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  1. This still looks like an "off topic" matter to me, I don't know why it isn't the right place, such a simple and random topic, but whatever.
  2. I said Ad-hoc Party lol. It's a PS3 program to allow you play online the ad-hoc games of your PSP/PS Vita. Look for it on the PS Store. So much ignorance nowadays. Make sure of what people say before start judging others ignorantly.
  3. I want someone to play Dissidia Duodecim online using the Ad-hoc Party. Anyone up to get his ass beat up? If so add me. Squall_1904.
  4. Feeling nervous with my first Game Session coming up. :)

    1. bmj14772


      Haha, well, hopefully it ends up being fruitful for you :D

    2. Squall_1904


      That it does. ^^

  5. Awesome music and vid.
  6. Final Fantasy VIII, forever and ever. Also Final Fantasy IX, then Final Fantasy X. I HATE Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII. :L Ps: long live The Legend of Dragoon, one of the best RPG's ever made.
  7. At the moment I'm going for Shadow of the Colossus. I'm trying to defeat the 3rd Colossus in Hard, Time Attack, but this is too much impossible to do! -.-