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  1. In Ranger Hardcore I have tried I can get past all of section in this chapter by have not been seen except boat section & I really hate this section -.-
  2. Is it hard to get this trophy on NG+ Reader difficulty with Iron Mode mod? I have tried in Ranger Hardcore and I give-up. I worried about the boat section because I have to complete the whole chapter in 1-take and I can't save the game which mean If I have been detected I have to start this chapter from the beginning. I just finished my 1st playthrough on Ranger Hardcore difficulty, now I'm working on my 2nd playthrough on Reader difficulty with Iron Mode mod to get NG+ trophy. I have try chapter select it's seems the system take on Iron Mode mod which is even I choose chapter select I can't save for the whole chapter. If I can't get in this I think I have to play on 3rd playthrough just for this trophy...
  3. My 100th Platinum DRAGON QUEST XI : ECHOES OF AN ELUSIVE AGE Living Legend Also, my 6666th trophy
  4. Patch is work very smoothly. If you have all collectible, 100% in all region but no 100% in old savefiles when load the game you will get instant trophy. Thank god I don't have to play 4th.
  5. @optimusmart 3 differrent save files slot, 3 glitch 1st save slot is my 1st 2nd save slot is NG+ deadly obession 3rd save slot is new fresh start You can’t start NG++, NG+ is maximum. The system will block you if you start 2nd NG+ This is pop up ”Unable to create a NG+ from another NG+ SaveSlot” You can do only 1 NG+ per one clear game save file. @Durandal I really enjoy the game. I’m also a fan of Tomb Raider series but the glitch is too much for me lol
  6. @Durandal So I’ll wait a patch then. I have completed the game 3 times, 100% the map 3 times and also glitch 3 times in a row my % 1st 99.4 2nd 98.6 3st 99.8 It is so hopeless if I’ve do the 4th and I’ve to face the glitch again. It’s kinda waste of the time @optimusmart I know the different between Dr.Croft and Completionist I’ve completed the games 3 times and collected all collectible included doing everything in games 100% 3 times but the glitch that make me can’t get this trophy.
  7. Can anyone help me about Completionist trophy? I got a Dr.Croft trophy popup when I completed a few artifact set on my 2nd playthrough on Deadly Obsession difficult, but for completionist I'm so tried to completed 100% the whole game again.
  8. @FranciRoosters It's a play-style only for NG+. You'll get new set of outfits, skill and weapon according to each style. You'll get all reward for the style you have choose on NG+ (you'll get outfit, weapon and 3 skill for free according to your play-style choosen) but don't worry you still get the other style item. Yep, you can select any difficult in NG+ For skill, it's a new 3 skill for each style. You can upgrade the skill when you have purchased all the skill in that category. (Each skill need 4 point to upgrade) For weapons and outfits you can purchased at the first merchant at Kuwaq Yaku (each item need money around 7000+) Eagle Style (Outfit & Weapon) Jaguar Style (Outfit & Weapon) Serpent Style (Outfit & Weapon)
  9. If you ask me, honestly I've play all the game by myself. It's not that hard. For my first day of the game, I got almost 30 trophy by just play naturally.
  10. @optimusmart but you know, for those who play early include me the glitch is already occur and can't redo the save file. How do we gonna know the glitch should be occur? The glitch should not be occur at the first, it's dev problem that they've to fix it soon. At least this problem is good for the new player who just start the game and they can proceed with caution. Even you make sure everything is perfect, for this situation right now, I think anything can occur. You may check everything careful but in the end you can also ended up with 99.something%. For now, it's not only the artifacts, some they've complete all artifacts but can't get 100% when completed all the location.
  11. @optimusmart If you didn't play the Deadly Obsession difficult. All progress in the game is auto-save, when you collect a new collectibles the game twill save for you. It's maybe not hard to tracking but how would you do if the game already overwriten save for you? @Erkawest I think Croft Manor section the artifact didn't count or challenge. On my 1st playthrough, I've collect all item 7 items and done the challenge. I working on 2nd playthrough, I didn't collect anything just speedrun. At the end, you will get all the artifact even you didn't collect them.
  12. @optimusmart from what you have said "Complete the story, examine the steles in all nine challenge tombs, loot the sarcophagi in all nine crypts, complete all 8 side missions, collect every Artifact, solve all Monolith puzzles, and complete all 14 challenges" I've done all of this it's make my map are 100% all items are collected. The glitches that's I've run into is even when you pickup a collectible it'll show you what you have got but when you go and check it's not add to your collection that make some item are missing.
  13. @roxas21691 This really suck, I think I have around 4 or 5 artifact set that didn’t complete even I have 100% on the map. T_T
  14. Here
  15. I'm not sure for this one but about survival caches for solve the Monolith you can dig it only in the right place. Or maybe a glitch