets into te game, did someone experience this?
  8. I did, hahah, but you can just buy the 200 once
  9. I just got the legendary glasses yesterday I think, so no money for todays gloves, I'll get it some other time, I hope to get the trophies before I get the 100 daily contracts, I'm at 78, I hope this one pops with no problems. Best of luck for us my friend.
  10. I'm on lvl 213 (silver 13) and have 1688 KO Assists on "Friends for Life" contract. No "Welcome to the Big Leagues" and "Point Guard" for me yet, I just need these 2 apart from 100 daily contracts and winning with a legendary glove, I don't know what to do.