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  1. Okay I tried this method for a while, managed to level from 65 to 66.5 and I'm already bored. How did you guys manage to do this to 90+? 😂
  2. That took me a while too 😂 20-30 minutes. Many times 'Kicker 2 Rail' didnt register properly. Congrats!
  3. Saw that video and many other, took me 2-3h for that gap sadly but managed to do it somehow... Rest of the gaps in every map were pretty easy but this was the worst What problems are you having? Skate Heaven was not hard at all
  4. All Gaps and Get Theres finished = level 65. Now only need the 100 trophy and done
  5. I'm having trouble with "Path Less Traveled" on NYC (THPS2). I can't seem to reach the bench from the rail whatever I do.... Any tips??
  6. I just beat all hard Get Theres, lvl 61
  7. Finished all Get Theres! Bullring was pretty challenging, but managed to beat it in 1h. My final list: 1. Bullring 2. Mall 3. Roswell
  8. I'm doing every Get There in order, starting from THPS1. The hardest for me were Skate Park (until I discovered boost manual), Mall (wasn't too bad once you practice) and Roswell (landing the first gap). I finished School 2 yesterday, took me 1.5h but was not too bad actually
  9. Nice man, will try it out as soon as I'm done with Get Theres and Gaps
  10. So what is the best way for xp? Can those 80+ levels share the most effective methods?
  11. Just finished legend challenges and almost hit 55
  12. Bruhhhhh I'm not asking if the servers are dead. Read the title/op again
  13. I guess it's still easier than runecrafting
  14. I'm curious of how many who earned the platinum are still playing the game. Are the platinum pros still playing or have you moved on to other games? If only newbies are playing, wouldn't it make the platinum more achievable? I haven't really played since platinum, which was almost a month ago. Has anything changed gameplay wise? More pros? Are players better in general? Is it harder to win more now compared to August?
  15. 49, just started working on my first Pro skater after finishing my custom skater challenges