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  1. I had the spell unlocked at the start of the quest and it was fine. Apparently it's only if you have both active at the same time?
  2. You guys just saved me another couple of hours of grind. Thank god I went to check discussions this morning.
  3. I got the trophy right after the second battle in final chapter. Which means they counts for the trophy and I had 49 before the final battles and 51 after it.(replayed one skirmish in early game).
  4. I just went back and forth between camps rebuilding the ones that were destroyed. Eventually lured all the troops attention to me and managed somehow.
  5. My friend has the same problem(as are some people on reddit). For some reason season pass still available at it's price(instead of being "free"), while Deluxe Edition is purchased. Call support, i guess.
  6. If there are really unskippable cutscenes, no chapter select and the progress of collectibles doesn't save - then I'll just wait for them to patch some of that stuff in. It sounds like a plain inconvenience by itself, no even starting on Mein Leben(I would hate to watch the same stuff over and over again, if I tried to do it). Don't wanna waste time and the good game being incomplete always bothers me. I have a headache over Shovel Knight for a week already(which is times easier and I simply don't have enough dedication or skill), lol. Anyway, I hope they would sort that stuff out, cause I don't really mind a trophy that is impossible for me to achieve. For now I'll just wait.
  7. You get them from January after completing the quest mentioned in "You rang". Well, the whole point of "You rang" trophy is to spawn a Nightmare using this transcribe. I dunno, maybe there is another way to obtain a transcribe, but killing the nightmare is the fastest. You can leave one save in your Human playthrough for the sake of safety and just load it after you'll get a split affinity. Then do all the miscellaneous you want.
  8. I mean buy three typhon abilities and reload. You can't do this trophy without purchasing them, cause you need to spawn a Nightmare. Nightmares that are roaming the world won't work for the trophy. I don't understand why do you want to invent a wheel and not simply reload a save.
  9. Do the quest on your Human_Collect_Everything playthrough. After that you can save, buy any three abilities, kill the Nightmare, receive the logs from January, use them, reload the save. You don't need every single transcribe/email/crew member for their respective trophies to trigger, there is some room to breathe. I, for example, couldn't get inside the Yellow Tulip storage(two dead bodies inside) and still managed to find myself a 275 people.
  10. So? It still cuts the total amount of playthroughs, isn't it? Or power itself is a collectible? You can collect everything just playing with whatever powers you want. And then get this three trophies out of the way on a separate playthrough. If it is possible, of course.
  11. You probably can just get a power or two near the end of the game and do all three trophy at once via save-load on your no-powers playthrough. If there isn't some prerequisite for getting a power, of course. Like refusing the Mark in Dishonored.
  12. Started the game with Futaba in mind and romanced her in the end. Best Girl. But Makoto really grows onto you, I almost lost my guiding moonlight and went with her. The characters in this game are very complex and this is amazing. And if I were to choose non-Phantom waifu, that would be Chihaya. She is just too adorable sometimes (Miyu Matsuki ;_;).
  13. I generally name the character in games after some of recent memorable anime/manga characters. And even that requires a lot of thought. So I went with Mikazuki Rei. I wonder how people feel playing with a really funny or not japanese name in general. I would feel disconnected. Wanted to name the group "Phantom Troupe", but the letters are too limited. Gladly, "Genei Ryodan" did the the job. Anyway, after 100 hours first playthrough almost named the protagonist SASUGA JOKER in NG+
  14. Sign me up for Legend. 6 plats in 5 games.
  15. You DON'T need to do any secondary objective for foxiest to trigger. Your problem was somewhere else. So was mine, cause i got Smooth for 11 guys, keycard and Marchenko - didn't get the trophy. I guess someone saw the body of 11 guys(i blame the man in the toilet.) Replayed that part after credits, used Killswitch - got the trophy. The funny thing is - on the way to delegates(first time) i triggered alarm and game showed me an alarm tutorial - which meant i never triggered it before. But i still didn't get the trophy after reloading the part, even though there was never any alarm in entire game. I also got away from drones through the hole(cloaked the entire time). They immediately went searching and that's all. Doesn't matter for Foxiest apparently.