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  1. I’m so happy to see you back RJ!!! I mean it mate, this place isn’t the same without you! I already know we will have so much to talk about in 2023 and…. Let’s face it… nothing accompanies my morning coffee better than an RJ review! Let’s bring this place back to its former glory and then some!! ❤️
  2. Amazing work all round! This is always the time of year when I’m reminded just how special our community is! Big props to all of the fantastic nominees and to all of the guide writers on the site, who choose to spend their time helping others with their hard work! Guide of the Year: Final Fantasy X HD - The Remaster Supplement Guide written by The_Kopite Exceptional Trophy Guides: Elden Ring Trophy Guide written by ZOLANTON God of War Ragnarök Trophy Guide written by MohandGamer7 Exceptional Gameplay Guides: Final Fantasy X HD - The Remaster Supplement Guide written by The_Kopite Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 100% Walkthrough written by Argandalf_01 Exceptional DLC Guides: Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course DLC Trophy Guide written by MohandGamer7 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Repentance DLC Trophy Guide written by BalefulFrog New Author Excellence: Doom 2 Trophy Guide written by Kramers001 Cult of the Lamb Trophy Guide written by Septomor and OFFICER_OILDAB Retro Enthusiasts: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Trophy Guide written by angelbless45 Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Trophy guide written by Meurtor Exceptional Use of Original Content: BloodRayne 2: ReVamped Trophy Guide written by ixxiion Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Trophy Guide written by guyblade Exceptional Use of Formatting: Alwa's Awakening Trophy Guide written by coldhardcrash_ DragonFang Z Trophy Guide written by AihaLoveleaf Good luck to you all! 👊
  3. Congrats on the fastest achiever medals that you’ve bagged along your trophy hunting travels! To be honest this is a perfect example… There are multiple level playing fields left for the competitive folk to compete on. First achiever, fastest achiever, in-game leaderboards, psnp events and a whole array of ways for gamers to compete with each other while not having to binge on rubbish trophies disguised as games on the PlayStation network. My head is definitely not in the sand buddy, which is exactly my point. Even though I’ve not been on the scene for very long in comparison to some of you, including many of my friends who have been active since the dawn of PlayStation trophies - I’m able to see clearly that the impact of shovelware is not ALL bad and while things have most definitely changed, there are always positives that can be what you choose to focus on. This hobby, as much as any other really, is whatever you make of it and diversity is a good thing. OP I should of added to my post earlier though - if you enjoy Blacklight: Retribution - then it’s totally worth putting in the time to complete it even without a platinum! After all, if the takeaway from any game is that it was a positive experience then imo the trophy breakdown is irrelevant. So IF it seems like it could be good fun, have at it! Even if boosting is required, you could make some awesome friends along the way!
  4. Granted, I wasn’t on the trophy hunting scene back in 2008-2014, however, I disagree that the influx of shovelware has done as much damage to this hobby as people tend to think. If we completely disregard leaderboards (which many these days now do) then I believe the trophy hunting scene is buzzing. The only damage I see from the influx of shovelware - there’s really not much motivation for the average trophy hunter to even want to compete on a numbers level, but I don’t actually see this as a bad thing … If anything, this shifts the focus back to what in my opinion is the very essence of trophy hunting anyway: having fun hunting the games we’re actually interested in playing. Each individual completion carries more weight now than ever because even your average triple A run of the mill platinum is worth 30+ of these trophy spam games. I have so many friends both on profiles and on psn that are absolutely in their element ticking off completions and working towards certain profile related goals while having tonnes of fun doing so. These days you see so much variety and many people have very carefully curated profiles that showcase different play-styles. Shovelware is just one play-style and outside of the leaderboards I really don’t think the negative impact on the trophy scene is that bad. To anyone reading: your games are worth more to you than they are to anyone else so make sure to keep it fun and rewarding while playing the games that you want to spend your time with! To get back on topic - I don’t really mind when a game doesn’t have a platinum. Some of my longest completions and proudest trophies have absolutely nothing to do with a platinum trophy. I personally like the thought of seeking out more ‘non-platinum’ games to try and get my trophy count up while keeping my platinum count low… another example of variety in trophy lists and play-styles!
