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  1. Title is fitting. I haven't yet and probably never will do anything particularly special. To be honest, I just want a little place on this website to post progress, rant and rage at games that are giving me a good old pasting. Here is my introduction to this website for anyone who's interested: Since joining this website and getting into hunting trophies/hunting completion, I seem to have found my flow thanks to a community event: The Ultra Rare Clean Up. So far I've really enjoyed playing games that push me to improve as a gamer. It makes sense, as in general I am a person who needs goals and enjoys challenging myself in new ways often. Without goals and without having things I'm working to improve on, I just get bored. I would like to use this space to write about what I'm playing. To document my battle with my growing back log and maybe even share thoughts on other things, such as books I'm reading, music I'm listening to and just whatever is on my mind that I'd like to share with others who are interested. Or does this have to be strictly gaming in this section? If so, no drama as the focus will mainly be on games either way! Let's kick things off with my current backlog: Currently Playing: Titanfall 2 - 19% Priority List for the Ultra Rare Clean Up: Hyper Light Drifter Nex Machina Completed Games: Other titles I own AKA The Hitlist:
  2. No Point in DyingComplete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths - 2.16% Ultra Rare Amazing little game.
  3. Appreciate that dude! Glad you enjoyed it. Told you man, that rating is a mainstay πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - hopefully I won't ever have to rate a game as Fucking Shit, but I'm sure it'll happen at some point. Yeah the game is fluid and definitely encourages you to get your parkour on! The time travelling level was dope. Forgive me if I'm wrong here, because I haven't played it, but is it not a similar mechanic to that used in the new Ratchet & Clank game? Just curious as TF2 is last gen and I'd heard what is done in R&C is not possible on the older hardware. Genuine question. If we put my heavy preference/bias for the Wolfenstein games aside, I can't argue with you there bud. I'm a big fan of seamless and well integrated cut scenes that do not break up gameplay. Likely because I'm not a big fan of cutscenes in general. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but iirc that's what I enjoyed so much about Bioshock years ago. The Gauntlet is definitely a showcase of the games fluid movement. A highlight of the game for sure! I didn't know that about the games engine so that's cool to know. Thank you Smevz! I'm late to pretty much every party so no worries there πŸ˜‚ It's fucking excellent. I'm big on music, as you know. I haven't gone out of my way very many times in order to listen to a video game soundtrack, but this one is special. In total agreement. That's the perfect word to describe the movement; crisp. I think in hindsight, I would definitely recommend to anyone taking on the game going forward - nail the Gauntlet first. I believe that would allow players to move more freely through the campaign and stomp the AI on Master. It did indeed. So much so, that I would say those particular missteps are forgivable. Shit bro, sorry to hear that. No game is worth that level of frustration. Definitely move onto games that you find more enjoyable. I'm sure you could do it but definitely not worth the stress.
  4. Ultra Rare sniper. Likes a challenge 😁 @LukeWarm115 - Nice variety on your profile πŸ‘ Edit - wrong page 🀣 @Steven-Spiegel - Same applies! Ultra Rare animal. Nice profile dude πŸ‘Œ
  5. Right, so I've finally had the time to fully read your Shadow of The Tomb Raider write-up! I did read it in parts not too long after you posted, but it's only now that I've been able to sit down and read it in its entirety... and I mean properly man - headphones on, Led Zeppelin playing and a big ass ice cold Pepsi. Does anyone else love listening to music when they read? I've actually never asked anyone before... So I've highlighted a pretty huge segment of your review here. Reason being is because, as you know, I haven't played this Trilogy. You even fought against the urge to talk spoilers - so - I mean this as a big compliment - without even diving into the subject matter of the scene your referring to, the sheer skill of your writing in this section gave me goosebumps. No joke. That is something pretty special dude. I think it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation for the devs when it comes to franchises such as this. People expect new installments and they expect improvements to be made - not too many, though, as to not stray too far away from the beloved formula. Yet gradual improvements - y'know, to respect all of the things I've just mentioned - well they get slammed, too. It's a difficult balance. I think your view on the improvements that have been made (or not made) is fair and objective. I really appreciate these segments. I would definitely love to read in depth about your favourite video game soundtracks! Well said! Trophies are optional and in no way do they indicate or impact a games quality. A well thought out list can absolutely elevate a gaming experience, even intensify immersion. But a bad list doesn't HAVE to be completed. If you HAVE to complete every game you play (I include myself here) - understand that it's a you problem (again, myself included) - be objective enough about it to accept that it's not indicative of the games overall quality. You absolutely did my friend! I've read all of them and honestly, you've done an incredible job. I saw the entire Trilogy was on sale last week. I'm not sure if it still is, but I think I will work my way around to it at some point. I mean, I can't not have a Tomb Raider game on my profile - I grew up playing this franchise. That's awesome man, I can't wait! 😁
  6. Little Update: - Vanquish - Trials Rising (πŸ’―%) - Trials Fusion πŸ’―% - Little Nightmares πŸ’―% - Limbo πŸ’―% Tier 1 Complete!!! Not gonna lie, I wasn't even sure if I'd get through a whole Tier when I signed up, I don't particularly blaze through games! Happy is an understatement! This event has given me tonnes of motivation to pick up the pace! Keep on slaying those Ultra Rare trophies people! I'll be back with my Tier 2 selection, once I figure it out πŸ€ŸπŸ˜‚
