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  1. 1. Purchasing the DLC won't unlock any trophies for you, just make trophies process easier. 2. This DLC will unlock everything, which included 4th survivor and all 5 tofu survivors. So if you complete the 4th Survivor before you earn the Broken Umbrella trophy, it may reflect that you used the DLC. (The 4th Survior only unlock after unlock the true ending in normal play)
  2. Outlast 2 Omnipotent Difficulty: 8/10 One of my proudest platinum. It take me about 20+ attempt to beat insane mode without reloading the camera battery. Most of my death were cause by some tiny mistake and anxiety. This plat wasn't too hard to handle if you keep practicing, memorise where you have to go in the dark, learning the enemy AI and dying keep calm.
  3. The Resident Evil Series. I believe CAPCOM will remaster entire series again for PS5. Definitely I will buy and plat series again even though I already owned PS3/4 version.
  4. Super Tyrant that killed by Rail Gun or your team member doesn't count for this trophy. You must kill the Super Tyrant by yourself. Also you no need to kill 3 Super Tyrant in one go, it can be achieve in multiple playthrough.