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  1. Hello, i have a problem at the very last section. Settings and cheat menu works fine, but I always start in the first level pride rock. Does somebody know what I could have done wrong?
  2. And who is the principal?
  3. When I run into the objects nothing happens. Edit: okay, I really have to "run" into it. Got it now. Thanks a lot
  4. How do I get the powerups in the levels? I just got one but I don't know how 😀
  5. 361 out of 1148 Not even 1/3 lol
  6. I don't remember exactly wether it was a game over or just a early ending. Probably by serving the wrong drinks
  7. I started the Game in april last year. I ended in a game over pretty early. Steam guide is flawless
  8. I had big Problems with this walkthrough because the order of drinks isn't correct. There is also a walkthrough on steam which I would recommend
  9. Thanks for the advice, glitched on me too
  10. Will it be digital only?
  11. Was it available as retail before?
  12. Any news here?
  13. How did earn the trophies for 5 accelerate potions and Brake potions? In a normal Race or with more controllers?
  14. Is this Game vr only?
  15. Finally an answer Thanks for that! I have played 3 Fishing games and I always had fun with it. So as both versions just have One Platinum achiever i think this isn't an easy one. Maybe I will try when it's cheaper