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  1. Appreciate the reply, Doc. I will check out those titles and keep pondering which would be the best for my first trip into the genre. I think I'm pretty certain that I'll be playing Yakuza 0 first - as a warm up for a proper JRPG. So I'm in no rush. Noted dude, thanks! I will also check this out. I'm not very familiar with the Persona series but I have heard good things. How are you getting on with F1? I've got the itch to play a racing game soon - it'll likely be more arcade style though - probably CTR since as I already own it. - Edit @DrBloodmoney to answer the question in your awesome new avatar: I'll only be happy when you begin the thread on Owls πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ - for science, ofcourse.
  2. Thanks dude. Back in the day when I used to go hard at FPS multiplayer, there wasn't a whole lot of options in regards to settings on console. Things have vastly improved these days and Respawn in particular do a pretty decent job of offering advanced controller settings to tinker with. I usually play on a high sense with a linear response curve and vibration disabled. I typically go -1 on ADS sensitivity and adjust per optic accordingly. I also map crouch/slide to the right analog stick. My biggest gripe with console shooters is usually the lack of an FOV slider. Apex is the only one I've played to offer this on console which is a huge addition imo. I like to play at 90 or above depending on the game. I think the standard default for most shooters on console is around 60, which is far too claustrophobic for me personally. Bro, that made me feel so gutted πŸ˜‚ - like I said to you yesterday, I just can't shake this feeling of emptiness after beating Fusion. I have a motorbike shaped hole in my gaming world and everything feels meh. It's actually overwhelming to be honest. Thanks man. Yeah, I remember thinking that I could improve that time on Adelophobia as well! I usually hit that first time saver much cleaner with my front wheel not touching at all. I can usually do the last time saver a bit cleaner, too. Maybe I'll go back to it and see if I can nail the perfect run. Seismic Activity is by far my favourite. Such a clean line to run fast. As for Elysian Skies - the only thing I found annoying was that it seems totally random if you'll get enough distance after being propelled up to the final section to make a smooth transition. This is one I could of had a much better time on but I got that required distance so infrequently, I just settled for the run where it worked. I'm sure you'll smash out Redlynx to the Sword today if you haven't done it already! Happily. Yo, tag me in anything Trials related too man!
  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ - I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume you feel pretty strongly about this one? I could only find FF X on the store in a double pack so X-2 was unavoidable. I didn't know it was rubbish though, as I know nothing about JRPG games. Appreciate you pointing that out. Fear not, it will never get installed. FF X was the one I was after. Would you say FF X is a good entry point into the JRPG genre? Interested to here your thoughts here, if you wouldn't mind. I'm also going to pick up Ni No Kuni: Wraith of the White Witch. Not sure whether I'll play FF X first or this one. Thanks man. Yeah I've had a blast with what I've played of it so far. I'm actually very, very excited to play a Yakuza game. Also, I dunno man, you could get to FF X before me to be fair. I'm not exactly going at a blistering speed through my games πŸ˜‚ The edit there was fucking hilarious. I knew you'd do it as well! Legend. Arcesius is going to play TotBD and I'm trying to get @det_gittes to play it too! We can all bitch and rage about how shit it is together πŸ˜‚
  4. Great write up there dude! It was a blast to read! I have so many fond memories of the old GTA Trilogy. Vice City being my personal favourite. On the money there πŸ˜‚... This is an assumption, so correct me if I'm wrong, but - I'm guessing most of us here were blown away by the fact that we were playing a GTA game in the third person. Probably made it a little easier to overlook the obvious issues. Strawberry or Apple? Flaming hot all daaaaay. Cannot believe you said that πŸ˜‚ I remember blagging my parents into believing I was sick to get out of school (coincidentally the day after they bought me GTA III πŸ˜‚) and then playing the game for a week solid. Good times man! I must of been 12'ish. Smevz, you're making me feel young here 😁 I also got pretty sick when I got my hands on Vice City and I remember getting really, really sick when I got hold of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
  5. I'd go for it man. Being the fastest achiever would be a cool accomplishment! I think extra little challenges here and there are some of the things that make gaming so fun. Also, grats on the Tony Hawk plat. Game looks dope! Brings back alot of memories watching your clips!
