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  1. You can now change the sound volume for every party member separately and that's great. Or could we do it before? Cloud storage can be used directly on the game you need via "options", just like on PS4. Glad they made this so fast. Crossgen shareplay is a thing that I wanted the most and I can now comfy watch/stream games with a friend without having to boot up ps4 just for that.
  2. Apparently 1.4 fixes the church bug.
  3. Patch 1.3 went live. That's great considering how long it took them to deliver 1.2
  4. Use Time stop hat constantly. It slows down the timer.
  5. It won't have an effect on your strength. So, if you have trouble - use it.
  6. Patch 1.2 (3,5GB) finally went live 20 minutes ago. Really hope that it fixes majority of issues and I can start playing.
  7. Good riddance.
  8. "Palerunner" is a very strange trophy from what I've heard. I hope there is a proper way of unlocking it at this point, don't wanna to spoil myself anything for now, so I'll just check after a playthrough.
  9. Maintenance
  10. Trophies/Achievements We’ve resolved several issues that could prevent players from unlocking the following trophies; Shortcut Killer, Dune Rider (Dubai), Full House (Dartmoor), Rich Harvest (Mendoza), Future Shock (Chongqing), Pure Poetry (Hantu Port). Additionally, fixes for the following challenges that are required to unlock some trophies/achievements have also been implemented: Discover Dubai, Discover Mendoza. Players that have been affected should unlock the relevant trophies/achievements when they launch the game after installing the 3.20 patch. We know some players are also having ussues with other trophies/achievements. We’re tracking and working on updates for those. Full Patch Notes
  11. I platinumed the game in 61 hour, while playing on easy difficulty for my first playthrough. A couple of hours of grinding and skipping almost everything skipable on second playthrough got me there. I died, like, once for the whole journey(in the final fight on hard) and was stuck on push-ups for an hour. So, yeah, an estimate of 60 hours is basically almost a perfect platinum run.
  12. Also, if you got the mission mastery trophy in one version of the game during a death or a load and didn't finish a mission after that — you won't get it auto-popped until you go back and saw a mission results screen properly.
  13. Just wait for the patches. Developers are aware of the issue with trophies. I don't see a point in wasting time on something that might not even work.
  14. You don't need to load anything. Having Hitman 2 Gold edition bought makes Access Pass free.
  15. My Hitman 3 sometimes shows up as a Sexy Brutale or Pullars of Earth on recent games tab of PS App. Never seen something like that before. I also have some games that I don't even own. Some kind of bug, I guess. Trophy list is fine.