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  1. I will play the game myself first, earning as much as I will be able to. Definitely won't do DLC challenges and NG+ again. Probably will earn platinum myself and autopop the rest. Maybe won't bother with 80 crimes.
  2. Quantity ≠ Quality. There shouldn't be a discussion to begin with, IMHO. Morales has roughly 30-40% less content than original, by my estimate. Which mostly comes down to more enemy bases to clear, infinitely more crimes to grind, more collectibles, etc. The story is longer too, yes, but is that worth the repeated content mentioned above? Dunno. The game already costs less the a fullprice next-gen release. If you get it bundled with remaster of original(as I did) I would say it's a pretty good deal. Honestly, I don't remember discussions like this taking place before the PS4/XOne era. It's like all of bloated Ubisoft open-worlds and other "live-service" games messed with people's perception of games. Sadly, not every game gets to be as good as Witcher 3, for example.
  3. My game of the year is easily 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. That was the most emotional and unique experience this year. The story of this game is so jam-packed with twists and turns that you just can't get off this rollercoaster until the beautiful finale.
  4. Judging by this thread every game should be padded with content to justify the pricetag. Since when that became a norm? Comparison to Order 1886? Really? Imagine releasing God of War 3 or Heavy Rain today. 8-10 hours for a full price. Nonsense!
  5. Activate that account as primary for your console. Any other account will be able to play the content bought in that account. You can have up to 16 accounts activated simultaneously. Same thing as buying in a store of different region.
  6. This is honestly kinda terrifying issue. What if it happens in something like Dark Souls, where you don't have any backups at all. I hope this will be adressed soon. I have a vacation with a PS5 and a dozen of games coming up, would be a bummer to encounter such an issue. Having it unlocked at the same time as original sounds interesting. Maybe it will unlock later if you get another trophy?
  7. No. It's just a backwards compatible title without anything done to it.
  8. I am 99% sure that it is because native PS5 games can track trophy progress and others can't. I haven't seen any official info on the matter, but it is my opinion.
  9. If you are fine with recaps then go ahead. You shouldn't be lost. The story itself is pretty much self-contained. I myself have never played other games. Just saw a retrospective of the series and the ending of 5. I think this is a great game in any case and if you don't want to invest in the series too much - just play it. Better alternative is to play Judgement. It has the one of the best story(if not THE best) in this series. Self-contained and has all the same good qualities that a mainline yakuza game. But the platinum if difficult if you are not good at Puyo-Puyo Tetris. 6 on the other hand, has the easiest platinum in the series.
  10. I pre-ordered Miles Morales Ultimate edition for PS5 and received both versions of Morales + remaster of original.
  11. Both. PS4 Miles right now, PS5 Remastered and PS5 Miles a bit later. I was saving some games for PS5 launch (Tsushima, TLoU2, Control) will be playing them first.
  12. I think it's PS5 only and that's the reason all these new stacks popping everywhere. None of them is a shared list iirc. I think this is the why.
  13. Terrible trophy list. Why are you required to play as default characters is beyond me. If I ever to purchase SE I want to use Vergil just like DMC4, not this.
  14. He gives one of the rings, didn't he?
  15. I like to see the pointless grind removed. But I kinda hope that boss specific trophies won't be a possibility the ass. I didn't even know that adjudicator can be killed without dropping him.
  16. Honestly, I expect it to run horribly. Something like dynamic 900p with frame drops or potato quality graphics. Do not forget the loading times and asset streaming. Witcher 3 had problems in both departments. They announced a while back that PS5 version will work fine, but I will wait for a proper next gen version that will be available in 2021. The game looks gorgeous on PC and I don't want to spoil my experience with this game.
  17. Design itself isn't really a problem. No game titles under the thumbnail. It's a game tile with a price No DLC on the game page Nothing differentiates DLC and Games in the search results No filters of any kind. If you searched for "Resident Evil" you'll just get a huge pile of everything resident evil related. No file sizes in game page No screenshots or trailers on game page No wishlist of any kind. Like, the new store doesn't add anything in terms of usability and just substracts the existing features.
  18. I used it a bit through Australian vpn and it's horrible. It doesn't even let you force a desktop version on tablet. It just kinda breaks(Firefox for Android).
  19. Is it actually confirmed to be completely removed? Some media outlets just say that it will be wiped.Which should be logical, it is a new store. I assume they have rewritten everything, threw away legacy code and the ps3/psv/psp databases just do not work with the new site, so they just didn't bother to do something about it. I am all in for a new store cause the current one is a mess. I hope it will be much better. They could have done some workarounds for older systems(keep a current store as a legacy store with PS4 content removed, for example). But, well, it is Sony.
  20. DF have specifically selected titles that allow for unlocked framerate or titles struggling to achieve a locked 30/60. Like Hitman 2, for example.
  21. I have a couple of people in friend list that have new level and last online a two or three days ago.
  22. You, good sir, would make a terrible analyst. We have a 2 to 1 dislike/like ratio and that is the only thing that matters here. Too controversial of a change. Probably some corporative bullcrap is going over. Like, they couldn't get the old actor to do the sequel, for example. I hope the negative outburst will impact something.
  23. Never thought of any trophy that way. It's always all of that for the Platinum or 100%. It's a part of a package. I actually think that it is better for overall completion if something you can't or don't want to do is just a bronze.
  24. All of this stories are about first generations of OLED's. Unless you would leave your TV on the same image for a year you should be fine.