  6. Hey, thanks for dropping by and posting! Also thank you regarding Trials. They can be quite daunting from a new players perspective - but I'd say go for it, if you think you will enjoy it! 2 months ago I got frustrated because I couldn't bunny hop consistently. Now I've completed them both. If I can do it, anyone who wants to play the games and puts the time aside to learn them can! Dude, I really dig the way you've organised your thread! It's pretty awesome. One I will be frequently checking in on, for sure! Yeah I did... which leads me to something that has never been seen in this thread before: A None Trials Related Update (kind of) πŸ˜‚ So I have added a few new games to my backlog, which are: Yakuza 0 Final Fantasy X/X-2 Trials of the Blood Dragon (it couldn't be totally Trials free 😁) I'm not sure when I will get around to these games but they're now very much there and waiting to be played! I'm very keen to get to Yakuza but I'll be waiting for a top notch write up from Mr @rjkclarke first (there's no rush buddy, I have loads to play so take your time) As Destructor-8 has pointed out - I've started Titanfall 2! A game I was in no real rush to play, but, there's some mad shit going on with the servers - which I was aware of but still in no rush. Then I saw @Arcesius decided to just get the multiplayer trophies out of the way so that gave a little more urgency to do the same - just incase they become unobtainable. First Impressions: Solid. I've played quite a bit of Titanfall 1 and Apex Legends with my boy on his xbox over recent years, so I'm familiar with the movement etc. I'm not too far in, maybe chapter 4 or 5. Very enjoyable so far. I really dig the advanced movement in games like this. Similar to Vanquish - which on a gameplay level is simply superb. I'm also enjoying the story so far, which is not a strength of Vanquish, in comparison. So first order of business here was obviously the 3 multiplayer related trophies: Free AssociationJoin a player created Multiplayer Network Lock and LoadCustomize a multiplayer loadout So It Begins...Win a multiplayer match If anyone has this on their backlog, just to let you know - these trophies take a matter of minutes. Simply hop into the multiplayer section from the main menu, browse a network, join a network. Customize Pilot, change your weapon. Search for a match, select private match, start it up and once loaded in - end the game to get a "Host ended match/victory screen" and its as simple as that. All 3 trophies in no time at all. Ofcourse, with the Gauntlet being the very first thing you do in the single player campaign. There was no way I could resist knocking out: ...Becomes the Master Place in the top 3 on the Gauntlet scoreboard My run for anyone who's interested: I'll be enjoying playing through this game over the next few days while working on my Trials Fusion review. I also need to finish putting together my Redlynx to the Sword clip, so I'll share that at some point too! It feels so weird to not be writing exclusively about Trials. Or metal 🀣
  7. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Good to know I'm not alone! Hey man, the reviews are as long as what you have to say about a game. I'm all ears, regardless. Yeah I'll definitely keep an eye out for this one the next time it's discounted. Appreciate you not spoiling the DLC - In all honesty though, I'm personally rarely worried about spoilers, there are exceptions, ofcourse. But reading about something that happens in a game vs experiencing it - with all the build up and the smaller details that lead to *insert outcome here* - is sometimes world's apart. Don't get me wrong, I'll always avoid a story being spoiled for me but if it happens, it wouldn't ruin anything for me. I'm making a point of this in particular because of Yakuza 0. Don't feel the need to restrict yourself too much on that one. Go all in! Sounds like you're as excited to write it as I am to read it. Hell fucking yeah! Make it whatever length you need to get your viewpoint across. Write until you've said everything you want to say bro. Lucky me - looks like I get to play some pretty exciting games, coming up 😁 I haven't read your Beholder 2 review yet. For the sake of my wallet πŸ˜‚ (I will read it later, though)
  8. Yeah it's a shame mate. I played the first Titanfall to death with my son online, Apex too. Really fun games with stellar movement. It sucks that some salty little pricks out there want to ruin the fun for others. So far Titanfall 2's movement is as crisp as the other games. You're in for a treat @Arcesius!! I've loaded the game up, got a little feel for the controls in the Gauntlet, backed out, knocked out the multiplayer trophies and then jumped back into the Gauntlet to grab Becomes The Master. You'll have no problems here Arc. Granted, FPS games are my thing and I've played their other shooters, so yeah I didn't expect it to take many attempts for me. I don't imagine it will cause you too much trouble though once you get a feel for the controls. I'll put my run in my thread.