  7. Limbo - πŸ’―%Β achieved!

    Superb little game. Really enjoyed my time with this one! NoΒ cutscenes, no bullshit - just straight up atmosphere and gameplay. Buckets ofΒ creativity withΒ the puzzles, too. Fact is -Β most puzzles are trying to kill you, which just adds to the overall awesomeness πŸ‘Œ


    I decided to do: aΒ blind playthrough, followed by a collectibles run and then the No Point in Dying run - sub 5 deaths. The sub 5 death run took me 2 attempts, I believe. Bonus is, it took me just under an hour so I was able to capture it.Β 


    What a little gem πŸ’Ž - such a good game.

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      I've been wanting to play Limbo and Inside for so long! Had the bundle in my cart when it was on sale for really cheap but forgot to go back and purchase it before the sale ended 😭 definitely gonna be giving it a go though! 

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  8. Ahh, shame there's no PS4 remaster! There's certainly enough games that have one... I will check out the sequel! Sounds awesome! As for Sine Mora, glad you're enjoying it after that abomination of a game that you've just finished πŸ˜‚ Looking forward to updates regarding this one, though. I have my eye on it as a potential for Tier 2 in UR Clean Up. I don't think I've played anything like it in some time after looking at the gameplay. I've been feeling something fast paced with lots of carnage 😁 I'm sure like many games before it - you will body this one in no time!
  9. Thanks! For me - This side of the forums is all about meeting and engaging with other passionate gamers. Sharing our experiences, opinions and finding new games to play through the other incredible checklists on the site. Appreciate the kind words regarding the write-up! Happy you enjoyed it mate! I definitely recommend the game - just don't expect to be blown away by the narrative. If you go in for the tight and excellent gameplay, you won't be disappointed at all! Agreed regarding multiplayer. I don't think the multiplayer is in a great way these days, unfortunately. I imagine most that will pick it up going forward - will do so for the campaign. Thank you dude! You should definitely go for it. It's a very enjoyable experience. Probably even more so if you're not expecting the story to pull you in. It's a very short game too - which is a good thing to be honest. Sub 10hrs is a sweet spot for games like this imo. Who knows, maybe you find the story to be much better than me and @Arcesius I mean, it's worth noting that my favourite story in the history of video games - is the one where the guy, against all odds, goes on to S Rank every level in the game. No cut scenes 😁 I've not played Jedi: The Fallen Order - However, it does appeal to me purely from a gameplay standpoint. I've heard it's "The Dark Souls of Star Wars games"... πŸ˜‚ (Well, I've heard the gameplay is good) In all seriousness though. These guys make solid, well structured multiplayer games that appeal to a mass audience. There's definitely higher points throughout the titles they've worked on. Overall though, you're pretty bang on. Appreciate that Arc! I wouldn't classify myself as an expert but it does help to have a good feel for the genre, for sure! No doubt. The way you word it is on point, too! "It's personality and interactions with Jack" - Jack had nothing in return πŸ˜‚ Strong silent type, I guess. I have a decent amount of time invested using many of the weapons in Apex Legends with my son. Like you say, I already new my go-to loadout off the rip. Its a catch 22, because part of the fun for some, would be experimenting and figuring out what suits individial playstyle. I was tempted to message you with a bunch of recommendations of what's good to use, but decided not to incase you were indeed having fun tinkering with weapon combos. Plus - I have a very hyper-aggressive playstyle - so maybe my got-to combo wouldn't click for you. Absolutely. You definitely delivered the verdict with much more tact. I found it quite difficult because writing about my gripes with the game, sounds like I'm shitting on it. Overall - I did have lots of fun. Nah dude! I wanna see Titanfall 2 - Nioh Edition I imagine you were absolutely slapping the AI Titans in the Ronin! I will be starting Limbo today, finally. I'm excited - there are no cutscenes! I just haven't gotten around to it this week so far, work has been a handful. The plan is still very much Limbo, however, I've been working on putting together some form of ongoing challenge for this checklist. Hopefully I can atleast throw it out there as an idea at some point!
