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  1. @FranciRoosters It's a play-style only for NG+. You'll get new set of outfits, skill and weapon according to each style. You'll get all reward for the style you have choose on NG+ (you'll get outfit, weapon and 3 skill for free according to your play-style choosen) but don't worry you still get the other style item. Yep, you can select any difficult in NG+ For skill, it's a new 3 skill for each style. You can upgrade the skill when you have purchased all the skill in that category. (Each skill need 4 point to upgrade) For weapons and outfits you can purchased at the first merchant at Kuwaq Yaku (each item need money around 7000+) Eagle Style (Outfit & Weapon) Jaguar Style (Outfit & Weapon) Serpent Style (Outfit & Weapon)
  2. If you ask me, honestly I've play all the game by myself. It's not that hard. For my first day of the game, I got almost 30 trophy by just play naturally.
  3. @optimusmart but you know, for those who play early include me the glitch is already occur and can't redo the save file. How do we gonna know the glitch should be occur? The glitch should not be occur at the first, it's dev problem that they've to fix it soon. At least this problem is good for the new player who just start the game and they can proceed with caution. Even you make sure everything is perfect, for this situation right now, I think anything can occur. You may check everything careful but in the end you can also ended up with 99.something%. For now, it's not only the artifacts, some they've complete all artifacts but can't get 100% when completed all the location.
  4. @optimusmart If you didn't play the Deadly Obsession difficult. All progress in the game is auto-save, when you collect a new collectibles the game twill save for you. It's maybe not hard to tracking but how would you do if the game already overwriten save for you? @Erkawest I think Croft Manor section the artifact didn't count or challenge. On my 1st playthrough, I've collect all item 7 items and done the challenge. I working on 2nd playthrough, I didn't collect anything just speedrun. At the end, you will get all the artifact even you didn't collect them.
  5. @optimusmart from what you have said "Complete the story, examine the steles in all nine challenge tombs, loot the sarcophagi in all nine crypts, complete all 8 side missions, collect every Artifact, solve all Monolith puzzles, and complete all 14 challenges" I've done all of this it's make my map are 100% all items are collected. The glitches that's I've run into is even when you pickup a collectible it'll show you what you have got but when you go and check it's not add to your collection that make some item are missing.
  6. @roxas21691 This really suck, I think I have around 4 or 5 artifact set that didn’t complete even I have 100% on the map. T_T
  7. Here
  8. I'm not sure for this one but about survival caches for solve the Monolith you can dig it only in the right place. Or maybe a glitch
  9. Yep, Monolith count when interacting but solve the Monoliths or digging count as survival caches
  10. Sure Hope this can help
  11. These are side-mission you miss, Widow's Tears and Ancient Spicies for Widow's Tears, from the camp "Temple Distract" at the entrance near the camp. You should see the NPC in front of entrance, then you go left of him and continue go up the stairs, continue your way after the second stairs stick to the right you should find the third stairs. You'll see the npc and can trigger the mission, don't forget to wear the "Serpent Guard" outfit for Ancient Species, you have to go to where there is a large area of river with 2 small platform in the map (near the Skull Cave). You should find the child npc to trigger the mission.
  12. for NG+ you can choose the higher difficulty, all of your equipment, skill and crafting item are carry over. Unfortunately, for the collectible you have to collecting all over again.
  13. I've complete the game, done in everything, every region I've completed all 100% but the artifacts is not completed (Dr. Croft trophy) and overall % complete is 99.4% (Completionist trophy) Does anyone run into the same problem? I don't wanna redo all collectible on the deadly difficulty with no survival instincts.
  14. Is this misserable trophy ? becuase now I got every trophy have only 2 left. Peace in Death - Complete the game true ending & No Orc Left Behind - Rescue the orc. Moreover I have conquered all the fortress PS. Never mind, I just got a rescue mission immediately after I post