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  1. I killed 3-4 on the first visit there, then came back to do the Trudi side quest. 3 more spawned and trophy popped after the 5th or 6th kill
  2. I bought physical for $60 and playing it right now. Have to say the quality is insanely good, very well made game. Plan is to do everything in the game, find all bolts, collectibles and do arena challenges. The platinum is probably 10h but the game has much more content than that. Really enjoying it so far and will sell it for $45-50 when I'm done during this weekend
  3. Looks like I'm getting the game today already, let's gooo. List seems pretty doable without a guide, apart from the Craiggerbears
  4. It seems to be bugged with the save file or profile. I found the tinkerer during my first playthrough on 2.01 but when I started a fresh new save on 1.00 (didn't wipe my previous save data) he just walked away... Like the game remembers that I found him already, even though the Mekatron had no upgrades
  5. I just talked to all of them, didn't complete all side quests
  6. Not sure if bugged but I found a gumquack next to a shore in the islands area 😅 Might spawn randomly outside too I got the Toytinkerer trophy on 2.01 but when I uninstalled and played a new save on 1.00, the bear kept walking away from me. Didnt have any automaton upgrades either. Was very weird
  7. Did you try talking to all of them and accepting their side quests? Don't have to finish them
  8. I can confirm that uninstalling the disc version and going offline for unpatched 1.00 to get 15 World Gadgets works. I followed Deluzions video on the previous page and just speedran through the map after completing the main story quest Home Village with the first Lupin-fight. I didn't complete any other quests to get the boat or glide-tool. The only problem was navigating through the islands without a boat lol, had to find short distance shores to swim to etc. Make sure to complete all puzzles once for every unique gadget you collect. I also speedran 2 forts since they glitched for me and it was no problem at all. Total time was like 3h for the 3 trophies I missed
  9. Wait I dont understand. Spamming Super WungFu will unlock Gadget trophy?
  10. Did you do the first side quest to collect them? After that they should respawn frequently. Try fast travelling somewhere far across the map and back and revisit
  11. I just have the Guppo trophy left and then I will restart the game on 1.00 for Old World Gadgets + Tribe/outposts trophies, since they glitched for me on 2.01. Sadly I'm unable to complete main story since I can't unite the tribes :/ Is there a nice guide for rushing 15 gadgets somewhere?
  12. My outposts are glitched.. Can't finish the capture 6 outposts & subdue all leaders. The Mitre Mop outpost & Vespidut outpost are glitched, the allied members are not spawning there to capture the outposts but the quest marker is there... I guess I'm unable to finish the game if I can't unite all tribes?
  13. Popped for me on 2.01 so works Could you explain the defeat/subdue tribe leaders? I'm not able to complete 2 outposts of the first 2 tribes because they glitched. Could I pick the rival tribe side and defeat my old sifu to count it as 1?
  14. I've found all 4 bears and still found 2-3 more on patch 2.01, with 7h gameplay. My tip is to go around the south-eastern islands as that's where I find him the most. Did anyones tribe quest glitch out? It says conquer tribe outposts and the quest markers are there but I already completed them. The area is still yellow and if I try to enter the outposts it teleports me outside.. Normal?
  15. I'd say it's pretty good. My initial thought playing after hearing bad reviews was "i understand why" but after the first hour the game became so much better. The intro was pretty weak but the rest is great. I found myself addicted playing the game and really enjoying it. I usually don't spend many hours on the first day. The fights are good, challenging and well made. Enemy diversity is nice. Looting, upgrading and the gear is cool, exploring the world is interesting, the skills and weapons are great. My negatives after 4h gameplay: -Narrator is annoying, didn't know you could turn off but I end up skipping most dialogues (sadly) because I don't want a narrator reading me NPC conversations everytime I talk to someone -Crashed once -Game bugged once when I was digging dirt and it never stopped since square prompt didn't appear. No button would cancel it either so had to restart the game. Luckily autosaves are constant and only lost few seconds -fights are a bit overwhelming but still good. Huge enemies are attacking you non-stop and not letting you breathe