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  1. This speaks to me haha! I think there’s something beautiful in learning the inns and outs of every nook & cranny, every item, every attack pattern and truly mastering a game. Sometimes you just need to go old school and find ways to crank up that difficulty, manually, and play your own “git gud” kinda game! I salute this mind set all the way dude 👊 Excellent work though mate and thank you for the tag! I look forward to following your progress on this challenge, also catching up on some of the incredible feats you’ve already achieved in these other fantastic games! So I appreciate you linking everything right here in this post! As someone who often gets distracted doing crazy shit outside of trophies I can definitely see the passion you have for Souls! It’s pretty cool man! I’m very much looking forward to what you do on Sekiro next since as it’s the only FROM game that I currently have experience with, but, I can tell you it has definitely got my thirst going and I want to play many games in the genre! The fight was awesome btw. Just gets me hyped up to play Elden Ring!
  2. Glad I’m not alone! I really struggle to stick to lists 😂 I will join you then, in this uncontainable madness that is gaming ADHD 🤙👌
  3. @Rebourne07 since as I’m constantly picking up games in the sales and being a typical indecisive gamer, if I was to platinum games that are not on my list for the event, am I able to just switch them out upon completion or would I need to post in here before popping the platinum? If I can avoid reposting lists and low key just rotate games in and out upon completion, that would be awesome. It appears from following along that this is fine but doesn’t hurt to double check!
  4. Update: 1/10✔️ 2/10✔️ 8/10 ✔️ Games crossed off the list: Aer - Memories of Old Extremely chill vibes with this little puzzle - adventure game. The controls were a bit ‘floaty’ but overall I found the game rather enjoyable. Puzzles were pretty straight forward and the aesthetic of the world I actually found to be, well, fucking gorgeous. Full Throttle Remastered Aaawwwesomee point and click adventure game brought back from the past! Maybe a tad cheesy but still badass! Motorbike gangs and Metal? Go on then!! 😁👌 Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Damn, I could write pages upon pages to express my love for this game but I’m aiming to keep these updates concise and to the point! This is now my favourite game of all time (joint with Trials Fusion 👌) - I really took my time with this one because I decided to go far beyond what’s required for the Platinum… but I loved every single second of it. I plan to revisit CTR many times in-between other titles / projects as it’s just too damn fun! I’ll leave an image of my current setup below and if you know - you know! 🔥 Peace! 🤙🤙
  5. @Rebourne07 - Hey! So work got kinda crazy and I’ve been very inactive on both the forums and my beloved PlayStation! However, I’m aiming to get back into the swing of things, now that life has calmed down a bit! I’ll be making progress in the events that I’m signed up to (I’ll be checking out your latest one, too!) but i would like to shake up my game selection, if that’s cool? My original list: My new list: 1/10: Aer: Memories of Old (PSNP) 2/10: Full Throttle Remastered (PSNP) 3/10: Spyro 2 (PSNP) 4/10: NFS Heat (PSNP) 5/10: Lords of The Fallen (PSNP) 6/10: Remnant From The Ashes (PSNP) 7/10: Sekiro (PSNP) 8/10: Crash Team Racing (PSNP) 9/10: I Am Bread (PSNP) 10/10: Super Meat Boy (PSNP) I should be popping my first platinum for the challenge either today or tomorrow! A bit late to the party but reading through everyone else’s progress has got me hyped up to join in! 👊
  6. Appreciate it Don! I’m looking forward to watching you destroy the dev times! I think you’re going to have a lot of fun with this game to be honest! It will be good to talk about CTR from your perspective, while you’re blasting through it! 💪 Thanks brother! Yes, I agree - this game is worthy of the time investment! I think the main reason why it has such a strong following - so much so - that there really are many “Godlike” players, is because the gameplay is so satisfying, which just makes it easy to sink the hours in and watch yourself progress / get faster! I know you have many projects in the works and the projects you do work on are always of such high quality! When you do return to your favourite Kart Racer - I’m sure you will light up the leaderboards with many new PB’s! Also, yeah bro, your Blizzard Bluff is still top 1,000 you sweater motherfucka 😂😂😂 We’ll have to talk more about the tech when you do return! You know I’m always down to talk CTR! I’ve also seen some mad shit that is used by the top players - way beyond my understanding of the game currently. You’re not wrong though - the skin is where all the speed comes from…. But it’s not pay to win because I bought it with in-game currency from grinding out times. Around here - we call that shit “Grind to Shine” 🔥
  7. Thanks dude! 👊 I wouldn’t worry too much about Hard Mode until you’ve beaten the TT’s, personally. I think attacking the time trials mode is the way to go because when you have them wrapped up, your skill level will be much higher, thus the difficulty and A.I on Adventure Mode will be almost none existent. You’ll be used to getting off the line fast and familiar with making a good start to a track - once you’ve split from the pack, you probably won’t see anyone again until you’re waiting for them to cross the finish line! There’s always hope! It’s just a matter of putting the time in and building up muscle memory. In regards to the time trials specifically - the tracks don’t change, the time to beat stays the same but you can do things differently and keep improving until you smash it! Watch videos to learn different approaches / different techniques and start to build out your own play style. There’s a tonne of resources for this game just on YouTube alone, I’m happy to send you many helpful videos if you need, just say the word! All of my dev runs are on my YT channel too, while they’re a little beyond what’s required to beat Oxide - they definitely could teach you good lines and clean shortcuts which could be useful! Feel free to drop me a FR and if you need any tips / advice, just shoot me a DM 🤙 Also congrats on the Conan completion! If you return to CTR - good luck!