  9. Nearly there dude! You're up against the hardest boss in video games - when it comes to RNG. Kudos for powering through Thanks for quickly checking if offline is an option. I've got the game on download right now it's my understanding THAT trophy is up for grabs at the beginning of the game? Well, guess I'll be knocking that out straight after the multiplayer this afternoon πŸ˜‚ @DrunkenEngineer - Thanks for the offer buddy. I'll probably quickly grab the multiplayer trophy in a private match and then get off the online section to avoid whatever mad shit is going on haha.
  10. Apologies it's taken me so long to catch up on your checklist my dude. I have a confession - I liked your Deus Ex review before I had time to read it. I knew it would be excellent so it's just my way of saying "hey man, I see what you're doing over here, I'm gonna put some time aside to read it properly" - and that I have. I have another confession... I have never played nor been interested in a Deus Ex game. Until now! I think for me; I'm typically just not one who gets hyped or really plays many big AAA titles. Add a bit of noise from Mr Michael Transaction and that's a recipe for me to just give it a hard pass. I do very much enjoy a bit of stealth in my games, though. I'm thinking the old Hitman games and the original Dishonored here. Again, I'm rarely upto date with newer releases. I like the sound of this being a bit grittier and darker in nature. That floats my boat. I'm always dubious of games that have lots of DLC, so it's good to hear that you found it enjoyable in this case. I think the combination of solid gameplay, lots of content and your superb writing has made me rethink my stance on these games. Coupled with the fact they go for peanuts, often. Throw in a couple of Ultra Rares and shit, call me Sally, I'm sold πŸ˜‚ (I could potentially use this for the UR event) So as is becoming a habit - the wishlist/backlog continues to grow. I think the only difference between the two at this point is which ones I've told my wife I've purchased vs what I've not mentioned πŸ˜‚ In regards to reviews/requests - I've been checking through your first post and no doubt I'll be editing this after checking it again and apologising, but, if you haven't put one up for Yakuza 0, that would be a request from me.
  11. Tier 1 Update: Trials Fusion - 100% Complete What a ride! Fantastic game and an absolute joy to play through both of the "proper" Trials games back to back in my quest to complete tier 1. Definitely eyeing up Trials of the Blood Dragon now, despite being heavily warned not to play it πŸ˜‚ @Copanele I'd like to claim the bounty on this fine video game if that's cool? So in summary, Tier 1 progress: - Vanquish 100% βœ” - Trials Rising 100% βœ” - Trials Fusion 100% βœ” I'd just like to say that there has been some seriously impressive trophy hunting going on in here! Well done everyone! Keep up that blistering pace!
  12. Yesssss bro! Finally!! I'm very excited about this one! I definitely want to try my hand at a few racing games. Maybe even build my way up to one of the notoriously difficult ones. I think I'm going to start with CTR. I have a couple of questions for you though my dude. Do you have a full racing set up? Or do you play with a pad? Are you going to be uploading videos of some of your immense runs? I think that would be dope. You have achieved some monumental feats in regards to the racing genre. Mad respect bro. I'm really looking forward to watching you tackle some of the none racing games, too! Obviously can't wait for you to destroy Fusion... Obviously. πŸ’ͺ
  13. @Arcesius - I've always thought that Rad looked pretty cool. It seems a lot of people find it very repetitive, though. Combine that with some RNG based bullshit and yeah, bit of a turn off πŸ˜‚ In regards to Titanfall 2. I haven't followed any of the panic regarding the servers but I did read that the multiplayer trophies could be earned in private lobbies. I shared that info when these issues first popped up a couple of months ago but I think the post got lost in all the panic on that thread. It's a game I want to do as well. Do you think it's worth me also just getting those trophies out of the way?