  5. I agree too! It does not matter how many overall trophies one has when counting ultra rare trophies, but, I’d take it a step further and say it just doesn’t matter how many trophies one has regardless of rarity anyway. This is definitely more of a me thing, though, as earning trophies to me is far more a habit of being a completionist. That’s not to say that I don’t like trophies and I definitely do think ultra rare trophies are nice - there are just many things I value over both, personally. I never have and never will care for average rarity. I think obsessing over any metric that potentially encourages cherry picking games is a quick way to make this hobby a chore and take it into both unsustainable and unenjoyable territory. If there was a stat that could give you, at a glance, the number of games on someone’s profile that they thoroughly enjoyed - that would be the one to keep an eye on when browsing a trophy list. The higher that number, the more impressive to me! For sure having a healthy mix is solid though and I like to think that it comes naturally as long as we challenge ourselves from time to time and priories the games we enjoy over the hunt. I have a mixture of relatively tough games with some not so tough games too, but every single game on my profile is one that appealed to me outside of trophies. I’m a 100% account too (not currently because I’m an active gamer but still..) I don’t cherry pick shit or cheat myself out of good games in any way or for any arbitrary numbers on a website. I will say though: anyone who has Crypt of the Necrodancer and My Name is Mayo next to each other on their profile, both complete - that’s a badass purely because it’s a massive fuck you to anyone who takes this shit too seriously 🤣… Gotta respect that 👌
  6. When a games toughest challenge rewards me with ultra rare trophies, sure, it can be a nice little cherry on top of an already great experience. I’m more motivated by challenge than I am by trophies in general though. Hence why I’ve spent plenty of time in my games going far beyond the trophy requirements, just for fun! Beating the Developer Time Trials in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuelled and no damaging the bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, for example. No ultra rare trophies but a fantastic challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed 👌 Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a very easy ultra rare platinum and Star Wars: Racers Revenge is an easy ultra rare completion too. Both great games! 👊
  7. Can’t fucking wait! Sign me up! Tier 1: - Team Sonic Racing - Wipeout Omega Collection - Dirt Rally - Crash 4 - Leo’s Fortune
  8. Could I request entry to club Big Sexy pleease ☝️
  9. Poor wording on my part. That said, there are many games that fall into Ultra Rare territory that are not particularly hard games and not particularly good games either. My point is: a leaderboard that would punish playing good games in any way is not a healthy leaderboard. It could potentially discourage participants from playing certain games because of the impact playing them would have on their ranking. Having a cut off point (50% avg rarity) makes total sense as it protects the leaderboard from trophy spammers, but when it becomes more complex and the focus shifts towards lower avg rarity = higher ranking - it becomes a dick swinging contest where people can just cherry pick what they play to maintain / gain LB position. You could end up with people playing games like Spyro on an alt account to avoid the avg rarity increase in order to remain competitive 😂
  10. I think personally (from an outsiders POV): The core of any leaderboard should be integrity, which in my opinion, comes down to NOT being easily manipulated through playing obscure “games” purely for stats. The main leaderboard is fucked because people spam the shit but easy games and I fear that this leaderboard will become fucked by people spamming the shit but rare games. In both instances people are punished by playing the games they enjoy, whether it’s time spent playing an actual video game on the main leaderboard, resulting in time lost spamming easy trophies - or whether it’s average rarity going up through playing genuinely good games that are not ultra rare on this one. ANY leaderboard that favours people AVOIDING games they want to play in order to climb the ranks, is in my personal opinion, the same problem that has lead us here in the first place.
  11. That’s challenge complete! @Rebourne07 Thank you for hosting this excellent event! Very much hoping it returns for another round next year! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for games that I can slot in!! 👊👊 it’s been an absolute pleasure so I’ll wrap up with a big good luck to everyone still working hard to cross games off their list! 🔥
  12. Tier 1 Progress: it’s been a slow year even by my slow standards! However, I do have some progress to share! 😁 5/10 UR Games Complete Need For Speed 2015 While a good chunk of success for Prestige Mode can come down to luck - many runs lost because of bad RNG - I can say that I had a lot of fun with this game, but that’s the Time Trialer in me. It’s a great game but has many issues, issues that make the requirements for completion pretty tough. A battle of endurance for sure (holding out for a clear run) but the Drift events were fun as fuck! Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime Great little game and I honestly couldn’t quite figure out how it is even ultra rare. Sure, it may of been free with plus, but it’s fun, vibrant and nothing is too tricky. Trials of The Blood Dragon As a big Trials fan the less said about this one the better. There were some cool ideas and the bike focused segments were undeniably the highlight… I just like more bike focused segments in my Trials games… 😂 Star Wars: Racers Revenge Surprise of the year for me! Incredibly fun little game! Short and sweat with Time Trials? Fuck yeah! Game holds up for being 20 years old! Fucking gem 💎 I am Bread Wayyyy more fun than I was expecting! Some of the trophy rarities are outrageous! There are truly free UR’s up for grabs here! Cheese Hunt is where the challenge lies on this one and in particular just one level: Garden. I had a lot of bugs playing through the cheese hunt mode and honestly could of been done with this sooo much faster if it wasn’t for my SIF item completely disappearing or getting stuck on absolutely fucking everything 😂… I also had a bunch of issues with my cracker getting stuck in the walls while climbing or just bugging out… but hey, I feel like using the SIF glitch in the first place means I can’t complain too much! Another decent game ticked off the list! Next Up: Not even sure but Trackmania and Wipeout will likely be among my next 5! As Copa already knows - when I’m in charge of the list my ADHD brain almost never sticks to it! Always great to read through all the progress you guys are making! Fuck me @Mori you are an absolute machine, keep up that dynamite pace dude! 👊
  13. You have a few racing games and you have a few Star Wars games - my recommendation would be: Star Wars Racer Revenge! Legit it’s a little gem and I had so much fun with it! Surprise of the year for me 👌
  14. What a profile! 👌 I’ll take Altered Beast! Childhood favourite of mine!
  15. #17 Completion #21 As a HUGE fan of the Trials series, I cannot objectively say this is a good Trials game, because it isn’t. That doesn’t mean that in parts it’s not fun, some levels are really cool and creatively - the team went wild with this one! I just can’t shake some of the terribly implemented segments with wonky mechanics: Jet-packs, Grapple-hook and the run and gun platforming sections were a total mess, imo. I understand this is not meant to be a hardcore Trials game, and as a hardcore Trials fan - the game probably wasn’t aimed at me. There’s enough good for it not to be outright terrible but enough bad for it not to be good. I’m happy to have the series complete for what’s available on PlayStation and move on to the next one! Enjoyment rating: 6/10