  8. Dude, you’re the fucking man with Arcade Racers, if you ever go back to CTR on a dev hunt you will destroy everything (including all of my times) 🔥 🔥 Plus you took the time to teach me much about the game back when I first started playing it! (you also helped me pick the game when I told you that I wanted to try a racing game!) - I can’t seem to pick multiple quotes on my phone today? Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed the video! It was hella fun to make! Yes, the skill ceiling in this game is huge and after the platinum I will be moving on to new and exciting projects, but, I will always come back to CTR to push for further improvements and sweat some Time Trials! The part where you mention motivation for the community - this is 100% my intention with the video. Persistence is an underrated skill and one that will take you far in games like these. My play-through and the contrast from the two additional videos are just a great example of exactly that! Yeah bro, I’m looking forward to future games with you! Bring on Warhammer 🔥👊
  9. Hey man! Firstly - congrats on your milestone! The first of many and knowing you they will all be organised perfectly 🏆👌 Very enjoyable read! I love how much your writing shows the passion you felt towards these super dope looking little gems! Both of which, as you know, are safely secured in my backlog and should be coming up pretty soon! I’m a big fan of the decision to add videos of your gameplay to your writing, too! 😁 - nicely done brother! it’s just awesome to see that you managed to find a new favourite game all while looking to make the milestone special! That’s just a big win all around 👊👊 just make sure not to burn yourself out playing the grindy games that don’t quite captivate you as much, make sure to sprinkle these rad little experiences in there from time to time!
  10. So first of all, let me preface this post by putting it out there: I am by no means the fastest player - far from it! In fact, I’m not even the fastest among my friends (who are absolute animals at this game!) So a big shout out to:@LancashireLad87 @[email protected] @Destructor-8 - you guys are savages and have all pushed me to go faster right from the very first time I booted the game up! Special shout out to my good friend @Don_carlito94 for also keeping me motivated during this project and listening to my many ramblings on how to shave off x amount of time on any given run! I absolutely adore Crash Team Racing and in terms of my own personal game rankings, it currently sits side by side next to Trials Fusion making them both my two favourite video games of all time! During my trophy cleanup for CTR (which is still ongoing 😂) - I decided that I wanted to turn my Hard Mode run into something special, a passion project of sorts. The goal was simply to set as many PB’s as possible while also turning it into a full play-through video! The results of which, you can find below! I have made sure to include timestamps in the videos description for convenience. This video took a lot of time and effort to edit and put together! To anyone who watches - I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did playing! To future/current players: Whether you’re wondering what level of challenge this game and its content has to offer, or even just how fun it is… Whether you’re currently working your way through this game and find some of its content challenging, maybe even discouraging - I’d like to share this with you: My very first Oxide win: My most recent PB on Hot Air Skyway: (for context the Oxide time on this track is 3:09:89) The reason I’ve linked these two videos above is to show you 1) I didn’t exactly just pick up this game and find myself instantly good at it, and 2) to show you how far you can push it with a bit of persistence! I think the difference between the two runs showcase very well how forgiving Oxide realistically is with his time trials and how high the skill ceiling for progression in this game actually is, bearing in mind it’s still far beyond anything that I’m capable of too. I have very limited experience with racing games, yet because the gameplay is soooo goood and so addicting - I was able to push my own skills far beyond anything that is required for the platinum - and it has been pure unadulterated fun doing so! Hell, maybe you’re an absolute beast at this game like the guys in blue above ^^ - either way - feel free to @ me / add me or just post in here about your CTR experience as I’m always happy to offer tips / advice and just talk about this game in general! I’m also happy to receive pointers too from other CTR veterans who maybe notice a trick or two that I’m missing! I'm off to go get me another platinum trophy ! Happy racing! 👊
  11. It really comes down to track knowledge and practice buddy. You’ll get there - that I have no doubt! CTR is a fantastic game with lots to learn regarding the in game mechanics. Like someone else has mentioned above - I would actually recommend moving on to the time trials before beating the campaign on hard. Here me out: in the time trial mode - it’s just you and the track. You will have time and space to learn some of the more advanced mechanics (some of which you will need to beat Oxide) and on top of this you will also know the tracks much much better, including all of the shortcuts, which will be handy once you return to the Adventure Mode. The A.I really isn’t too difficult - once you have a better understanding of the game. A strong start to get you ahead of the pack and away from the onslaught of incoming projectiles, is usually more than enough to leave them in the dust! So yeah, I’d recommend spending some time in the TT’s just learning the tracks fully and getting in plenty of practice nailing the shortcuts, getting better at going sideways fast and maintaining fire consistently. Watch some videos on how to beat the Oxide ghost as there’s tonnes of very helpful channels on YouTube when it comes to this game. I’m happy to give you some recommendations if you need! Feel free to drop me a FR on PSN as I’m always happy to offer tips and tricks with the games that I play, my inbox is always open! Good luck!!!
  12. 🔥🔥🔥
  13. Excellent work buddy! This is going to be so helpful for many of us who plan to tackle this game and it’s notorious DLC. Really appreciate the effort you’ve put into these videos for us, Don! Absolute legend 👊👊
  14. A Small Update:




