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  3. Having recently come back to shadowfall to try and get some trophies for the DLC, I came across an easy E-Emitter boost (glitch?). Apologies if I'm going over old ground and this is already known, but I've found a very quick and easy method of upgrading this particular ability (to help with the new toys DLC trophy). Set up a warzone with whatever preferences you want (I suggest shorted pregame countdown and 1 second respawn) and choose the The statue map only. Important to note you can only do this playing as the ISA as the glitch is around the Helgast spawn base. So, after spawning in as an ISA player make your way towards the enemies spawn room on the ground floor. You should know you are in the right place when you see two enemy turrets behind glass windows of the enemies base. Along the windowed wall, around the half way mark, place your E-emitter. Your emitter with then, after every pulse, stun 2 objects inside the base. What these objects are I don't know, as it just comes up with the word stunned and no information of what. Unfortunately, I only found this out at around level 6 or 7 of the ability, but could easily stun those said objects around 25 times with each placement. I did a 5 minute TDM and made 50 plus stuns ( 2 placements of the emitter) each game. I hope this helps anyone still playing or just starting their trophy runs.