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  1. I chuckled when the first "boss" was a golem and then the second one was.... a golem of different color! Great. This should have been in the game from the start, just like Crucible. I usually do not support people that think every DLC is cut content and everything should be in the game day one. But here it is too obvious. Especially after the Abyssal armor in two previous titles, armor tab in general and that every DLC is tied to your progression in the story.
  2. No, just kill the boss. I got the trophy before I completed all bonus objectives. Now I just sit here on standart with 158/159 completed maps and noone willing to sell me a Doryani Machinarium.
  3. Did you complete T16 Vaal temple? Haven't heard anything about glitched trophies.
  4. My run went like this. Second half of it, at least. I died to a Scorching ray in a first hall three times, dunno how to deal with that - you just get melted in a second. If I just kept Scorching ray everything - I would make it with three portals left. Well, I am more or less suited to run it, i guess. I am on standard, yeah. I can try to help you. But I live in UTC+3.
  5. I'll try to clear it on my Purifiying Flame Chieftain (Chaos Immunity and 13k ES). Got myself a Balefire sceptre for non-hittable enemies(May need to get better support gems though). If it proves to be doable I can try helping you. But I am kinda scared of party scaling. I have 3 maps left: this, perandus and machinarium. Also haven't fought Chayula breachlord and Uber Atziri.
  6. They are not random. I have a special map tab and after I pressed a button to convert all the old maps I still had the same amount of every map in every slot/tier. Only the name changes. So for every alleyway you always get an ivory temple.
  7. I guess I'll stick to standard at least until I get platinum. If the prices will drop that will be even better, because I mostly need stuff that costs exalts now.
  8. As compared to... what? Barely anyone playing standart right now because everyone started in a league and the game on ps4 not even one league old. I highly doubt that most of the people will jump to Legion immediately.
  9. And here is the promised gameplay. A lot of insight into how the game actually plays. I saw a concern on the net that there is no crouching in the game(because noone in trailers ever crouches), but it turns out to be not true. Gladly. Charlotta is so cute. Her animation of getting hurt with all of this >_< emotions on her face. Awwww.
  10. Not really a build suggestion, but you can abuse the quit-out strategy. Just close the game while dying and try again. That way you can at least get familiar with the fight and learn it. Because doing an hour run to die in 10 seconds doesn't really get you anywhere. I killed him with a double-shot bow and two crossbow turrets. 5/20/5 or smth. Here's a video
  11. My upload speed isn't good enough, sadly. I can easily join someone and play with them, but if someone joins me... it's like watching YouTube in 360p. I'll try though.
  12. It doesn't have online coop? What a let down. I guess i'll have to wait for sale on Overcooked 2.
  13. Dead space 2. It's a really great game. The best one in the series, i would say. Still remember a lot of amazing scenes. But I just don't do all this "limited save hardcore playthrough". Most of other platinums I own myself.
  14. Gifting and trophy progression sounds too good to be true.
  15. For some reason you only have the two extremes. You either play everything with full assist and don't get any fun or play to 100% without it and get uncommon plat. What happened to enjoying the game first and then getting really hard C-side levels with assist? Why is that isn't an option? At least I can agree about Owlboy being overrated. Poor gameplay with nice art.