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  1. Which pistol? Like I wrote, I used the normal lvl 5 pistol (not machine)
  2. Are you sure you did it correctly? You are not allowed to heal teammates or use environmental kills, don't even use skills. Just use the pistol and don't use anything else
  3. All 3+3+3+2 chapters in any order, so you can do Moscow 1-2 then 3 in another session
  4. Do you need to beat all 3 chapters in an episode for it to count as insane, or is ok to do them one by one?
  5. What user agreement? Is that something we got first time starting the game? Can't remember Too bad it's a great game, trueachievements just rated it a 4/5
  6. Are you required to beat all missions in an episode on one go or is it ok to do them 1 by 1
  7. Damn almost was victim to this, game crashed to bluescreen after completing a game, then got a corrupt save... last backup on cloud was 6h ago so would have been too sad, but somehow my PS4 had made a backup just a few minutes earlier... so only lost the victory
  8. Guys just do what I wrote above. Foxepl just confirmed method
  9. Congrats man, you fought like a beast! Do you know if 100 victories are needed for Madman? Or total 100 wins and defeats
  10. I just recently played with some Bonny player who was level 129 ingame, which was pretty cool, but once we got back to lobby, he/she was lvl 197 lol. Could it be that it doesn't count PvP levels when playing in PvE?
  11. So I only need to buy the lvl5 upgrade for every weapon? Even the double upgrades? God... I calculated that I'm still missing 17k credits for all weapons lvl 5....
  12. I've been bluescreening a lot, happens every 5th or so MP game. Lost max 1-2 lvs maybe twice...
  13. Nice, but biggest problem is getting credits. Do you have one for those x)
  14. I have no idea, might affect if it's bugged but mine popped when I was medic class. Try it out
  15. 1. Close game 2. Turn off internet access to the PS4 3. Start game, skip the popup window. You are now in offline mode 4. I used normal pistol lvl 5 5. Choose NYC first map, easy 6. Pick medic class 7. As soon as you start, switch to pistol 8. Don't use anything but your pistol, no medkits, no melee, no turrets, nothing. Just pistol 9. It should pop after victory screen (mine popped here)