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  1. How are they gonna pull it off exactly? It kinda goes against the backwards compatibility.
  2. Being set in-between Sophie and Firis is kind of a bummer. Rewarding costumes only for DX versions is another bummer. Not excited, but I love Sophie as a character so maybe if the game is great I'll pick it up regardless.
  3. Maybe you had hit the cap of 9,999 currency? Spend it, if it is the issue.
  4. Most of them should probably be turned off by default.
  5. Try Guilty Gear Strive. It's popular right now, so there shouldn't be a problem someone to play with. Mostly it's either to get to some high rank in ranked matches. Or some really hard combo trials. Sometimes there is a hard as nails boss rush mode or something. Persona 4 Arena, for example, has both the trials and boss rush against insane AI.
  6. My biggest question is - is it something standalone from the main game or not?
  7. so i still need another player to get the platinum because of that trophy? No, ad hoc lobby will count as a co-op game anyway. Even solo.
  8. Delta is better. Shouldn't be a problem you only need to do 20 bosses and it's possible locally. I earned a platinum by mostly playing at free time at work last year.
  9. I got myself a Ys 9 Monstrum Nox and having a blast with it. (I know its the wrong sale, but the discount is still on right now) As for Big in Japan I would highly recommend recommend 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. I have played Celceta and it was a slog. Ys 8 is a much better game in my opinion. Get yourself a Sophie or Ryza 1 if you want to try to get into the series.
  10. Yes, it is possible.
  11. Camera in boss fights and the lock-on system are kinda atrocious to be honest. I completed everything but the last two boss fights on hard and was fairly satisfied with a challenge. But the last fights are a bit too much for what I see this game is. Didn't feel to commit.
  12. Well, they kinda did.
  13. I highly recommend Hollow Knight, F.I.S.T Forged in Shadow Torch and Ender Lillies. F.I.S.T turned out to be a biggest surprise for me this year and the Hollow Knight is my favourite game ever.
  14. "NG+" is the part of natural progression in this game. That's what nightmare and hell already are.
  15. The title of the platinum trophy being "Diablo II Platinum Trophy" is like a cherry on top.