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  1. So I bought a PS5 and decided that I do a platinum for this game on this system too since it has a separate trophy list... For some reason I can't get the sketch that requires you to load the game after Sayori's death... when I load it it loads normally like nothing has happened, when it should be the other way around and the game should progress to Act 2 immediately.
  2. I only miss two poems, the one with the blood and the papa one... I am resetting the game for last 4 or more hours and I'm getting the same three poems (A Dream one, Can You Hear Me one , A Dot one... and occasionally Happy Thoughts one). Is the game broken again or my luck is just bad?
  3. I play on PS4 so I can confirm that it happens with this version as well. Funny thing is I did not reset the game... When I got all the rng poems I've saved the game in the middle of act 2 and started doing side stories. When I finished them all I had all the data needed, didn't got the trophy, and decided to just reopen the application. You know what happened next. So maybe the whole "game reset" bug also happens when you close the game right after finishing side stories?
  4. Okay... I've collected everything, every picture, every song... even run the game minimum 20 times and got every email I think... data collection was at 123% and didn't got the trophy... so I decided to close the application and open it again... for some goddamn reason everything was gone... every data, every picture, everything, like I was launching the game for the first time. I'm angry and frustrated now. Does anyone know can I get my data back somehow? Because I really don't want to spend another several hours going through the game again and again and again to get these rng poems and mails.