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  1. I know, I'm currently level 33.5... My plan is to keep playing until CTR drops on Friday, then I will come back casually. Nowadays it's like 1 slayer mastery level per day.
  2. Hopefully it won't be harder as the 10yr old version of myself managed to beat all N.Oxide time trials back in the days...
  3. One Piece & Dragon Ball Super
  4. Is this really true? Because some friends who share were both able to play Anthem together and neither lost access. They are also planning to play Crash Team Racing together. Oh I just saw this, thanks!
  5. Hey, sorry for bumping. I have been trying to find information on game sharing with two different PS4s (not shareplay). My brother recently got a standard PS4 (I have a PRO) and I'm trying to figure out this game sharing thing, so he can download some digital games I have previously purchased. We are looking forward playing Crash Team Racing and I figured it's dumb for him spending the money if we can just game share what I already bought. I probably won't download anything he buys because he isn't such a big gamer, so more looking to see if it's possible of him accessing the games I have. I have some questions before I'm attempting this though: 1. Is this legal? Has anybody been punished? 2. Will this somehow affect my trophy hunting? 3. Is doing this okay on PSNProfiles? 4. Is there anything else I should know? Thanks!
  6. I still haven't found a video of my favorite track N.Gin labs so far....
  7. Does the Elite Hunt pass boost experience gained on weapons by 1.5x or also the Slayer mastery by 1.5x? Would it help to purchase Elite Hunt pass?
  8. Can you tell us what the hard things are exactly? N.Oxide time trials?
  9. Lol and when you played as the healer girl or any other support character it was impossible to win a game as you can't carry. Extreme luck needed
  10. Can somebody explain this glitch or provide a link?
  11. I popped +10 all weapons yesterday so now need to focus on getting my mastery up to 40... So I guess crafting all weapons, upgrading them to +6 etc will do it. Just need to tick off one box for it to add slayer mastery xp right?
  12. Must be a reviewer playing, has beat N.Oxide but has only done the Polar Pass shortcut lol...
  13. Might be released in a future Grand Prix, let's hope
  14. Holy sh*t, they are definitely not planning to letting this game go on release. Spyro confirmed
  15. But the second vid shows gameplay?