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  1. Didn’t pop the first time for me either. Played through a second time in one sitting and that worked.
  2. Purchased the PS4 version a few days ago and was able to download the Vita version at no extra cost.
  3. I had several scenes that didn't unlock including 8A. I started a new Hinata route and avoided opening TIPS, then all the scenes unlocked without any issues.
  4. I got it from Basil in Luncheon (hyena with the garden)
  5. Ultimate Samaritan unlocks at 130 pieces of litter collected, but I was 1 litter short of buying the last decor item at that point. Found 1 more litter from an NPC soon after, so there’s at least 131 pieces of litter in the game.
  6. You can transfer your save from PS5 to PS4 or vice versa. It’s not a full autopop. You’ll need to redo the end quests to pop many of the trophies. There are a few trophies that just need one action to trigger a trophy. A few will need to be redone but overall it’s not bad. I’d say less than an hour to get the platinum and 100% complete.
  7. These older Ratchet and Clank games have been tougher for me too. Like the auto-targeting is not the best but at least there’s strafing in this one. I found that saving or farming bolts for the RYNO completely changed the game. The RYNO is definitely OP and has good targeting. It makes the game way easier.
  8. The Google Translate app is decent enough for Japanese to English translation. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough to get by. It overlays the English over the Japanese in your phone’s camera view.
  9. I found a couple battles to be tough, usually with the keres wraiths. You’ll want to get the timing down for parrying their grabs and ranged attack. Then you can counter with L1 + triangle while holding R1. There’s another battle with 3 lightning boulder guys and harpies. Try to leave a couple harpies alive then the boulder guys will spawn one at a time. Then near the end, there’s a battle with 2 armored cyclops and 4 wraiths. There’s a trick on this one, if you stand in the bottom left near a small pile of rocks, the enemies won’t attack you. From there, throw the lance repeatedly until all wraiths die. Then fight the cyclops normally one at a time.
  10. The Trials are definitely tough. Slow time and summon your double as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to use magic. You’ll recover some finishing the Gorgons. If you’re near the edge, doing magic might knock the sirens out of the arena. Block against the Amazons and wait for an opening to attack. Throw the harpies over the end. Take it slow with the hammer guy and later centaur. Finishing the wraiths will get you some magic back to use on more wraiths.
  11. For this one, try maxing out Atlas Quake and Blade of Olympus. Spam AQ until the Minotaurs. Make sure to do the finishers on the Minotaurs. L1 + Triangle is a good ranged attack. Use Rage of the Titans when you’re out of magic and overwhelmed. When you see the Cerberus, you’re near the end.
  12. Wow this totally worked for me, thanks!
  13. I stumbled on a favorable glitch for the Train Surfing trophy. I completed the Untouchable level, then went back to craft a silencer and killed an enemy with it, then loaded a save right before the final assassination. Surprisingly this trophy popped even though I didn’t have many of the challenges completed. YMMV but this was my own experience.
  14. Wow, this is a genius method!
  15. My character drifts left by itself. It only happens in Dungeon Hunter Alliance and not other games. Anyone else experiencing this and know of a fix?