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  1. I guess practice makes master. I had trouble with Oxide on Crash Cove when I first started with the time trials, but now I can beat him with no effort...
  2. I didn't even know you could fail this trophy
  3. I wouldn't want it to lunch with Overcooked 3 for sure
  4. Voted! Thanks grimy
  5. Hmm could this be a missable if you don't get support from the others? Luckily she appeared in the cave so I could give it to her, but if not for that perhaps it locks you out. What happens if you don't get support from Ulan or Duncass?
  6. Nope, only had Duncass' and Ulan's support. I had some active quest going on with Derdre so she kept reminding me that I need to complete the quest before getting her support. Didn't complete it so never got her support
  7. Worth mentioning that you should make a save/reload checkpoint after romancing a character, as it locks you out from romancing the others. I reloaded a save right after I got the trophy so I could romance somebody else in the same playthrough. It is also possible to give the crown to Derdre in the cave. I'm not sure but I wasn't able to give her the crown when I first denied her and defeated her, was only able to give it to Duncass och Ulan (perhaps I couldn't find the option to give it to her). Aren't you required to complete the Trial quest after "In the name of science" and win the case against the doctor for the perfect ending?
  8. I played the beta for like an hour or something last weekend and that was enough to convince me that this game is a skip
  9. I can give you the weapon if I still have it, going to check. But after that I'm deleting and selling the game 😅 Edit: He got the trophy, so now I've deleted the game!
  10. Thanks, I think if somebody gives you the weapon online it will pop the trophy for you (if they haven't patched that)
  11. I found a solution for Go-Getter, made a new thread with details. It worked for me so hopefully for all of you as well! Platinum obtained! Good luck
  12. Finally! Spent 6h today on a fresh save (after wasting 12h for nothing thanks to unclear dev info) playing offline on my 3rd attempt for this trophy, rushing through and doing missions to unlock the infamous Go-Getter trophy. Finally I succeeded and can leave this game at last! Hooooooorraaay! How did I prepare for the trophy? 1. Uploaded my main save to PS+ cloud and deleted the save from system storage to start fresh 2. Deleted the application and reinstalled the game + downloaded patch 1.10 3. Created a new character So how did I play? 4. I played solo offline. Set the settings to invite only. Don't worry if somebody joins as long as you kick them fast 5. I completed warboard, main and side missions. My stats say: *Warboard missions completed: 6 *Side missions completed: 15 *Total missions completed: 25 15+6 = 21. That means Intro missions count (+4). The trophy popped when I completed my 15th side mission Hogging Supplies. I basically did all missions in the first and second regions (ignored First contact + Spiking the guns). My last side mission was at the beginning of Farmlands region. SO THE DEVS' INFO ARE WRONG (dev reply on GZ forums)! Giving us false info on their own game! You don't need to complete 25 SIDE MISSIONS, you just need a total of 25 combined total missions!!!! God. And they reply once a week! What missions did I complete?? MAIN MISSION TAB (total 10) -Break of Dawn (Intro mission) -Sanctuary (Intro mission) -The Farm (Intro mission) -The road to Salthamn (Intro mission) -The Home Team (Warboard) -Calling for help (Main mission) -Over and Out (Main mission) -Another Castle (Main mission) -Warboard Minken Bunker (Warboard) -The Girl who cried Wolf (Main mission) SIDE MISSION TAB (total 15) -Old Bettan -Shooting Practice -Unbearable Lightness -Road Rage -The Path of the Gods -Strength in Numbers -Seeds of Doubt -Treasure Hunt -Beyond the Barricade -At Death's Door -Safe Harbor -No rest for the Weary -Secret Cargo -To the Lighthouse -Hogging Supplies (trophy popped here) This game could have been more enjoyable without these disinformative answers, buggy trophies and wasting hours of my time trying to figure out myself how to unlock it. There, now you have a guide folks, whoever is missing this last trophy. Get it before it probably breaks in 1.11.
  13. Platted the game! Had a great time and enjoyed the game, was far better than I expected, saw the trailer, got hooked and went in. No regrets! I was surprised at how well the game was made, didn't encounter any major bugs at all and everything worked smoothly. The only bugs I discovered were the Ingredients trophy (fixed if you collect all in a session) and the cape texture flickering sometimes (solved by re-equipping). Once my character spawned somewhere where I was stuck, so had to reload the checkpoint (15seconds) to fix it. Another time a native was leading me somewhere and got stuck behind a tree, but I was able to fix it by running away from him a bit to restart the mission. For trophy roadmap, I followed Tima's quote above, was perfect. I can add that you don't need 5/5 allies for the "a big step towards peace" with Duncass as I didn't have bridge alliance as friendly. After that ending, I reloaded save right before creating the alliance, completed the 'In the name of science' questline, spared the doctor, won the trial against him, watched him go bye-bye with Aphra. I don't know why it says "The Trial + another quest" as I didn't get any other quest. Might be a typo. After that, I recruited Hikmet as they now were friendly. Finished the game again with 5/5 and the perfect ending trophy popped. I played as Tech on extreme as first playthrough. The start was rough and I died a lot of times. I got the science 2 perk at level 21 or something, that's when the game took off and became easier. I crafted ammo and spammed the gun together with a 2handed sword L2, retreat and repeat. When I got the extreme trophy, I cleaned the rest on easy. Also, I played as a female, so had to do a second run as a male to get Aphra and magician (500 spell trophy). I farmed the 500 spell damages in the arena, first or 2nd challenges! Instant replenish mana and beasts. Good luck to the rest!
  14. You just need 'A better world'? You need to have friendly with all factions, recruit 5/5 against Constantine, choose Duncass as king, complete all faction quests. Dr. Asili must survive, go to trial and you win the case against him)