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  1. Congrats, looks like you are the first person to get the platinum legitimately after the other achiever just vanished. I’m glad you got it and happy I could help even though it was only pestering the devs on Twitter! I’m going to start this myself soon so I’ll keep an eye out for how many it takes to pop.
  2. I guess grinding out in one session could be the last resort? I’ll ask the devs, see if I get a reply. EDIT: I did get a reply.
  3. I’ll be interested to see if the info he provided is accurate, I hope it is.
  4. So I tweeted the devs and actually got a reply, here it is. He claims it’s possible yet is honest enough to tell me it won’t be getting patched. It should be 100 and you can get it by grinding the jungle level.
  5. This would be really useful as I’ve only played zombies so far but I can’t find total weapon kill stats?
  6. It should be noted that you can join someone who already has the mastery 3 level unlocked and get the trophy that way. I joined @darktore as he was working towards it and I got the trophy too, even though I joined late in the mission!
  7. Same for me, I’m always missing 2 or 3 headshots when I get to this point and that’s when I’m not having to restart a lot due to either them not spawning, catching fire or falling to their deaths. This mode needs a stability patch!
  8. I can’t sync my PS3 trophies right now, it’s throwing back the 8002A10D error. PS5 seems unaffected and I haven’t tried my Vita. Hopefully this gets fixed soon
  9. Has anyone else seen new skills appear on the outer edges of the skill tree? I had three new ones appear yesterday, bought them and it took me to level 403. I’ve just loaded the game today and they’ve gone and I’ve been re-credited the skill points unspent. They’ve gone back as mastery points but yesterday when I saved and quit they were back at good old fashioned skill points.
  10. Does the glitch still exist in this version whereby pausing the game the timer actually counts backwards making the speedrun trophy easier?
  11. Thanks for the response, hope your enjoying it! I played it back on PS3 but I’ve put my PS4 away for now so really hoping someone has tried it on the PS5.
  12. Seeing as this is really cheap in the current sale, I’m wondering if anyone has had this running on their PS5 and how it runs as the warning in the store for this game is different to all the other PS4 games I checked. It says this game may give unexpected errors and features may not be available so I’m just interested to see if anyone has run it or will run it to check.
  13. The best reward I ever got was being able to set my hub to the Batcave in PlayStation Home for getting the platinum on Arkham Asylum.
  14. I experienced this issue and I couldn’t get it to pop until I reloaded the game and then it popped first time. Hopefully this helps some people get this glitchy trophy.