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  1. Can you platinum this game or is it still not working ? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I have 32 unlocked with 100% of the game done how do I unlock the other 4 is it side quests or something else. When I say 100% I mean all activities done and all main quests done.
  3. Thinking about buying rust what’s the difficulty for this game to platinum I see 8 but wondering what people think
  4. Where you do get these medals from ?? I have 105 atm
  5. Hi I was wondering if this game is worth because I saw it has problems with the plat. Also how long is the plat and how hard thank you
  6. Are these problems ever going to get fixed because it’s still 0% on the platinum and some trophy’s?
  7. I am just wondering how hard is this plat because not really any guide out there and was thinking about buying it ?
  8. So beat the level 40 one then others will appear?
  9. On the challengers version how do I unlock all bosses I have 3 of them but I only have 6 dreamstones which 3 are bosses anyone know what to do?
  10. Is this mode ever going to be back because I need for the fifa 22 plat but it’s just grey for me and can’t do anything with it ??
  11. Is it disabled again because it’s just grey for me ?