    It was about time to dig in and take on the most notorious of the Developer Time Trials in CTR-NF. There was a small part of me that was putting these seriously tough ones off, just a little, and that’s because of the technical skill that is required for them. It’s not that I don’t have it, it’s just a little awkward playing on the analogue sticks to be consistent with some of the techniques that are an absolute must. However, it appears as always - the more you do something, the more you improve and these tracks force you to be consistent! So although still slightly awkward with my control setup - my consistency is up and in general I’m becoming more confident with my ability!


    So while turning 33 over the weekend was scary and confirming with @LancashireLad87 that this does infact make me a “Boomer” - I at least did manage to conquer:


    Turbo Track






    Hot Air Skyway



    Out of Time



    All in all I’m pretty stoked! The Master Wheels are in sight and I’m getting close! CTR will be my toughest platinum to date because I refuse to unlock it until I’ve beaten all of the Beenox times. 

    Over the weekend I also had the pleasure to hang out in a PlayStation party with @Destructor-8 to celebrate his birthday and it was made all the funnier getting to hear @Shrooba getting intimate, repeatedly, with a fucking rock on Trackmania Turbo! 😂

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    2. Platinum_Vice


      Turbo Track is not built for such speed!


      There was a couple of moments on Hot Air Skyway that scared me (end of Laps 1 and 3). Clutch bro.


      Also, why are you playing as Paddington Bear?

    3. KindaSabbath


      @Destructor-8 thx dude!! I’ve ticked off pretty much all the big ones now but it’s easy to get caught out by the “not so brutal” ones… Finally got a new controller though so I should have less technical issues from here on 😂


      @GonzoWARgasm Turbo Track was insanely fun! I really enjoyed the intricacies when it comes to maintaining blue fire on this one!


      Hot Air Skyway was serious fun too. One of my favourites so far. It’s bloody typical that the run in which I beat the developer, I had sketchy moments where I’d been pretty consistent previously. Name of the game, though 😂 - the successful runs are rarely the pretty ones!


      Oh and Paddington is legit the dopest skin in the game! As soon as I threw that skin on, telling ya man, it made me instantly faster 😁

    4. Destructor-8


      That's cool & glad you got a new one to smash out the rest of them!

  15. Nice!!! I’m excited for you dude! Especially… … Life goals right there! I just need some of mine to fly the nest and this dream can be a reality for me too! 😂 Oh - good move man. This is something I’m toying with the idea of too! In preparation for my PS5, I went out and bought a massive fucking Oled thingy… It looks awesome and I assume that big cinematic games pop on the bad boy… I say ASSUME because I don’t play any of them 😂. So really when you think about it, I paid quite a lot of dosh for latency. Yes Sabbath, you’re a dickhead 😂😂 Fresh setup, fresh vibes man! Let’s get it man!! 💪 As always - congrats on your recent completions! Looking forward to your take on It Takes Two. Me and the wife still need to play Peggle 2 but more options would be awesome. Recently she has genuinely enjoyed watching me do the Time Trials in CTR, which is cool but I definitely want to play more games with her this year! I don’t know too much about this one but I know that the thought of trying to complete it scares the shit outa me 😂… You will crush it now that life seems to be more permitting. Exciting stuff!! Firstly, it’s good to see you in a place where you’re ready to go back and finish this one off. Secondly a low latency monitor will be a game changer. Anything that requires quick reactions is much harder on a laggy big screen. For example, I would not even consider playing anything competitive FPS wise on anything other than a low latency monitor. It’s a straight up no for me. Trust me, this change in your setup is going to be huge mate! The monitor is a great investment. If you’re not having fun dude, don’t make it any more stressful than it needs to be. I’d just take the least stressful route and be done with it. It’s a shame that the game didn’t hit for you like I know you hoped it would, but I’d just wrap it up and move on 👊