  10. Completion #9 - Titanfall 2 We will be looking at, and breaking down Titanfall 2 in the following categories: - Gameplay - Music - Visuals/Performance - Story - Challenge First, a little note about the team behind the game - Respawn Entertainment. Founded by James West and Vince Zampella, formally the founders of Infinity Ward and thus, original creators of the Call of Duty franchise - Titanfall already had impressive shooter DNA straight out of the gate. Unfortunately, and I really do mean Unfortunately, the publisher is Electriconic Arts - I say this because even though the game is critically acclaimed, it massively underperformed commercially and I largely suspect that this is down to EA deciding to release the game during a crowded window in-between two FPS Juggernauts, being Battlefield 1 (Also published by EA) and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. I don't know what they were thinking. I mean, maybe they decided to go with the "throw enough shit at a wall, some of it will stick" approach, but ultimately, they just ended up hurting the game and as such Respawn's hard work was not rewarded adequately. Moving on - Gameplay Being very familiar with the movement and even the weapons going into this title, I have to say, exactly as I expected - movement and gunplay are of a very high calibre. You play as Pilot Jack Cooper. Pilots have advanced movement due to the standard issue jump pack that they have equipped. This allows for, in a parkour style; wall running, double jumping and some pretty gnarly slides. The beauty here though - chaining these movements together and building up momentum to move around at blistering speeds. I believe on PC the movement can be taken to even higher extremes with bunny hops and other ways to maintain even more speed between movement chains, but on console this is a little more difficult. Pilots have an additional trick up their sleeve which adds even more to the gameplay - the Tactical Ability to cloak, giving a small window to either evade the enemy or out manoeuvre them. This can be extremely fun. When playing as Pilot Jack Cooper, you can also fill two weapon slots with a combination of the various weapons on offer throughout the game. My personal favourites are the Flatline - a hard hitting assault rifle with a little extra recoil, and the Triple Take - an energy powered sniper rifle with no bullet drop and gorgeous iron sights. Pilot Jack also has a slot to carry one of a few lethal type throwables found in crates throughout Titanfall 2's campaign; standard frag grenades, C4, explosive tics and my personal favourite the fire star (which will burn through shield type enemies very quickly). Oh, and did I mention the bad-ass exoskeleton 10 metre tall Titan that you can jump into and annihilate everything that moves? Yeah, that's pretty sweet too. It also helps that your very own Titan - BT-7274, is a total bad-ass. Titans lack the quick movement than that of a pilot but the trade off is a hell of a lot of extra firepower. Titans also have multiple classes/loadouts at their disposal. A Titans loadoat consists of the Primary Weapon that you wield, which is what's going to dish out the most DPS. A Tactical Ability which is mapped to the triangle button, that will give you either an advantage during combat or concealment if you find yourself up shits creek. An Ordinance Ability mapped to the R1 button that will unleash a more powerful attack on your enemy. A Defensive Ability, mapped to the L1 button which offers cover or concealment during combat. Lastly a Core Ability/Ultimate Ability which will typically deal massive DPS. Tactical/Ordinance/Defensive/Ultimates all have a cool down, with the Ultimate taking the longest to regain. This can completely change up how you approach each fight, as well as add micro managing what tools you have available to you throughout. I will cover my favourite Titan loadout: Tone: Definitely in my opinion the strongest loadout. Maybe even OP. -Primary: 40mm Tracker Cannon, which both deals big damage and puts a target lock on enemy Titans to line up this classes Ordinance ability. Ordinance Ability: Tracking Rockets, a barrage of rockets that annihilate the pre locked on target, even if the enemy Titan is out of sight. -Tactical Ability: Sonar Lock, which reveals nearby enemies and establishes 1 partial lock out of the 3 required to hit with the Ordinance ability. -Defensive Ability: Particle Wall, which places a defensive barrier in front of Tone that you can shoot through. To sum up: Gameplay is outstanding. It has enough complexity to it that you can establish your own playstyle and start chaining things together in combat, which is pretty rad. It's also straight forward enough to just point and shoot, if that's more your thing. Titanfall 2 scores a full point in this category. Music: Bringing back who now seems to be their main man at Respawn - Stephen Barton, who has a very long and impressive résumé in both video games and film (including Man on Fire, a film