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  1. Quote #7: "I can see why Bulma chose Vegeta." — Piccolo, about Yamcha. Dragon Ball FighterZ
  2. Quote #6: In a skit, Jude comments that it might be fun to yell really loud and listen to the echo. Alvin eggs him on, saying that he should do it while he's young, since it gets embarrassing at Alvin's age. Jude: ECHO! Alvin: Echo echo echo echo... Jude: Alvin. Alvin: Alvin Alvin Alvin Alvin... Jude: And what you're doing now isn't embarrassing? Alvin: A little a little a little a little... -Tales of Xillia
  3. Quote #5: Yusuke: I'm in the zone now… Give me more stimulation! Haru: Yes, I can feel it too! Things are getting exciting! -Persona 5, Random Mementos Skit
  4. Quote #4: This conversation on uncovering a well; Sully: Well, well, well. Nate: Heh, cute. Elena: What? Nate: Because it's a well. -Uncharted 3
  5. Quote #3: Nate: "Nice view..." Elena: "Tch... men..." Nate: "No, I was talking about the mountains, really." -Uncharted 2
  6. Quote #2: Look at this inventory, someone is breaking in and stealing my money, my real money! - Dimitri, Sly 2 Band of Thieves
  7. Quote 1 "Indeed, the pyramid's Golden Ratio was truly a sight to behold." - Yusuke, Persona 5
  8. Jak and Daxter
  9. I like eurovision but I always try to avoid seeing the entries beforehand if possible, I like going in it blind. So if possible I'd like to enter with Option A without listing a favorite. If I have to list one then I guess I'll pick my country's song (Greece) since it's the only one I saw a bit of. Though usually Greece's entries aren't my favorite
  10. NieR Automata
  11. Thank you for the giveaway! I'm not into sports so I'll play it safe. Hope everyone betting has a fun time
  12. I enjoyed the first episode of the anime, though I felt it was a little too fast paced and some moments lost their impact (like Ann getting in Kamoshida's car lost its creepiness cause the scene ended too soon). I didn't mind it since I know the story from the game but if I went into this blind I'd have found it off-putting. I also loved the use of the game's OST in this, since I really love the OST anyway lol. I liked them showing Akechi so early on and I'm interested on what else they'll do differently. Also the maid service flyer falling off from Kawakami made me laugh.