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  1. A nice game, but I have already beat it on switch. Not something I would want to replay. It is gorgeous, but kinda tedious. Maybe will pickup on sale for the platinum if it would be dirt cheap.
  2. Does anyone have the same issue? I changed the skins of poncho, droid and a ship; trophy didn't unlock. Neither the preorder skins, not the skins found in-game seems to work. Is there something else to customize later in the game? Update: Yeah, there also is an outfit color. Trophy popped after i found that.
  3. I just hope that there won't be as much rubberbanding as there is in Path of Exile sometimes. Blinking away to safety from a pack of angry elites? Get back there, our server hiccups!
  4. You don't have another deliveryman simulator as complex and in-depth as this one to even compare it to. You are mistaking DS for walking sim for some reason. The ones that have barely anything that remotely resembles gameplay in them.
  5. You can get to trophy in an hour or less on casual. (Considering that the current speedrun time is 19+ minutes, glitchless.). Make decision in Edgewater, join the Board, kill both leaders at Monarch to not deal with their quests, stop the broadcast and get the trophy. But if you will play the game two times then it is probably not useful.
  6. After getting the platinum and given some thought about the game in general and the trophy list. I want to say that the game itself is a treat for good old RPG lovers, that is, sadly, not a common thing to release this data. At least not in AAA(or close to them) department. While also being something kinda original and not a pandering to 90's games like Pillars of Eternity and such. While being generally good it falls short in almost every aspect. Yes, there are almost zero fetch quests and such, but the quests itself are mostly end abruptly or without any satisfying conclusion. I am looking at you studio quest, cannibal quest and so on. It's like a blueprint for something cool but there wasn't enough resources to make it cool. Comparing it to, for example, quest about a son that went missing in a casino hotel in Fallout New Vegas, you can say that that single quest is deeper and much better developed and thought out than the entirety of Outer Worlds story line. Supernova difficulty should just be an optional flag that you can turn on and get all of the survival mechanics. Other than that it solely exists to provide some strange inconveniences. Why can you sleep only in your own bed on ship? I haven't slept in the entirety of my casual walkthrough because there no need to. And when you actually need to; all the beds but one are totally useless. Genius. After the beginning you get quite a bit stronger and the difficulty turns into "oh, my companion randomly for - time to replay last 10 minutes!" Trophies require you to go out of the way and can lead to additional unnecessary playthroughs, while the game itself doesn't provide much replayability. Most of it is a kind of "one-trick pony" stuff, that fools you into thinking there is depth and the second playthrough would be fun, but it turns out to be not nearly diverse enough to make a difference. Basically, if you already did all of the quests on first playthrough you probably won't find anything really new and different. Tl;dr: a good game, which could be much better. Trophies are mostly lame, but the game is short, so it shouldn't take much time to replay and get something. Especially if you constantly save in a new slot.
  7. But yeah, you won't get any because they are both Board related. They either commend you on your actions and give you a trophy, or they will send you on a additional quest and give a trophy after.
  8. You can't put a "wrong" person in charge of town. Or can you? It's just a matter of whether you work with the Board or not. It doesn't matter if you will double-cross them in the end or not. You'll get either of trophies. But most people won't even try, because it seems that you can do Board quests only by turning Phineas in. And if you actully can screw up even the choice in Edgewater itself than its even more confusing.
  9. I am 1000% sure they are. My friend played blindly and his list looks like this at the end. If you are not playing the Board part of story than you won't get either one.
  10. Which one. She has two. If you just met Junlei than it's not the end. And judjing by your trophies - you just completted the first one. The trophy says "Finished a companion's quest line."
  11. Like I said, the same list. No new Palaces, no new anything. If you judge by the list alone there are no new content at all except for a few mini-games and mechanics.
  12. Spoilers of what? It's exactly the same list, but with grindy stuff taken out and new miscellaneous added instead. And you already completed it once.
  13. It doesn't though. At least the pacifist way. Felix finally gave me his quest after Monarch. I played double agent for the Phineas and the Board. When Sophia asks you to go to Hope I had to pass 90 Inspiration (or Determination) skill check, and on the next visit of the ship he finally gave it to me. The game even has a dialogue with Felix about "good old double cross" after the Cartographer mission.
  14. And that is a good thing in my book. As someone who platted the original I wanted to avoid the Royal simply because I do not want to do all of that again. Now I can actually just relax and play the game in my own tempo. Its the longest JRPG(which I played and aware of) already as of the vanilla version, and not something that I want to REPLAY a second time after a blind playthrough. Grindy trophies are bad. They mostly don't provide any content and just force you to do a lot of stuff that you don't need at all. Like Futaba lines or Persona Compendium. Especially because fusing menu very clunky. It's basically an hour or so on "menu'ing" once you have a lot of money. And I don't need all of this personas anyway. The ones I wanted I have already fused.