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  1. Spot on, great method! Thanks for sharing. Has anyone found an easy method for getting “You Got A Better Way?” solo? EDIT: Followed the Curators Cut method in the guide but also needed to add step 17, after Conrad blows up the grill, have Fliss show RESTRAINT saying it’s her fault and the trophy will pop.
  2. It’s 19.6 according to another forum.
  3. I joined about halfway through headhunter but went onto complete it with the team, will this count given there’s no way of seeing which spec ops you’ve completed? EDIT: Yes it counts, I was part of a finished mission where the helicopter took off without me and that counts too! Hope this info helps some of you.
  4. The patch has been released today, I might actually play this now.
  5. Just logged in with my Vita and everything seems ok, i had no issues accessing the store whatsoever.
  6. Already own both games so voted for the PSN Credit, very gracious of you to do a giveaway! Thank you!!
  7. I voted for Boarderlands 3, thanks for doing a giveaway!
  8. Yes if you left it in standby, if you turn it off completely then you’ll need to turn it on via the power button.
  9. Looking forward to hearing how co-op works in regards to getting the trophy for it.
  10. To answer my own question, yes it’s still possible. Just did it myself with two vitas and two copies of the game. It’s surprisingly easy!
  11. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I went online yesterday and couldn’t even find enough players to start a game. The servers are completely baron.
  12. Looks like a patch as there’s a new one. 1.10 and weighs in at 16.4gb.
  13. Pack 3, it’s a 36gb download.
  14. I really hope this doesn’t happen but it’s not the end of the world if it does, unless Sony patch out the account switch thing which if they were going to do, I think they would have done already.
  15. I wonder if @DeftonesBand could get a look at the trophy list early and confirm/deny if it has the MP?