I love) This is the same guy who put together the score for CoD 4: Modern Warfare, Titanfall 1 and collaborated yet again with Respawn for Apex Legends. The soundtrack delivers everywhere it should. It's somber when it needs to be somber, it's epic when shit hits the fan. I generally have no complaints here, outside of the fact it's a little bit generic for my personal taste. I have to recognise that it does what it needs to do and it does it well, even if it doesn't bring anything new or exciting to the table. What can I say? If I'm bouncing around like a lunatic decimating my foes - Brian Johnson does it better. I feel a tad harsh here, as I stated, the soundtrack is fitting and does very well what it's intended to do. That said, all of this is subjective and I just can't give it top marks. It's not memorable - even if for the right reasons. Play the last few levels blasting AC-DC and tell me that's not a better experience! Titanfall 2 scores half a point from me in this category. Story: You play as Jack Cooper, an aspiring Pilot who is no more than a lowly rifleman when you first gain control. When you do first gain control, however, you're about to run the infamous Pilot's Gauntlet under the watchful eye of Lt Tai Lastimosa, who has very kindly taken you under his wing as he sees Pilot potential. So through some low key and under the radar VR training drills, he is helping you to prep for your very own Pilot Certification - hush hush. Handily, these are skills that you're going to need real soon because - if you didn't see it coming - almost immediately afterwards, you find yourself thrown in the deepend when you and Lt Lastimosa roll out as part of an organised Miltia team - to attack rival force the "IMC" on the Planet of Typhoon. Lastimosa gets his ass handed to him and his last wish, is that you step up, Pilot BT-7274 and get cracking with the busy work, that is, stopping the bad guys... Bad guys find the means to make super powerful weapon. Must stop bad guys from intergalactic domination. Blah, blah, blah. Routine FPS campaign... (just in space) If it all sounds rather generic - well, that's because - in my opinion - it actually is. I won't go into a huge amount of detail here as to avoid spoilers for anyone who hasn't played it, who maybe will at some point. I will say though that the star of the show is easily BT - the robot literally has more fucking personality than our very own Jack Cooper, by a large margin. My thoughts on the story element of Titanfall 2: disappointing. To be blunt - the story is a good example of big budget, high polished mediocrity. As someone who loves this genre, I don't ever really expect to be blown away by the campaign in a FPS game. There are exceptions, but to me atleast, this isn't one of them. To be fair though, I had heard so much love for the campaign in Titanfall 2 that I went in with an abnormal expectation that lead to me being let down in an area that isn't usually of much importance to me. Overall I give Titanfall 2 half a point in this category, for BT only. Visuals/Performance: Titanfall 2 runs at a dynamic 1440p resolution and locked 60fps on PlayStation 5. Dynamic 1440p resolution and targeted 60fps on the PlayStation 4 systems The game is beautiful. I really dig the semi realistic art style that they've gone for here and graphically it is a treat. Performance wise - it was rock solid for me on PS5. There's very impressive attention to detail with character models and especially the Titans, they really do look awesome. I'd like to touch a bit on level design here, as I feel it's most definitely one of the games strengths. You travel, traverse and fight through some pretty awe inspiring locations. Titanfall 2 is set in the deepest regions of explored space, a region known as the Frontier. So heavy in science fiction - the levels are full of variety with some areas looking like an outer space war torn tropical utopia. It's quite impressive to take in as you're playing through.. Each of the levels have pretty distinct themes which all look pretty insane, visually. Lots of variety in colours and scenery in general which helps everything feel fresh and not too repetitive - which is great, as typically in a shooter, you kinda move from one environment to another just doing the same thing; shooting shit. Levels are designed to take advantage of your Pilot's advanced movement, with well thought out structures that offer an abundance of cover and multiple ways to engage the enemy (more on this later) All in all, visuals and performance are solid, with enough spice in the games levels to keep things fun. Level design is stellar. Netting nothing less than a full point in this category! Challenge: Let's take a second to talk about the trophies. These are mostly just your normal run of the mill shooter trophies. A few class specific ones, a few miscellaneous ones, a few quick multiplayer ones (happy they're not tedious as fuck multiplayer trophies), a few collectibles and then difficulty specific ones. Not