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  1. The game has great dungeon design (better than most of Breath of the Wild shrines, imo), fun story, satisfying exploration and not bloated at all. Would recommend.
  2. Amazing news indeed. Glad that I skipped the second season(which I already bought on sale a while ago). Now I can experience the full package.
  3. There is simply no point in doing two runs. You gain nothing and just waste time.
  4. I got the trophy as soon as I got the last upgrade. You don't need to complete the game.
  5. It looks like it is that time of the year again. Time to play Cold Steel. It's good, but the first and the third game both end in cliffhanger and kinda meant to be played in tandem with their respective sequels, imo. Go for it if you don't mind that. Also if you enjoyed Persona 5 you'll probably like them as well. Though the first two look a bit dated and not as good in quality of life departmend as the third. Not bad by any means, but the third game really stepped up.
  6. Yes, you can turn it on and off at any time.
  7. Not a platinum, but 100%. Comix Zone It took 8 years, 7 months of training in the basement to get this one. The longest platinum is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Platinum in 7 years, 6 months
  8. I actually got kinda intimidated by this thread. But I have completed two runs of CS3 in 77:25 on easy and 85:41 total playtime. I guess I will be fine.
  9. There were none, literally zero console review copies. All the reviews done on PC version. I have platinumed W3 at launch. This is incomparable, really. Even W1 was at much better state at launch back in 2007. W2 was bad, but not that bad either. Waiting for next-gen update.
  10. You need AR50.
  11. I like that character events are back. Citizen requests in previous game were nice and some really wholesome moments, but I personally want more interactions with my party.
  12. It can be caused by poor framerate. Right now Control runs at rock solid 30 fps on PS5 no matter what you do and there is no lag at all.
  13. I will play the game myself first, earning as much as I will be able to. Definitely won't do DLC challenges and NG+ again. Probably will earn platinum myself and autopop the rest. Maybe won't bother with 80 crimes.
  14. Quantity ≠ Quality. There shouldn't be a discussion to begin with, IMHO. Morales has roughly 30-40% less content than original, by my estimate. Which mostly comes down to more enemy bases to clear, infinitely more crimes to grind, more collectibles, etc. The story is longer too, yes, but is that worth the repeated content mentioned above? Dunno. The game already costs less the a fullprice next-gen release. If you get it bundled with remaster of original(as I did) I would say it's a pretty good deal. Honestly, I don't remember discussions like this taking place before the PS4/XOne era. It's like all of bloated Ubisoft open-worlds and other "live-service" games messed with people's perception of games. Sadly, not every game gets to be as good as Witcher 3, for example.
  15. My game of the year is easily 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. That was the most emotional and unique experience this year. The story of this game is so jam-packed with twists and turns that you just can't get off this rollercoaster until the beautiful finale.