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  1. Already own both games so voted for the PSN Credit, very gracious of you to do a giveaway! Thank you!!
  2. I voted for Boarderlands 3, thanks for doing a giveaway!
  3. Yes if you left it in standby, if you turn it off completely then you’ll need to turn it on via the power button.
  4. Looking forward to hearing how co-op works in regards to getting the trophy for it.
  5. To answer my own question, yes it’s still possible. Just did it myself with two vitas and two copies of the game. It’s surprisingly easy!
  6. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I went online yesterday and couldn’t even find enough players to start a game. The servers are completely baron.
  7. Looks like a patch as there’s a new one. 1.10 and weighs in at 16.4gb.
  8. Pack 3, it’s a 36gb download.
  9. I really hope this doesn’t happen but it’s not the end of the world if it does, unless Sony patch out the account switch thing which if they were going to do, I think they would have done already.
  10. I wonder if @DeftonesBand could get a look at the trophy list early and confirm/deny if it has the MP?
  11. Thanks for the replies guys! I will pick up a couple of copies then, there’s currently a seller on eBay selling them as cartridge only at £10 each and has a handful of them.
  12. Like the title says, are the 2 Ad Hoc trophies in this game still achievable? Or did they die when Sony pulled the plug on NEAR?
  13. I’m playing through last weeks episode now without updating/downloading the new episode so will hopefully be able to post the results shortly. EDIT: Ok so the result is in. As I said I played offline without upadating/downloading the latest episode. I got gold in everything as I progressed through the episode, if I didn’t get gold in my first attempt I used replay to get it and I unlocked the “Lord of Medal” trophy just like people did last week. So it’s a glitch in the players favour. If you’ve updated though a lot of people seem to be experiencing a nagatice glitch in which the trophy doesn’t unlock despite it appearing that you have filled the requirements.
  14. After reading this I think I’ll play last weeks episode offline without downloading the new one to see if I can avoid this potential glitch.
  15. Thanks! Also, “Buy all Traps in One Game” hasn’t unlocked despite buying several of each? EDIT: Randomly popped after buying dozens of these traps.