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  1. 100% yes
  2. The only one I ever played was on the old school gameboy, but I loved it. Super hyped for this!
  3. I have it on iOs, it's a really enjoyable zelda-ish game, that was ruined by the fact it was touch controls. I had to stop playing so I am very happy to play this with a decent controller.
  4. Discovered a little exploit. Change settings to 4 lives & hard mode. Start a game clear first enemies then use a second controller to being in player 2. Spend the rest of the time beating the crap out of player 2 to farm the points. When they die just add more credits and bring them back to carry on. When player 2 returns it resets the level timer so you don't have to worry about running out of time.
  5. Wow I just saw some footage, so it's a I wanna be the guy troll type game, I have to admit now I'm interested!
  6. 4 golds and 1 bronze, laziest, smallest and worst trophy list ever?
  7. Hydro thunder was great! If that's the case Mike pick this up, it's under 6 quid so not exactly a loss if I don't like it!
  8. Same happened to me, after completing the game I closed the application then started a new file, it didn't pop. Closed again, deleted new file and started again and it popped. It's out in UK today too.
  9. Got another patch yesterday, know it now fixes platinum as my friend has unlocked it.
  10. They would have nothing to do with it being published, plus there are Cabella hunting games every year so not really a shock this was made. I'd rather there were games of it than the real thing taking place tbh, same as all the games where i get to shoot people!
  11. I caught a trailer for this a few weeks ago, developer says inspired by ICO which gets me pumped even more. Don't want to give away plot points but I love the idea of the game, I hope it delivers!
  12. A hefty almost 4 gig update has released, I haven't started the game yet but with an update that big I hope it has fixed everything!
  13. I wish the trophy sets for MK were more fun, so much grinding and dull busy work, Much like the MK games, wish the trophies had a bit of character and fun to them (There are a couple in this one like 'disco' for example, more of that!)
  14. The stand out sport from the 2012 Olympics, I only started watching it because my friend is Norwegian and she made me watch it, but glad I did. Will wait for the price to drop this is asking to be a 5 quid sale at some point.