really very exciting, with Becomes The Master being the only stand out on the list. To me this is a missed opportunity. In a game where the AI is lack luster, give me some more creative trophies. What about chapter specific no death runs or beating one of the bosses with a specific class under a certain time limit. As for the standout Becomes The Master - this was extremely fun. Second highlight of the game for me, but I'm a sucker for any sort of Time Trial. It's a decent challenge for any gamer and I have huge respect for anyone who's bagged it. It's difficulty is a little bit hyped up though, so I'd say for anyone on the fence with this game, don't let it be a deciding factor. Overall I did find in this area Titanfall 2 was a little bit disappointing, personally. Especially because the level design is fantastic and there is plenty of cover everywhere. In fact - the level design is so damn good, I feel like it's another missed opportunity by not forcing you to traverse it more mindfully/tactically, in order to stay alive. I know its entirely subjective, but I really dig it when a game forces you to be more mindful on higher difficulties. Where you have to plan your next move wisely, isolate enemies where possible in order to not get overwhelmed and maybe even conserve certain ammo types for different enemies (to my knowledge there's atleast 3 different ammo types in the game). Titanfall 2 doesn't really offer much in this way, so it gets another half a point in my challenge category. Titanfall 2 scores a solid 3.5 for me. The gameplay is simply superb and I had so much fun with it. I just feel a little sour that the story was both underwhelming and mandatory. Enjoyment Rating: Fucking Decent Difficulty Rating: 4/10 So if Becomes The Master wasn't my number 1 highlight of enjoyment from this game - what was? Eeeaassiillyy the level Effect and Cause. This was dope! I'll link a clip from the level below. I'd recommend not watching if you haven't played as this is definitely one of the most awesome sections of the game! So consider this a SPOILER WARNING ⚠️:
  11. Noted bro. I remember you said the same thing to me in your thread, I think. Looks like I'll be keeping an eye out for it to get discounted then! πŸ˜‚ I mean, it's a tough sell - when everyone is collectively saying its fucking frustrating. But if there's a good amount of fun to be had, I'm open to it. I see it's in your top tier on your checklist... Scary. Do you think CTR is a good starting point in the genre? I spent quite a bit if time yesterday in your thread eying up games and taking notes, so thank you for putting in all that hard work. I have an idea for a way to challenge myself. I may message you soon actually with a few questions, if you don't mind dude. I'm hearing the frustration level is high on this one! You've nearly got it though man, keep going! Let me know how you feel about the game once you've finished though. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts once you've overcome the frustrating parts! Looking forward to the list, whenever you get time! I'll see if I can assemble a squad 😁
  12. Congrats!! A very nice completion to have! I can totally relate to this. I adore Little Nightmares β™₯ - I also felt a bit sad once I had done everything in the game. Have you played "Very Little Nightmares"? It's only on mobile, unfortunately.. I haven't played many games on mobile as its generally not my thing, but I may make an exception for this one. I just need more Little Nightmares in my life!
  13. I probably should of specified - Overrated is purely how I feel about the story - In my opinion, it's generic and bland. It's hard to not feel like the overall challenge of the game is overrated, too, which is difficult to talk about because difficulty is so subjective and I wouldn't want to disrespect those that had trouble with the Gauntlet or the AI on Master. Maybe a better word for TF2 would just be underwhelming. That said - you handled it excellently in your review and were able to say all of the above very tastefully. In my opinion - Wolfenstein is the gold standard when it comes to single player shooters. Which shows it can be done! But then again, there's no focus on multiplayer at all in these games, unlike 90% of games in the genre. Would love to see some gameplay of you going balls to the wall in the Ronin loadout! I haven't played a Mirrors Edge game but honestly, this is the big issue for me with TF2 - you have to endure "all the intergalactic problems" - which if you don't care for them (which I did not), it just breaks any hope of immersion. Shame because the gameplay is a whole lot of fun! That is ridiculous. Even Vanquish is not a 9/10... Tactical Challenge 6 requires a whole lot more than the 33 seconds of moving quick with decent aim, than that of the Gauntlet. Subjective I guess, but still, it is no where near a 9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - I'm so looking forward to this one! Hope you're having a blast with Sine Mora dude!
