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  1. I don't know if there's a better method but i I found some Frozen Dung I'm only in chapter 3, so I recently arrived to the Wind Collossus dungeon. As soon as you enter the temple with the sandy floor, use Usopp to shoot down the bird nest from the left pillar. There it spawned for me
  2. Can't wait for this!
  3. Never mind, did some research and apparently it can be fixed. After talking to the quest giver in the park, you have to go back to Bay City and find the freak for another quest first. This "task" is not logged anywhere, so if you skip the npc dialogue like me, you would miss it. Although I went back to Bay City and it was not there at first, it helped to replay an arkvoodle quest/odd job in Bay City for it to spawn. I replayed it from Albion, so I travelled to Bay City after and suddenly it was there
  4. What's wrong? The thing that the boss is super regenerating health it looks like he doesn't take any damage? You just need to constantly shoot him with everything you have, I did it 1-2 days ago after having the same "issue" as you. The UFO doesn't work anymore
  5. So I started the mission, accepted and it just disappeared. Quest start person & icon completely gone. Replay missions don't show it either. Anyone else had this and will it glitch out the Arkvoodle trophy? I thought they patched this in september
  6. Nice, never tried the arms. Took a while for the trophy to pop since I was shooting at one leg per foe 😂
  7. Use the L2 aim with the crossbow/rifle and just aim for the legs. The legs can't be severed, so the trophy counts only that chunks of the limbs fall off. So shoot at the legs, when you see that part of the leg falls off, it counts as 1
  8. Still works on 1.07 ps5 ?
  9. No, was shit. The only story that mattered was in ch1 and ch5, the inbetween was just a waste of time Also frustrated that nobody sided with me in ch5, shitty town and its people 😂 I'm gone
  10. Just got the platinum, last trophy was the "Bleed you out" trophy from the Bruch boss Bleed you out Tried to get this one for 20min until I realized that it's not only its "moving leeches" minions she spawns that will heal her (you have to shoot these) but also that circular-leech wave attack it does that you need to dodge. Get hit by one of these and it voids the trophy So what I did, I went back to it on "Story" difficulty after my maxed-out Evil run, just attacked it to about 40% hp with everything I had, cleared the minions and then threw a Lightning Rod (the stun-flash) as soon as the rotating attack starts, which interupted its attack immediately and stunned it, then just popped the ultimate, dynamite and finished it completely. No need to worry, goes down fast --- Easy 30 kills farming For "Pew Pew" trophy, I started a NG+, went to chapter 11 (the one with monster pits) then went to the right zone closest to spawn, where the yellow explosive enemies are. Its just a one-tap any weapon, even the Laser Beam. Then to recharge the beam, go back to the "main mission ch 1" and it will recharge it fully. Then switch back to chapter 11 and repeat.
  11. From what people said in other threads here, trophies only unlock for the host
  12. I'm currently playing on story (easy) and while progressing towarda endgame, there have been a few fights along the way where I was seriously wondering if this will be possible to beat during Evil 😂
  13. Agreed! About to start chapter 14/16, really enjoying the game so far. Definitely knew it was going to be a blast from just a few trailers before release
  14. Is it possible to chapter select and clean collectibles and exit or need to complete every chapter fully for it to register? Edit: just saw the answer in your opening post
  15. Also wondering this, trying to aim at the legs with the rifle but the bullets keep going into their torso? Not sure if doing it correctly