  14. Haha, thanks brother! I'm still buzzing! Easily the most fun I've had with a video game since I was a kid! Infact - it kinda made me feel like a kid again - the sheer excitement to sit down and play was insane! If I wasn't playing Trials, I was watching videos or thinking about playing Trials! I don't think I want to risk my 100% record to he honest dude. I'll have to pass on this one. I respect that. I'd go with: Black Sabbath or Electric Funeral. It's close though between these two and Children of the Grave. Thank you mate! You guys have backed me the whioe time through Rising and Fusion. So the moment we all crossed the finish line together on Seismic Activity and Redlynx to the Sword popped - will forever be special to me and it was the perfect way to finish this epic journey. (The trophy side of the journey... I'm not done with Trials 😁) By the way - I'm so pumped that you beat Anger Management! I bet it felt awesome! I know how much this one pissed you off πŸ˜‚ FUCK HILL CLIMB!! Appreciate that man! I see your thread is up. I'll be making myself a big cup of coffee and heading over there shortly! Pretty excited to watch your thread take off! You're a very skilled dude - also very genuine and humble. Thanks buddy! I'm surprised that I got through them so quick to be honest! Just goes to show that if you put the time into these games - you get good. Which feels awesome πŸ‘Œ Rad! I didn't even realise the game had a bounty on it at first πŸ˜‚ By far the least fun challenge in the game! Second only to the Unicorn nonsense 🀣 Honestly, I'm glad I knocked it out fast because I could see myself doing exactly the same in regards to playing frustrated and making mistakes. Speedcuber just immediately pissed me off. It's easy to get stuck on something purely because you want it over with. Stupid skill game. Still though, FUCK HILL CLIMB. Thanks! I was pretty chuffed with that run. As I mentioned - it was just the perfect ending to an incredible journey. Having all you guys names either chasing me or leaving me in the dust just elevated the experience, so so much. In a way - it felt like I was playing with you boys, even though obviously you all finished the game ages ago. Sleepy Creek by far gave me the most trouble. Every other time took me no more than 20 minutes to beat, with the exception of Elysian Skies taking around half our or so to shave off a few milliseconds. Sleepy Creek took me a good couple of hours to get done. I would say that it's close between this and Anger Management for me in terms of the most fun. I'd say this slightly edges it though. I had a total blast speed running these tracks. Also shout out to Inferno IV and Way of the Machine being the most fun tracks for me. Thank you so much for the kind words here, Arc. Means alot mate. I'll definitely pop into that thread and drop some tips by answering many of the questions I had - for future Trials players. I've been helping a few people through direct messages with Rising. It's pretty cool and a bit surprising that people have reached out to me personally. It's so awesome to be able to do for them what you, @Baker & @det_gittes did for me when I first reached out to you guys! Hopefully I can put together atleast a somewhat decent review for this game. A little nervous that it won't do it justice but I have a few ideas on how to better review games, so hopefully it will be a big step up from my Rising review. Yeah I'll deffo put that clip together. I'm gonna drink a beer and listen to some fucking Metallica while watching it back! Speaking of which... Holy fuck balls. This sounds amazing!!! How is this the first I'm hearing of it? Man, I'm gonna go check this out right now but if that doesn't sound like a day one purchase, I don't know what does!
  15. Completion #8 - Trials Fusion Last Trophy πŸ†Earned: RedLynx to the SwordBeat all of the RedLynx times on Redlynx vs All-Stars - 0.85 Ultra Rare The moment it happened: The full clip of the last developer time trial: Look at us flying across that finish line boys! @Baker @det_gittes @Arcesius!! Just wanted to quickly share this with you all! I'll be more active on here tomorrow and I may put together a clip of all the dev times, if anyone wants to see it? Ofcourse, I will now be getting to work on putting together my write up for this absolutely fucking incredible game! Happy Monday everyone! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜πŸ‘