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  1. It will be interesting to see what other developers are up to with their own engines. If everything in this demo works exactly as they say we can have a generation dominated by UE5.
  2. I have completed everything except all the Pantheons legitimately twice. Took me 38 hours on my first playthrought and 24 hours on second playthrought, an year later. Being experienced with a game helps A LOT, but you shouldn't be able to do it really faster on your first ever playthrough; unless you playing with invincibility glitch all the time. I would say it is a 40 hours average if you use glitch for the pantheons. If you don't use it - God bless you.
  3. Finally can get myself an Outer Wilds. Keep hearing praises about it everywhere. They should fix the games without prices later. It happens sometimes during a sale.
  4. It's kind of... bland, to be honest. It is decent, but I find the story and character interactions very barebones and lacking (two and a half chapters in). Some bits feel like straight up filler, added to run around in circles. The game looks nice and plays well though. Facial animation is very weak and the cutscenes are only saved by Japanese voice acting. I hope it will get better.
  5. You have three different final bosses. Depending on who you play as. Angela/Duran, Kevin/Charlotte, Riesz/Hawkeye.
  6. There is a person with a platinum already. Judging by timestamps you get 3 trophies per playthrought and you will need 3 playthroughts for a platinum.
  7. Why tho, it's not like them are in a single "game". You'll just get a two separate games with a bundle discount. Not something like Spyro or Crash, where it's 3 in 1 type of thing. I am talking about digital, of course.
  8. It runs like shit on PS3, that's enough of a reason in my book. Sometimes the game just "eats" your inputs because of frame drops. It kinda gets frustrating in limited move challenges when you clearly pressed triangle circle triangle and the game didn't register circle at all. Get Vanquish too, it's one of the best TPS ever created. But the platinum is hard.
  9. I never tried(and never will) SotC myself precisely because it is basically Stumbling: The Game. It's kinda the point to make you feel like a puny human but I couldn't care less. Haven't played FFXV for similar reasons - too much physics and weight in character animations. I simply dislike the feeling of it. I remember suffering through Killzone 2, it was a horrible experience. Gladly they made you lighter and not so inert in third installment.
  10. Start on Death March, it gets considerably easier as you progress through the game. I played a full Signs build and once you put a few levels into Igni and find yourself an Griffin witcher armor its kinda a cakewalk. Everything just burns to the ground, except for golems. Dunno whether or not the developers nerfed the signs after release though. You don't need a guide except for a couple of missable Gwent cards.
  11. They are not in every sub-chapter and you also can quit-out immediately after collecting it, iirc. I have never done Jake normally, my desire to play the game died while i played Chris. One of the worst games I've ever played. Makes you appreciate the good things more.
  12. Can confirm it works. I saved up 168 tickets and reloaded save from PSN until I finally got it. I didn't really count but it took more than 2000 draw tickets certainly. Not counting the ones I spent before getting to final chapter. Got almost every other Omega weapon possible at least twice before Luminiera finally popped.
  13. I will take fast loading any time any day. When you die on death march in The Witcher 3 you are forced to load for 2 minutes. Metro Exodus loading times are about five minutes for the last DLC. So much times spent surfing the internet when I could just play instead and do not get out of the game.
  14. If you haven't noticed, there is soft cap for leveling up and you start to get very low stat boost past level 30 or so for every stat. Just like in Dark Souls, which this game wanted to be for some reason. So, your hundred points in health only got you maybe 30% more hp than 30 points in health. But at the same time enemies scaling skyrocketed, because on level 200+ you are supposed to have weapons +20 and upgraded crucible/abyssal armor(which you don't even own, apparently) an so on, while you can only get to +13 on NG+. It's best to just start anew on apocalyptic. Or suffer your way through using consumables.
  15. Did apocalyptic on NG, the only real issue was the fight with Lust. Other than that the game is mostly cakewalk. Though, if it wasn't for an option to toggle on "classic" combat, it would be much harder.