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  1. I have the platinum - if I remember correctly, you need to play and finish Multiplayer pvp games to get xp and level up classes to unlock skills which you can then later purchase. You seem to have earned all perks "Handyman" (All coop+pvp perks, even locked ones) before earning "Veteran" (total of 25 MP games trophy). This is impossible. While it is true you can earn the "coins" from coop mode, you still need to play MP, level up and unlock perks before you even can buy them. I remember you need way more than 25 games to unlock all the perks from the 13 multiplayer pvp classes (different from the online coop classes). These 13 or so classes have 10 levels each, and you probably need like... Let's say atleast over 130 games to max classes. Less than 25 MP pvp games is not enough xp to unlock all MP perks. This guy apparently beat the hardest difficulty on all levels, beat all chapters for the first time while also finishing the specific Moscow chapter for the first time simultaneously... While the rest of us grinded lots on all maps, spent tons of hours to level up classes and prepare for the hardest difficulty. Either a pro player or terribly cheated.
  2. Yes lmao I did the same, printed over 10-15 pages with the requirements at work and even had lists of animals, missions and tips for gold rush... this plat was crazy dedication. Not sure but think I took a week off gaming or something after the plat. I grinded Fort Mencer to lvl50 for several hours until that Teddy theme song got stuck in my head after I went to bed..
  3. Fixed 😇 I guess some see it as a BR because when you die, the character loses everything and there is no respawn right? I'd say PvPvE sounds correct too since max amount of players seems to be 10 each game
  4. Previously available as early access on Steam, Hunt: Showdown sets to release on consoles! PC and Xbox One this summer on August 27th for the price of $39.99. The multiplayer title is set to release on the PlayStation 4 on an unspecified date this fall. Link to steam for reviews: More info about release: "Genre - FPS Western Horror Battle Royale with Strong PvE elements" Game info from article Game info from Steam
  5. Yes, it got me burnt out hard. Was regretting it halfway through. I'm #13 on the world leaderboard in finishing this platinum, haven't touched the game since and wouldn't recommend the plat to anyone.
  6. It seems that you have to complete the sidequest first in order to finish the challenge
  7. But ruins the game experience if it's the 1st playthru (that's why I did on replay)
  8. Googled for you since I don't remember why they are locked. No need to restart
  9. Electro Avenue still gives 800 with x2 weekend, x5 daily for 1st place Cortex castle 500 for 1st place Was afraid they would nerf coins more
  10. Apparently Friday weekend bonus has been removed? So now only 2 days from 3
  11. Well tbh as long as they don't nerf coins for us who aren't buying them and this helps improving the game, why not
  12. Since the latest patch, a new glitched shortcut for N.gin labs has been discovered, which makes for an easy platinum relic/time trial for Oxide. Also seems to be best for coin farm. Please don't use this online thanks!
  13. Got it aswell, really like the neon light under the car!
  14. Try searching the shores/water north of Annesburg
  15. What! Again these crowns, MHW got me burnt out and gave me horrible nightmares about slaying crown monsters every night only to find out it was a dream... Haven't touched that game since platinum and did all the grinding before the generous crown events. Lord have mercy