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  1. a question how did you get the trophy a fast death from the new chapter of dead by daylight

    1. Kimura Takahashi

      Kimura Takahashi

      You have to play Killer and use some sort of perk or power that gives you the haste effect. Then you need to hurt a survivor while you have the haste effect. Now do that 8 times and you should get the trophy.

    2. VoidVictorious


      You can alternatively find someone that is using a perk like balanced landing and hit them. This was one of the easier trophies to get because so many people use it

    3. coregamer1998


      I used clown's haste bottles up close with survivors you can befriend them or get close enough and when you get the haste effect they would have as well so then just land a hit on them. Hope this helps :D

  2. the first one the mw had no problem but in this one i had lol
  3. I just beat the game in realism, I only did the missions that weren't showing up that I beat in the veteran and got the trophy. the only sad thing is that the realism difficulty does not appear on the hud so the grenades are boring because you have to listen to them instead of seeing the icon.
  4. For me it was the same. However I searched and had a mission that was not showing up not even the highest difficulty text completed. So I redid it in the veteran and it appeared that I finished in the veteran but nothing of the trophy. for me it was mission 7
  5. I was thinking did you try to do it in realism? Because as a veteran or realism maybe it works zeroing in realism.
  6. That's pretty sad then. We'll have to wait for their goodwill to fix it soon. If we're unlucky, they might never fix it. I already contacted support saying this but still no response, hope they fix it in the next update.
  7. I was playing the game with my friend and I had already played more games than him but we dropped the trophy to play 25 games at the same time when we reached difficulty 25. Does anyone know if the trophy of 100 games is actually the difficulty of the stage? sorry for my basic english
  8. how do i sync trophies?