  14. Man I've been holding this in for aaaaggeesss. Titanfall 2 - overrated as fuck. Great gameplay, I will say that though... all I need really... Remember I said the story in Vanquish was utter nonsense? Bear in mind it's still one of my favourite shooters - Well it's a better story than Titanfall 2, because you can skip it. To be fair though, that's definitely a me problem. I play games in this genre mainly for the gameplay and rarely expect anything special in the story department. I do explain my gripes with Titanfall 2 in my write-up. There are many areas that I feel Titanfall 2 excells, however, definitely not the story - which is where I had heard this one was strong. Great write-up though, as always! I wanted to message you and say use the Ronin loadout πŸ˜‚ but then I thought to myself "He's definitely already using the Ronin loadout" Apologies - I hit submit reply on this one before I had finished typing. Which probably made my comment come across extremely harsh πŸ˜‚... it takes me an age to edit my posts.
  15. I think I've played the best game out there too soon. πŸ˜‚ seriously though, definitely interested to hear what games you would put in the same tier as Trials (enjoyment wise) - that'd probably be a good list for me to look into. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - So a game that even @Destructor-8 - a man with multiple world records in the racing genre - found annoying at times. Also a game that nearly broke @Arcesius - fuck dudes. That sounds daunting (weird that it makes me want to play it more though, right?) @Baker where do you sit with this one mate?
  16. That seems to be the consensus. I'll definitely start adding their games to my backlog, including Returnal... I still haven't played a PS5 game πŸ˜‚ As much as I do love a challenge - I sure can appreciate quality. Not every game has to be tough, look how much I adore Little Nightmares ❀ @Destructor-8 - me and you are adding games far quicker than we could ever keep up with them 😁 Really appreciate that mate! You probably understand the most how much that means! If there's ever a workaround regarding the need for sleep. I could totally fuck with that πŸ‘ Yeah you really should. I've read in @DrBloodmoney 's top notch thread everything he's written about Little Nightmares. Selfishly - I'd encourage you to bump this one up on the priority list - reading your thoughts on it is something I'd be very, very excited for. I think you'd enjoy writing about this one an absolute fuck tonne. Also it is very short. My total playtime on the game is 6hrs, and after I got all of the trophies - I did another deathless speed run for fun. Titanfall 2 has a much more focused effort of telling a story through its single player campaign. Where as the first was multiplayer only - with an attempt to tell the story through tid bits of dialogue whilst playing. You're not wrong in my opinion. Most FPS games over recent years, usually have a tacked on half arsed single player component - which I feel - is mostly included to justify charging the same price as other games with more content. I would say definitely try a few out. However, only for the enjoyment of the gameplay - if you enjoy that style of gameplay, still. I don't typically jump into an FPS game with the hope of finding a great story. Outside of the Wolfenstein games over recent years, that has not once been the case. Thank you my dude, very high praise, I appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed the read! I'm becoming more and more confident in developing my own style. I remember watching the announcement trailer which a good friend of mine sent to me. It hit with me straight away, I was immediately excited to find out more about it. In recent memory, I can't think of another game that demanded my attention so quickly - just based on its very unique presentation. The tone and its very heavy atmosphere was present right from the very first showing. You're absolutely right. When you think about the themes that the game alludes to, it's actually amazing they didn't feel the need to resort to some of the typical techniques you've stated above in order to drive it home... yet the game manages to hit harder than many others of its kind. Exactly as you say; it is a horror masterpiece. Trackmania does seem to tick all of my boxes. It's definitely one I'm looking to play. I'm not sure which order you played Fusion and Trackmania in, but would you say you enjoyed Trackmaina as much? Maybe I'm still a little high on Trials - but I can't help feeling that nothing else will ever be quite as fun and rewarding as Fusion/Rising. Not very much πŸ˜‚ - well outside of kart racers. To be honest, maybe nothing outside of kart racers. I did play NFS underground 2 at a friends house a few times, though. Thanks! I'll check this one out, sounds my jam! I'll definitely give you any feedback on Nex if I think anything I find will be useful. I doubt it'll be needed though - I've read through a few of your guides and you're extremely thorough. Maybe PSNP put it aside for guide of the decade?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ - you never know man. Also - I'm definitely keeping an eye out for all of the Housemarque games. Never heard a bad thing about them. As for the co-op one(s) - if anyone wants to go for 'em, I'm always happy to jump in with others.
