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  1. Does anyone else remember that one matching puzzle game that you could plat in like 3 minutes? The developer called it the "easiest plat on PlayStation network" and sony almost instantly took it down, But they let the same developer publish a identical game less than a week later and didint do anything, along with that they allow publishers like "game achievements Ltd" to freely post their games. This isint me advocating for every spam game to be obliterated im just confused why sony seemed to have some anti easy plat policy just the one time and quickly forgot about it
  2. Id say so, dlc is easy and actually fun and the base game trophies arent so bad if you know what you're doing
  3. There is already a tag for what trophies require multiplayer, just look at any trophies in this section and skim over the trophy requirements to see how many people are needed
  4. Omori, played the entire game almost without knowing you can sprint in the overworld and was very upset yet relived to find that out while getting 100%
  5. i recently completed all 3 acts of the doomsday heist doing criminal mastermind 2, we got the money reward and the medals for it but it has yet to unlock? is this a bug is there anyway to fix this?
  6. Looking to find some actually decent weapons before attempting any of the loud heists but every good gun seems to be pc exclusive.
  7. This is the like 3rd thread on this topic in 2 days why cant you just accept that spam games exist and get over it why make thread after thread advocating for a rarity leader board? Acting like rarity means anything is pointless
  8. But thats the thing 90% of this site doesnt care about people who play the trashy shovelware games that are a easy plat, the biggest annoyance with them is their hogging of the new games list. Why do you care so much about people buying trashy 2$ games for trophies? The "situation" of ezpz plats being a issue is just made up because people are insecure that people can get higher on a leaderboard that doesn't matter by spending money on easy games. If there was a leaderboard for rarity it would have the exact same problem as the normal one, getting rare trophies isint the most difficult thing in the world just go to any popular multiplayer game and get all the collectibles in the campaign thats usually enough for a ultra rare. The basic thing is if you add another leaderboard for rarity people will still complain about people buying 5$ unknown games for a "ezpz ultra rare platinum" its better to just ignore it as if this new leaderboard is added itll only cause more threads atune to "we need a leaderboard for actually hard ultra rares"
  9. It just seems so pointless though? you have to understand that not everyone cares about rarity and therefore shouldent get some permanent marker on their account that only exists to demean them. With your idea should people avoid playing popular games with non rare trophies to avoid being judged by you? This just seems to be some way to boost your ego and put down the 90% who play games they like instead of games that offer the "rarest" trophies
  10. you should do the order 1886 its really easy to cleanup and shouldent take more than a few hours tbh
  11. but why? it would only put down people who play normal games and don't seek out only ultra rare platinums which is what most people do also why do they need a incentive to play different games? yeah its kinda odd to spend 17$ on 17 .99c games and platinum them all but its not a bad thing and the people who do it probably just enjoy doing it
  12. you only need to get the other trophies, the badges thing is probably from a time when they wanted to make every badge a trophy
  13. Im having issues adding links to my guides? Whenever i try to link to another trophy it just wont let me put anything in the text box as as soon as i click on it it dissapears. Am i doing anything wrong? is there any way to help this
  14. currently working on a guide and i'm trying to add images to better show where something is but i cant find a way to change the size of images / put them where they need to be. is there anything i'm missing when it comes to this?
  15. During the bossman hero fight (accessed by going back to mr jawsum on 1 day left on the omori route) hero will offer you a contract to get 100,000 clams in exchange for some debuff. This will cover all of rococos fees and reduce the grind significantly