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  1. I played through the game twice and I’m really not interested in playing 2 more times for 2 trophies it was boring and terrible game I wish if I never bought it to begin with but I’m waiting for them to add skipping to cutscenes I might then play the hardcore mode
  2. Use the mazda for drifting it’s gonna make it really easier for you
  3. I'm missing 2 enemies and I can't figure out which ones too
  4. So we have to play through the game 3 more times to get the dlc trophies wtf it’s bad enough to play through it once what a terrible game
  5. Congratulations Buddy keep it up and get more and more platinums 😊
  6. That has been always the case it happens when you pass the 8 hours mark when I was farming 3 months ago hope that helps you
  7. if anyone is wondering the glitch still works on patch 2.8
  8. It’s pretty bad I been struggling with the drifting zones for a while now but I can help you finish some races via share play if you want
  9. hey guys I looked up some videos and on the guide but i just suck at drifting can anyone give me some tips or something
  10. Is the glitch still working I just want to make sure before I start the game can anyone confirm it please thanks in advance
  11. The cheapest are the emotes they will cost 3500 for the sky and gold forge
  12. Thank you man I have about 390 wins in ranked 2v2 do you think that would count or does it have to be in the ranked queue?
  13. Unfortunately there’s no way to track that you have to play until you get it good luck man it’s a grind but keep it up
  14. Thank you man but how would I boost it in the ranked queue or just normal 1v1 ranked?!
  15. can someone explain the glory stuff I don't have any and i don't how to get it thanks