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  1. It isn't. Well, at least there is a breach mode this time. But no Perandus or Beyond is tough. Not a good league for a Platinum trophy.
  2. Because there is no trophy for unlocking all the suits. There is a trophy for PURCHASING all the suits. The only ones required for that are the ones you buy with tokens.
  3. So, the controls are fine.? I am kinda used to the clunkiness of console version of Cities:Skylines, Path of Exile and such, so I guess I should be fine. But still want to see some more opinions.
  4. I usually do it for games that I am not sure if I will complete or have fun with - Kingdom Hearts 2, Yakuza 5(Dropped on the terrible prison sequence). Or for the games that have terrible platinums and I kinda don't wanna play, but friends ask me to try - The Last Guardian. Dropped that one two hours in - not my cup of tea. Other then these examples I have a policy: If I really want to play the game then I won't care about completion rates of something (Hollow Knight, DMC5) and just get as many trophies as I can manage.
  5. Haven't done it for a while, but before that it was Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. Completed it at least 7 times of so. The combat in that game is just too satisfying. I am disappointed that Dishonored series dumbed down close combat moveset. Currently replaying Hollow Knight and Marvel's Spider-man. It was a year since release of both of them, so maybe it is a start of something new, I dunno.
  6. Didn't had any, but everything else carried over. I don't see why they would be an exception. I reached lvl 100 at the end of ng+ anyway. Had to sell some stuff for transition from 99 to 100 though. Make sure to upgrade your abyssal armor before popping any conserved souls.
  7. When synthesis league ended everything you had tranferred to standard. They also gave my characters a free total respec of passive talent tree. Regarding the altas, only the completed uniques will transfer. Every map that you own, but have not completed yet you will be able to convert to its analogue in the new league. Which is not a big deal, cause the only valuable map is T16 Vaal Temple. But, as I read, maps should transfer fully if you already have an atlas in standard. I did not have any standard character, so only uniques got transferred.
  8. Tropico 5 (2,40%). 2 days, 10 hours I guess people didn't really liked the game, because it is very easy to platinum. Too clunky, perhaps. Other URs on my list took a month or two on average.
  9. Patchnotes to 1.09 say: Difficulty can now be switched when starting Armageddon mode. This means the previous playthrough’s difficulty does not affect the Armageddon save’s difficulty. This allows for the collection of the “Death Incarnate”(Complete the game on Apocalyptic difficulty) in subsequent New Game + playthroughs even if the previous playthroughs were played at a difficulty lower than “Apocalyptic”.
  10. Here is an unpopular opinion. Most of the people have a really thick nostalgia goggles for Akrham City. That is sometimes(or maybe usually) happens with a long-running series. Especially I like how people say that the side quests were way better in Citythan in Knight. Yeah, of course. "Hey, Bats, find 8 barrels of venom throught the city." Oh, here is the same boss-fight that you already done in the story, but with a different villian(mad hatter)! I dunno, it's like we played the different games. I don't want to say that the side content of Knight is a masterpiece, but people tend to give City too much credit in that regard. Also the story can be a hit or miss. I personally don't like the way City handles the villains. Too much characters are getting involved in one storyline. I have not played Origins, but I think that Asylum and Knight stand on par in terms of quality, but the gameplay of Knight is much more detailed and polished over the years. The City is the worst entry out of all three. Gladly replayed Asylum back in 2015 and Knight back in 2018, but couldn't get through City one more time.
  11. Campaign is much easier than Modern Warfare, for example. There is no infinite respawn bullcrap and that's great. The only thing that can stop you is Becomes the Master. There are different strats for it, but you'll need to find whatever works best for you.
  12. I chuckled when the first "boss" was a golem and then the second one was.... a golem of different color! Great. This should have been in the game from the start, just like Crucible. I usually do not support people that think every DLC is cut content and everything should be in the game day one. But here it is too obvious. Especially after the Abyssal armor in two previous titles, armor tab in general and that every DLC is tied to your progression in the story.
  13. No, just kill the boss. I got the trophy before I completed all bonus objectives. Now I just sit here on standart with 158/159 completed maps and noone willing to sell me a Doryani Machinarium.
  14. Did you complete T16 Vaal temple? Haven't heard anything about glitched trophies.
  15. My run went like this. Second half of it, at least. I died to a Scorching ray in a first hall three times, dunno how to deal with that - you just get melted in a second. If I just kept Scorching ray everything - I would make it with three portals left. Well, I am more or less suited to run it, i guess. I am on standard, yeah. I can try to help you. But I live in UTC+3.