  17. I can relate in multiple ways here. Firstly, the checklists have put my spend on gaming up, massively πŸ˜‚. Secondly, challenge gives me a huge boost of motivation when it comes to tackling a particular game. As for Thumper: it's incredibly fun. Dude, you're a fucking space beetle! Hitting big Thumps is extremely satisfying, as is going for the S-Ranks. I read that it's harder without VR but I couldn't tell you if that's true, as I don't have access to a VR headset and played it without one, no problem. I wouldn't consider it a very hard game, though. If you had to S-Rank an entire level without the ability to replay each segment until you get an S-Rank - that would be brutal. I'm assuming it's only Ultra Rare because it was a freebie. Have fun with it though, I know I did!
  18. Firstly, that's cool as fuck. Secondly, I'll take that as you know what you're talking about and I'll just look forward to playing through it even more! πŸ˜‚ The game has so much high praise and has been recommended to me multiple times. I'm definitely keen to get to it. I've heard it has a pretty tidy guide as well @Arcesius Thank you mate. I couldn't recommend the game(s) enough. I can promise you one thing for sure though - the soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal. Even if you don't play the game, give the full soundtrack a listen. To be honest though, just play the game! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
  19. It's all good Doc - I didn't actually interpret it that way. I have some difficulties writing and its not an area that I'm very confident in. However, I decided much like I typically do with most things - it's time to get out of my comfort zone by actually applying myself and strive to improve. I took what you said as a compliment and it's an awesome one to receive from someone such as yourself who writes so well and with so much fluidity. I agree completely. I think when a game is telling a story in the way Little Nightmares chooses to do so - the answers have to be all around you. This is very much what I meant by it's up to you as the player to piece it all together. It's a story told by all the intricacies of the environment, the lighting/colour palette, the music and all of your surroundings. It's a game that rewards intrigue and observation.. Also food for thought, but - the yellow raincoat could also represent that Six doesn't belong there - that's she's not meant to be apart of the ongoing cycle that is the MAW. Have you played LN on a different platform? I just noticed you don't have it on your profile. Oh man, I'm really looking forward to Wolfenstein II. I do need to complete The New Order and The Old Blood first! The only reason I haven't bumped it up on my priority list is because having enough uninterrupted time for a clean run is difficult. I imagine pausing and resuming in multiple stints could ruin the flow. I have maybe 1 or 2 opportunities each week for such though, so I will get to it. I dunno man, I think there's plenty of games out there that are harder than Trials. All I know is - Trials is the most fun I've had with videogames since I was a kid! I'd definitely approach Wolfenstein II with the respect it deserves. Even if I do have a couple of tough ones under my belt, Mein Leben is a beast in its own right. I have crazy respect for anyone who has pulled it off, and for those currently working on it. Man, it's one of those games where you just wish you could experience it all again, right? I'll be getting to Furi and Nex fairly soon. You've probably only missed 8 pages of me talking about Trials πŸ˜‚ Glad you liked it my dude! You are THE reason why I kept that Enjoyment Rating similar πŸ˜‚ - absolutely sticking with that now, so everytime you see it - know you had a hand in it hahaha.
