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  1. I keep sending requests, last trophy for Plat 😇 Nvm got it from somebody else
  2. Anthem is $8 in Swedish stores, physical version
  3. I have 5 plats though
  4. Add me too, I have Pirate Warriors 1, 3, Burning Blood, Unlimited World Red & World Seeker. Missing PW2 since I haven't started my PS3 since ages
  5. Hmph I got this after buying the Koenigsegg Regera and winning a race, didn't upgrade or anything. The car comes with 400+ already
  6. Entry 3: This time I'd like a Wumpa Fruit from Crash Bandicoot, just to taste it
  7. Yeah I know, that's why I had to make a thread about it lol
  8. Second entry: Aku Aku mask from Crash Bandicoot, would use it for protection and invincibility. Also a nice hefty speed boost
  9. So trophy just randomly popped for me while I was cruising around Cape Castille heading to do the story mission "Take on Oscar". I fast travelled to the safe house there during day and drove through the speed trap "Damn! That's Hot!". I only managed to get 2 stars on this one and then I got the trophy... I haven't even 3 starred one activity yet since I'm new to the game. Did somebody else experience this lol? Well thanks I guess it will save me a lot of time for the platinum. I have no idea if this will affect the gold trophy "Be the very best" I was playing in online
  10. I'd get a racing kart from Crash Team Racing and just drive around the neighbourhood
  11. Be in the same online party as your friends or invite all players when you're about to start a non-story event I guess
  12. Can confirm dying at the timer on Haunted Ruins triggered the trophy pop for me, thanks for the tip!
  13. I'm very interested, are there any trophy guides out yet?
  14. I followed the guide and did this, but no pop. I hope that the 'haunted ruins' level will fix it when I get there
  15. I tried it yesterday on normal difficulty, played with random teams only. First few games were easy losses, people had no clue what they were doing. Then I joined some random team and we were 3 All-stars with 1 scientist, worked really great. Sadly one All-star was pretty noob and kept picking up the candy without the bucket, so we failed one game. He kept doing it the 2nd game and we played until the Squash was 10% hp left with 4min on the timer, so we speed-rushed the whole route from guardian to candy rush and made it just in time lol... I guess hard difficulty is possible too, going to try later