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  1. Thank you it really helped, I didn't know about this or I totally forgot
  2. I don't think so, I said app but I downloaded and used on my laptop
  3. Thanks a lot for the app, I did 4 levels by myself and then decided to download the app, worked perfectly except for 2 levels, the process would take too long so I just refreshed the game level and tried again with a different puzzle, now I got the platinum, thanks again!
  4. I'm playing the ps5 version right now, haven't finished it yet, I believe it does count for the ps4 version but it does NOT for the ps5 version
  5. I just want to share my experience with fall guys support I had 4 trophies glitched on me (they are also very well known to be glitchy) Face First, Big Tease, Stumble Chums and Big Bully. I sent them a ticket stating that I should have unlocked them with video proof for Face first and Big tease, I sent it monday the 24 and got a email on friday the 28, as soon as I opened the game I got all 4 trophies unlocked. The Fall Guys support team is 10/10 in my opinion
  6. I downloaded and played the JP version today and yes it was in English
  7. PSN is definitely down now and so is xbox live, hackers?
  8. PSN is acting weird for me, sometimes I like to manually check if there are updates for my games and Im getting error message on 7 out of 12 of my games, also getting some "internet connection not available" or something like that but im playing online just fine, could be my internet provider too... not sure edit: I cannot play online as of right now, definitely something going on on Sony side
  9. It could be a overload on psn servers, since there are millions of people at home because of corona virus, netflix, twitch and pornhub are getting record number of users online
  10. Hi, Im not a expert on hard drives but, as far as I discover doing some research online, I upgraded my ps4 last year hd with a Samsung SSD instead of a SSHD, if you are interested on a fastest load times as possible don't get a hybrid disk, but again it can be a little more expensive, just my 2 cents