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  1. Correct
  2. even disregarding the currently unobtainable trophy it is still much harder than the other SS platinums
  3. Its because the 2x multiplier setting was removed from the console versions i asked one of the developers from timelock studios in the Croteam discord and they said they are working on implementing it in the next patch
  4. When i did S-10 i was struggling to get gold time, then someone told me to put all assists to maximum and i immedietly improved upon my ghost
  5. it would seem the explosive start trophy is from the first level when u blow up the subway station, so that one is a story related trophy
  6. Cant you remote play on your trip from either a phone or laptop?
  7. We're about 1 week away or so from the Mark 4
  8. tomorrows car seems to be the Aston Martin DB5 '64 switching out the Porsche 962 C 88
  9. Gold licenses? no. But the fact that people probably didnt have enough credits for the last 2 legendary cars and/or didnt know they were the 3 cars required, so once the 2 other cars comes back to the shop we will definitly see an influx of platinum owners
  10. the reason why GT7 has so few platins is because the platinum is time gated behind those 3 legendary cars required for trophy
  11. 173 Currently
  12. I'm looking forward to that DLC
  13. Oh wow didnt know that actually i played a second playthrough for that one
  14. i think its the 40 man mode
  15. the "Get Serious" trophy