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  1. Design itself isn't really a problem. No game titles under the thumbnail. It's a game tile with a price No DLC on the game page Nothing differentiates DLC and Games in the search results No filters of any kind. If you searched for "Resident Evil" you'll just get a huge pile of everything resident evil related. No file sizes in game page No screenshots or trailers on game page No wishlist of any kind. Like, the new store doesn't add anything in terms of usability and just substracts the existing features.
  2. I used it a bit through Australian vpn and it's horrible. It doesn't even let you force a desktop version on tablet. It just kinda breaks(Firefox for Android).
  3. Is it actually confirmed to be completely removed? Some media outlets just say that it will be wiped.Which should be logical, it is a new store. I assume they have rewritten everything, threw away legacy code and the ps3/psv/psp databases just do not work with the new site, so they just didn't bother to do something about it. I am all in for a new store cause the current one is a mess. I hope it will be much better. They could have done some workarounds for older systems(keep a current store as a legacy store with PS4 content removed, for example). But, well, it is Sony.
  4. DF have specifically selected titles that allow for unlocked framerate or titles struggling to achieve a locked 30/60. Like Hitman 2, for example.
  5. I have a couple of people in friend list that have new level and last online a two or three days ago.
  6. You, good sir, would make a terrible analyst. We have a 2 to 1 dislike/like ratio and that is the only thing that matters here. Too controversial of a change. Probably some corporative bullcrap is going over. Like, they couldn't get the old actor to do the sequel, for example. I hope the negative outburst will impact something.
  7. Never thought of any trophy that way. It's always all of that for the Platinum or 100%. It's a part of a package. I actually think that it is better for overall completion if something you can't or don't want to do is just a bronze.
  8. All of this stories are about first generations of OLED's. Unless you would leave your TV on the same image for a year you should be fine.
  9. If I understood EA subscription correctly they barery offer any new games(no Fallen Order right now, for example) and focus on discounts and trial versions of games. Really hope that PS4 Digital will be 399 USD. Seems like a balanced kind of deal. They seem to promise some ray tracing, so, probably not.
  10. Get your facts straight. You said that noone should buy the game at launch. Not only pre-order. And if noone buys any at launch there is no profit for developers. When are you supposed to buy a game? Ten patches later on a sale? Devs would not patch anything, because noone is actually playing, you know? Most games are perfectly portable at launch. This game is a bland service cashgrab, yeah, but it everyone who bought it should have expected that. Some people like that type of games. Absurd is buying a gazillion of ratalaika shit, but you seem to be fine with that by the looks of your profile.
  11. You can buy everything that is backwards compatible, yes. Moreso, it's a part of gamepass so you don't actually need to buy anything.
  12. I will pick up Series S a couple of years later coupled with a 3 or so Gamepass months. Should be enough of investment to play major exclusives I am interested in. (Fable 2, Halo, Gears 2-5, etc)
  13. You get a better version to replay for free. What's the problem? I hope that everything will be merged between PS4 and 5. Saves, trophy lists etc.
  14. Good thing that I am not planning on doing 5 wins in row and 20 wins overall. More random factors isn't really to my liking. It's fun overall, but not when you trying to achieve something.
  15. Do your research and start fresh in a next season(late september). That would be my advice. Find yourself a simple build and go from there. But remember that everything is far more expensive on the consoles than on PC. So, if your build requires some expensive items to even start remotely functioning - find another.