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  1. Should probably actually post my first update... Actually quite enjoying this game, seems to be a couple of strange difficulty spikes though... Anyway here goes: Trophies: 7/41 Battle Trophies: 27% Item Collection: 33% Monster Collection: 30% Quest Progress: 18% Time played: 12:33
  2. What kind of playtime are you looking at at the final dungeon? curious just how long this game actually is.
  3. After my epic failure to complete SO4 I feel like i need to come back and finish this to encourage myself to go back and work on SO4 again after this. Either way sign me up to this and I'll try to actually manage to finish this one. For anyone who's interested I'll be streaming the majority of this playthrough (streams in description) just in case anyone wants to check out the game before buying or anything of the sorts. I'm also writing writing out basic notes for 100% mainly to convert to speedrun notes later, but when there finished will be more than happy to contribute anything useful to the guide if there is anything. Anyway good luck to everyone on this Epic Quest
  4. You can get all of the cards by trade, just keep playing and trade up the cards you get from killing enemies and it'll come soon enough, on all 3 of my platinums ive had all cards by halfway through challenge mode.
  5. Gratz man, glad to have someone join me was getting lonely up here at the top
  6. Thanks Dragon, it's honestly not a bad plat, quite enjoyable, definatly a ground up remake and well worth playing for any R&C fans. Will endeavour to put together a guide within the next week or so for anyone that wants one, unless anyone else is already working on one?
  7. Yeah UK release is 10 days late for some reason, just gotta buy USA PSN credit and you can download it from there.
  8. I'm back to reclaim my Rank of Lombax Praetorian, RaC PS4 Plat finally Achieved.
  9. Oops Realised I missed out the Lego Movie PS4 Plat from my list so i actually have 6 Making me an Engineer
  10. Another PP for me to buy silly amounts of games for actually its just LEGO so maybe I'll rent the rest? Anyway... Sign me up as an Engineer, so far i have; Lego The Hobbit Lego LOTR (VITA) Lego harry potter 5-7 Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS3/4) Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Will get to work on the rest eventually... Maybe?
  11. I guess I'm starting off as Lightning's Sidekick for now, only got Lightning Returns Plat for now but will come back to these games soon.
  12. OK I'll jump in as a recruit, I've got Assassin's Creed II Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood I'm kinda working on Syndicate along with a dozen other games so might get it eventually then go for Liberation HD to go up a tier.
  13. Pretty sure I'm a Lombax Praetorian so sign me up, Might as well since i have the 8 Plats still considering getting the Vita Plats on top. Now I've seen these gotta get to work on the other PP threads too.
  14. #42 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) Have You ever tried Shawarma? Probably my favourite LEGO game now to go again for PS3 plat
  15. Did you pay the $10,000 donations?