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  1. While I can't see the weapons or the artifacts, you should be able to get to 11 floor easily. Try to invest more in Mona. Her ult is great damage boost and she has great synergy in freeze team with Ganyu. Recently tried an abyss for fun and surprisingly managed an 36 Star clear. I actually prefer current line up to various buffed up Magu Kinky.
  2. My take on this: by making one balanced and thoroughly playtested difficulty devs make the experience fair and square for everyone, because everything is designed around it. Which in turn just makes a better game. Obviously, not every game needs this, because most of them do not solely revolve around the combat. Most higher difficulties in games often feel like "Let's just crank up the damage to 11 and limit the player as much as we can. Testing? Nah, just call it a nightmare, they'll find a way". Then you look at a game with 4-5 difficulties and do not understand what are you supposed to play on. Sometimes it feels like noone even thought about how some of the game's encounters would play out on a higher difficulty. What is the intended difficulty of something like Kena, where the difference between difficulties is enormous. My favourite part is when the game entirely removes a whole mechanic like TLoU1 does on survivor with listen mode. Adding an easier mode isn't really a problem by itself. But it makes the devs think that they need a multiple difficulties, which brings the problems I described above. I actually liked how Control handled the issue. There was one intended difficulty and accessibility sliders to tweak it to needs of the people. Most of complaints about difficulty in Sifu that I've seen are among the lines of "Oh nyo, I got a game over twice on this level. I don't wanna replay it anymore." It's a borderline rogue-like game in that regard, what did the people expect.
  3. If I were to mention every exploit I ever used in my 13 years of trophy hunting we would be here for a while. If someone would ever found out a Mein Leben glitch, I would do it too. Why not, I like my profile completion high. Are we really comparing a zelda-like 15 hour adventure with a half-decent combat to a 2 hour beat-em-up masterpiece? If it's all the same to you then I'm out. You have completely missed the point of my whole post. If I really want to play a game I would play it regardless of the trophy difficulty, like I played a dozens of games on my list including DMC5, Wolfen 2 and many more. Gonna start THPS 1+2 eventually, probably won't ever get a platinum there, but I won't go asking for an easier mode. This game war designed and balanced with one difficulty in mind and it was supposed to be played this way. Anything else is diluting an experience. If someone wants to complete it in one evening and get platinum - fine. We are on trophy hunting site after all, some people here don't even care about what are they playing for trophies. I just don't like the developers to give in on their vision to make the game more "accessible" after release. It's not the "complete the game under 25 years" that made devs to implement this. It's the people that can't even complete the club for some reason. I don't see what's good brings catering to this crowd. That's one step to an toothless AAA-industry with theirs "it has a something for everyone" approach that makes stuff like modern assassin's games or Horizon 2. Well, I am starting to drift off topic.
  4. A person completed an Elden ring and another one completed Sekiro while having the severe disabilities. This is a skill-based game. You either adapt and overcome or don't. That's kinda the point. Gaining mastery and feeling good about it. Well, now you have an option to "cheat yourself". It's not even hard to begin with to justify the whole "it needs an easy mode" debate to begin with, in my opinion. But neither are the souls games and here we are after every major release. Why is everything has to be accessible to everyone without any effort. I don't have the skill or time to get Mein Leben trophy and I just... never went for it! I don't have the skills to tackle a Super Meat Boy and I just... don't play it! There are thousands other games to play. Don't get me wrong. I, myself, am guilty of buying a Celeste only because it has the infamous assist mode. But to ruin an original vision and well-balanced experience just because some people are not willing to play a five short levels with generous shortcuts a couple (or dozen) more times simply doesn't sit right with me. Well, gotta earn the money I guess.
  5. Four areas and a hub that contain dozens of hours of fun gameplay. Compare it to the likes of TLoU2 that has, like, 5 hours of great combat, 10 hours of a very controversial story and 10 hours of "exploring". Dunno, it looks like a GOTY-contender to me. In fact, for me personally, Hades only barely loses to 13 Sentinels in 2020, because I was blown away by that game's story. The game either grabs your attention and you have fun with or it doesn't. Everything else is inconsequential in the end. 4 areas or 24 areas, what does it matter if you have genuine fun.
  6. Ghostrunner - is a great pick. It's short and awesome. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - is a pretty nice collect-a-thon. Dunno why it has the scores as low as it is. A Plague Tale: Innocence - a meh game, but platinum can be easily done in one playthrough. Concrete Genie - beautiful and short. Bugsnax - an unexpectedly great game.
  7. The trophy list is quite different. I highly doubt any transfer.
  8. I didn't quite figured it out, but it's either this or different predetermined outcomes for each turn. It was always the same on turn 1, iirc.
  9. Just to point out one more way to get this. I tried to went for this 3 times. All these times I got myself an Echoform, but couldn't find an actual Meteor Strike. But since I had a duplication potion I decided to try my luck with an attack potion. After restarting(save&quit) the final fight about 10 times and trying the potion multiple times on different turns. It finally happened. Maybe this will help someone to salvage a Neon run.
  10. I wanted to try something like: Defend +, Entrench+, Entrench+, Body Slam+, Barricade. But ended up not finding any Barricades. Still got extremely lucky to find substitute relics and finished with: Defend+, Defend+, Body Slam, Body Slam+, Entrench+. Wouldn't work without Captain's Wheel and Calipers, but you are supposed to find yourself a Barricade and have a smooth sailing.
  11. Maximum debt gives you a 100 kills curse. Same thing as regular cursed chest, but ten times the amount. If you use manual saves than it's not hard at all.
  12. Your PS4/PS5 can't run the ps3 code natively, obviously. Pretty nice deal. Nothing really changes for the current subscribers, which is good. Plus added benefit of gamepass-like service for extra money. Maybe I'll grab the Extra deal for 3 months if the library of games will interest me.
  13. If they wanted to do that properly they should have just added the new launcher to existing trophy list. We saw that it is possible with the games like Okami HD. Why spawn new list and then confuse people is beyond my understanding.
  14. None of the trophies requires you to grind anything, unlike some of the previous entries. This game is just huge. It's not Dark Souls 4. It is Dark Souls 4, 5 and 6 at once. I'm currently at 55 hours and probably will have platinum around 80 or 90 hours mark. Using save scum at the finale, of course. The game itself is great. I liked Sekiro more, but it is truly one Souls game to rule them all.
  15. Three of them, at least. One of the early achievers for first ending only killed three.