  20. Hey man, I really appreciate this coming from yourself. I'm glad you can see what I loved the most about Little Nightmares. I'm working hard on my write-up game, which will get better with time. Agree completely. If Tarsier hadn't nailed the overall atmosphere of the game, with such a unique and terrifyingly gorgeous aesthetic - the games flaws would of seen it fall flat on its face. But not only did they nail those elements, they did it in such a way - that the game stands out amongst the very best of its kind... I really feel that because of this - the word "flaw" gets a pass as "quirky" and I genuinely wouldn't change anything about it. This could be an unpopular opinion but the speedrun would not have been nearly as exciting if the controls were actually tight. Almost like you had to aim to be more than perfect to account for the games shortcomings. I feel the same way. When playing through Little Nightmares II - I felt that adding combat was the only poor choice in an otherwise fantastic game. I genuinely think that's why there is no Even Harder to the Core trophy. They knew it wouldn't work. Far too cumbersome (again, lets just say quirky) to be dealing with any kind of precise timing. I'm thinking more of those little bastards in the school. That is the takeaway from my whole review. The very things that would crush most games, actually elevate Little Nightmares to greater heights - because its strengths are so strong, that consciously making it more accessible and removing any unnecessary distractions/frustrations - just allow you to become more immersed in its fantastically creepy world. But there's a little challenge in the first for people who enjoy getting mad at videogames πŸ˜‚ - which just makes it even sweeter.
  21. Thank you mate! Yeah, Little Nightmares is not the easiest one to pin down. Glad you enjoyed the write-up. It's such an awesome little game. Sits very high on my list of indie gems. Regarding RE1 - never thought of that. Nice observation πŸ‘Œ Appreciate that mate! Yeah, I've been stepping out of my comfort zone and putting in a but more effort with the review side of things. A bit rough around the edges but I'll get there! Thanks for the kind words! You should definitely start your own. I would follow along, as many others would, no hesitation. Its a pretty special little corner of the website we've got going over here. I'm happy to be apart of it and I 100% encourage anyone who's on the fence about starting their own thread - do it! Again, do it! You won't regret it. I'm pretty confident in saying that; anyone who is willing to put their all in on the Trials games will go on to complete them. It's a very rewarding experience. People like myself and the others you've seen in my thread who have beat the games - wouldn't hesitate to be in your corner and encourage/support you throughout your journey. Feel free to fire me a FR if you want some ghosts to race with! Next will likely be Limbo to wrap up Tier 1 for the Ultra Rare Clean Up. After that, I've got my sights set on Sekiro before tackling the rest of the Soulsborne games. Will need to juggle with a few UR games in-between to keep making progress over there. My favourite too, no question. Vanquish is incredible! One of my favourite shooters for sure! Well outside of the bits I've mentioned above, I'm thinking of how to keep things spicy in here so I have a few ideas. I definitely need a new Trials Sized mountain to climb.
  22. Yoooo, appreciate the shout out! I'm honoured. To be honest - I had no idea so many were keeping an eye on my Trials journey. First of all - awesome profile! Massive variety of games, some super nice completions and I really like the extension you've just started laying down! Now I don't really know you (I'm still pretty new around here) but from having a read through your thread, it seems you have a tonne of respect from people that I have a tonne of respect for. You can add mine to the list in advance. You've blasted through quite a few games that I will be playing at some point. You have some crazy good games ahead of you, too. I'll be following along your progress. You will smash Trials - I have no doubt. If you need anything you can always tag me in here or drop by my thread. Gotta say it though, firing up all those games at once. Mad respect. I saw @Arcesius had started 2 games at the same time over the weekend and thought to myself "fuck man, I don't think I could do that πŸ˜‚"
  23. Yeah dude... I ramble about games in there sometimes 🀟
  24. Yeah, I was going to post in my checklist the other day - I think it's awesome how the difficulty is subjective with who found which game/boss more challenging. Can't wait to throw my hat into the ring on that one, when I've the experience myself. I really like the depth that you describe in Nioh. For me, it's the *out of play hours* reading/research in regards to optimising strats/techniques/builds that I find one of the most immersive elements to a game. Sounds like these games tick that box! This is funny as fuck and totally relatable to me. In certain genres I'm fairly on it with somewhat decent reflexes/memorisation, good aim etc... but as much as I love platformers, I often shit the bed and get overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks πŸ˜‚ on previous gen consoles, I'd blame the controller straight away for being too small. They took that excuse away from me with the Dualsense - selfish bastards 😁 (I love the Dualsense, though!)
  25. I'll definitely get around to them at some point. Quite fancy the time trials in each game and Mile High Club on veteran. I'd like to complete most of the "difficult" shooters, that could be a cool little side project. Problem is, I don't think there is that many of them, is there? Atleast not that I'm aware of. Feel free to @ me with a response in my checklist, don't want to waffle on about myself too much in Arcs house πŸ˜‚