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  1. Then check if you have some unanswered texts from him or something, usually there is a choice to reply
  2. If I remember correctly, I jumped onto a group of 10+ dancing NPCs (hostile?) At some rave party. I had trouble unlocking this from jumping on 3 thugs, even if all were hit
  3. Try driving around with a car while skipping days (12-24h) every 100 m you pass. It can take a lot of days to pass before someone calls you. If this doesn't work, travel back to your apartment and sleep in the bed. Also, to answer your question, it is possible. Check my trophy order in Cyberpunk, I was doing everything before progressing the story usually. I managed to do everything else before finishing the main story line
  4. Did it return yet?
  5. No, I was cleaning each district one by one as the main story progressed. Watson trophy popped when I probably was around 30-35 streetcredit
  6. No. You need to have both ability level 20 and one skill level 20 in the same category. For example, level 20 technical with level 20 crafting. Good luck!
  7. Any info if this game will get Trophy support?
  8. Hmm I platted the game after 62h on normal *Jackie died way too quickly. Feels like they just got to know each other and then he dies in the first big mission. Somehow this guy was already V's best friend after this short while. Should had killed him off midgame *Car driving was okay but breaking and turning sucked. I know this is no Need for Speed bit cmon, breaking at turns means the car is rotating 180-540 degrees during races for example. *Like you all say, there was no point for character customization because the only point you see the character is in the mirror or the ending *Stealth gameplay with hiding bodies felt useless. Did anybody do this during every gig/NPCD event? I didn't even use it once *Weird sometimes how police behaved, looking at them and running away or getting into my OWN car next to them triggered police brutality. Luckily run a few 100 meters and they will stop chasing you *World level was scaling for me. I was cleaning areas one by one while progressing main missions. When I went to Heywood at level 25, the enemies were far too tough and I had to leave *The city surprised me many times. -Once a man commited suicide from a tall office building next to me which was totally unexpected, so he was laying down all splattered -Random side quests could be found which were not marked on the map or in the journal. Found a dead person in the desert next to the road which had a quest marker -I was standing still at a random suburban intersection for a few minutes while afk and the movements of people, cars, traffic, traffic lights etc was impressive to me. Even while driving, pedestrian crossings or cars would block your way if you drove against red *I loved how the city roads felt realistic too, you will drive through narrow roads, highways, connecting roads etc so it's never just that flat surface but pretty complicated to drive and navigate
  9. I found the quickhack pretty easily on normal mode, next to the chapel in Pacifica where Powerpyx pointed it out in the guide. After the first group, run across the street and there will be another group or enemies. I got the quickhack immediately so didn't even have to farm
  10. Same for me, have completed with 1-3 blue ones left
  11. Finally completed all Scanners & Gigs. My advice is to make sure the blue icons disappear and that the gig reads as completed before you move on. If you don't get this, reload checkpoint... i had some blue markers not disappearing on me and had to reload few times to make it work, specially those ? That lead to new missions
  12. For me, a lot of NCPD and gigs have glitched a long the way of cleaning districts. So far, I've finished Watson, Westbrook, Badlands and Santo Domingo and managed to get all trophies from them. Many times gigs bugged out by not completing, lagging or objectives not updating. As soon as I felt something was wrong, I reloaded an autosave and made sure to complete everything properly..
  13. I'm doing a similar. Currently lvl 40 with 20 body, 18 tech and the rest are under 10
  14. I did the fistfight in Santo Domingo earlier and lost the first time since 5 hits from the guy is enough to lose. Anyways, the second time i was just charging my punch at him, punched 2-3 times and backed off, let stamina recover a bit and charge punched again while he was running at me... This way he was not able to hit a single hit on me. Good luck
  15. Painting money, item duplication still work then? 😂