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  1. Wow, can I just say, the "Divine Collection" Trophy sucks. It's such a grind. Nothing new, RNG trophies suck. My tam couldn't take on high level Gaeens or even Mid level Dogaens. It was so demoralizing to continuously load the game time and time again to try and get the Mithrils to drop on mid level Gaeens. My distribution of Mithrils to levels: Majidonga Lvl 11 - 1 Mithril Gorl Lvl 3 - 2 Mithril Cioking Lvl 5 - 1 Mithril Dogaeen Lvl 7 - 1 Mithril Gaeen Lvl 12 - 4 Mithril Multiple people have mentioned not to do Gorl, and while he is likely doing to torch a troop or 2, he consistently drops at least 1 legendary item (at least, in my runs) - most of the time 2. That was my saving grace when I only 5 and needed 4 more. 2 gorls -> 2 mithrils. Yes, you need to watch the credits but I just let the game play by itself, and yes his fight is long, but so are the Dogaeen / Cioking fights, often taking 4-6 minutes themselves. I ran Mega / Yumi / Kiba with the weapons as I collected them, with all troops barring 3 regular patapons on at least Tikulee rarity (blue spikes). If you stumble on this thread, and you don't know what to do, give Gorl a shot. No mithril? Restart the game. All in all, this grind left a salty taste in my mouth, which will likely result in a large break before Patapon 2. I love the games, and loved it on the PSP, but grinding these mithrils was not fun. I spent 6 hours in my last session finishing it up.
  2. Hey guys, been eyeing this title from afar. I would definitely not be thrilled if I paid for DLC but couldn't sync / unlock that way. I see that both of your profiles have <100 due to the DLC - is this the trophy sync issue, or you guys never completed the trophies? And by trophy sync, you mean, it unlocks on your system but then doesn't show as unlocked on PSN?
  3. My brother and I played through almost all of B4B on Veteran, however, we could not pass Act 3. With this in mind, I'm certain that it will not be possible without a team of 4... After joining the B4B discord, I was able to pass Veteran with players who have many more hours than I. I haven't even touched Nightmare yet, but I already know that Act 3 of this game on Nightmare will be at LEAST an 8/10 difficulty. People seem to be finding success with speed running / cheesing most levels, but the level T-5 (5th level in a row in Act 3) after spending at least 45 minutes with checkpoints will prevent a lot of folks from ever achieving Nightmare, because you can't speed-run that level. Shortly after, you'll hit Road to Hell, which seems to be what is preventing a lot of teams (at least, based on discord chatter), which is directly followed by Body Dump, which can easily throw a wrench in the works for even well coordinated teams. In the mean time, I love the game - I'm having a blast, I am looking forward to the Nightmare difficulty and will update this forum with more discussion once I have anecdotal experience of Nightmare myself!
  4. Like someone else stated, everyone has a different opinion of what 10/10 is. Personally, I think it's useless to Diablo 2 as your benchmark 10/10 because spending over 1000 hours on a game for one trophy is beyond ludicrous. 10/10, in my opinion, should be something that is achievable within 100+ hours, requiring skill, teamwork (when applicable), patience, and luck. Diablo 2's trophies are just a massive FU to fans / gamers of the franchise. I won't ever consider that as my benchmark for 10/10. Now, bringing the topic back to B4B, I've been watching this thread since I started playing, and even completing recruit with 4 players really has me concerned for what is to come. People keep talking about getting 4 people teams, is it at all possible it's easier with less people? When playing recruit, I found it much, much easier with 2 people rather than 4. Less ridden, more money for ourselves, less people to rely on. I'm curious as to what other people think. In the mean time, we will continue on Veteran! Hoping to hear more from those who are successful
  5. I think that's what I purchased ^
  6. Agreed with the above analysis of the 2P trial. I'd say the trials are definitely a test of endurance - Gates of Hell 2 on solo is a 2 hour endeavor as 1/40th of the bronze trophy, for example. Multiple EA trials are multiple hour endeavors, with Ascension, the trial that everyone deems the hardest, taking 45 minutes per run. LegendExeter and I did it on our 4th try, but it's not easy. 9 coop trials left and we are done
  7. I'm not the worst partner in the world, but I like to think I have a lot of experience with hack and slash games (all God of War games on my last account and some others). I've never played Dante's Inferno, and have always wanted to. Now seems like the time. That Ultra Rare looks tasty!
  8. I will update this with my progress for those who are wondering if 100% this game is possible. For those that haven't seen the other Dante's Inferno forum posts, it appears that the DLC, Trials of St. Lucia, is no longer available on the US Playstation Store, but the EU store has the ultimate bundle. So I made an EU Account from my PS3. Then, from G2A, I purchased a 30 Pound PS Card to buy the bundle (25 pounds). It costed me ~42 USD. Now, I'm installing the game. I will be playing through and enjoying the story first, then i'll move onto the DLC. Edit 1: 4 hours later Game has been downloaded, and after a bit of finagling with old passwords, I was able to find my old EA password and log in to the Trials of St. Lucia. The trophy that gives everyone the most difficulty seems to be the "It's in the Trial", where EA made 40 trials (25 single player, 15 co-op) themselves. Since folks have complained about EA's servers in the past, and it could go offline for good any day now, I will start with the trials, then enjoy the story afterwards. For now, I've just been knocking out some of the easier (but grindy) achievements, where you have to beat 100 different bronze, 75 silver, 50 gold maps, and 25 platinum maps. Once those are done, we will get started on the single player trials. For those that have been staying tuned, I opened up a session if anyone wants to join me for the co-op! Edit 2: 12 hours later 100 bronze challenges and 75 silver challenges for a bronze medal... zzz. It took me 3.5 hours of non-stop grinding to get 175 community maps. Luckily, people have designed the maps to be quick and easy, but still. That was brutal. Total time invested today is likely around 5-6 hours. I'll be starting the single player trials tomorrow, and the coop ones this weekend. With that being said, aside from a few freezing incidents, the only trophies left for me in this DLC are beating EA's trials, and someone rating my trial 4 stars+, so everything was quite doable so far Edit 3: 2 days later Started the story, as well as the EA trials. I found a cooperative buddy, we are going to give our first stab at the DLC this weekend. I have 18/25 single player trials done (Gates of Hell 2 was so long!!), and I am excited and nervous for what's to come. From what i've read, the toughest is yet to come for sure, so I'm looking forward to it. So far, no problems with the server, although I did run into some freezing issues occasionally doing online trials. I'm also about 35% done the trophy list, so progress is being made. More to come! Edit 4: 5 days later I finished all the single player trials on Thursday, not too hard. Rage took me 3 tries, but almost all of the single player trials only took one attempt. I'm still cranking out the story on the side - just got to Heresy. We did some coop today, and got 6/15 coop trials done, including everyone's favorite, Ascension. We were a bit stressed out about how hard everyone was claiming that one to be, so on our 4th attempt, we survived with 9 lives. If folks would like us to write up a guide on how we did it, we'd be happy to provide a more detailed breakdown of our strategies, since we found the recent guide not very informative. We are going to make a sprint for the finish line tomorrow morning. Edit 5: 6 days, 10 hours later Got my 100%! I think that the online is very partner dependent. Like the discussion states below, communication is key and you can't carry someone through those trials. I got pretty lucky in this instance. All in all, the hardest trophy took me, I want to say... 20-30 hours? It's hard to estimate, but I got the handle on this game pretty quickly. As for the platinum, it's very straightforward and really easy without playing on the harder difficulties, and the game isn't long at all.