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  1. Good to know. While I’m not looking forward to having to do some of those (can’t stand half the characters’ weapons), better to go in forewarned instead of tearing my hair out when I pick up all the comic books and it’s still not popping.
  2. Finally got it, after following EightBitArtist’s recommendation of doing it in co-op. Now I just have to find the rest of the collectibles and do a couple levels in RAH and I’ll be done.
  3. The description reads “During Mission 9: ‘Made in Japan’ while playing as Storm Shadow, defeat most of the ninjas using melee attacks.” I have done this mission 4 times with Storm Shadow, each time being careful to only use melee attacks on the ninjas and killing all of them (including the ones that spawn when you grab the Arishkage scrolls and the handful that appear in the defense sequences.) Firefly may have blown up one or two, but I’m fairly certain the majority were melee killed (with the Triangle button), but still no trophy. Is it glitched/bugged in some way (unlikely, since others have it) or am I doing something wrong? Is the percentage required so tight that Firefly’s questionable “help” is hosing me, here? Or is it actually to kill most of the enemies in the mission with melee, not just the ninjas? (Which would make sense, given that the other trophy for the level has you doing that with Firefly’s rockets.) I’m about ready to do the mission over with the “melee only” modifier activated, but not looking forward to it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: Did the level again with Melee Only on, still no trophy. Something is obviously up, here.
  4. Nice! Thanks! Guess I’ll just wait, then. Rather have the trophies than deal with the XB1, and that’s not too far off.
  5. Anyone know when this is coming out? It looked pretty interesting from what I’ve seen on Steam and Xbox One reviews, but would rather have it on PS4 if it’s coming soon.
  6. Figured. Ah well; was going to have to play it again anyway even if it hadn’t, so guess it doesn’t make a lot of difference. But nice to have confirmation.
  7. Not sure if my game just glitched, or if there is some issue in the coding (either seems equally possible, given the other problems I have had with this title) but... Played game through the first time, killed and condemned everyone. Got Nightmare ending (as expected.) Started the game for a second round, saved and forgave everyone, but received the bad ending (with the demon commenting that I “should not have killed that person”) and associated trophy. I went back, deleted all my save data and reinstalled the game, and will attempt another “save everyone” run, to see if it works properly, but wanted to give folks a heads up and see if anyone else had had a similar issue.
  8. If anyone isn’t aware - and maybe they fixed this in the PS4 version - Premium Adventure/post game stuff doesn’t carry over when you go to New Game or other difficulties. That’s going to make some of these more painful than they are in the other games in the series, so if you’re doing 100%, might want to grab a guide/walkthrough first. Beyond that, looks like a fairly standard Yakuza list; git gud at all minigames, tick off the completion list, and fight-fight-fight. It’ll be fun. Probably remain without a Plat on my gamerfard (like the rest of the series) just because I can’t win Mahjong or Shogi to save my life, and I think this one uses the godawful darts controls from 4, but it’ll be nice to get 60-70% at least.
  9. I knocked out all the multiplayer stuff before going to do the main campaign, specifically due to Doom Eternal being on the way and concern over server shutdowns or difficulty finding matches. This is after the 6.66 update (I had picked at it when the game came out, got to level 10ish, then didn’t have my PS4 for a while so forgot everything anyway), but I still didn’t find it too terrible of a grind. Playing off and on over the course of a month with YouTube to keep me company, generally around 4-6 matches a day, I got them all done. Could probably have done it considerably faster if I’d just zeroed in on it. I’d say it’s closer to around 20 hours worth than 40, with all current patches. But just my 2 cents.
  10. I was having similar problems with stat numbers not popping trophies, and determined what the issue might be. When I started the game, I had to start fresh (had replaced my PS4, and either my Plus subscription was down the last time I played or something funky happened with the files) but my stats profile save was still there and counting. When my headshot trophy popped, I was around ~370 headshots; the shotgun trophy popped when I was at 94. When I started, the stats were reading as being ~100 headshots and 44 shotgun kills. Similar situation with Dyno-Mite Master and Steel Fist; already had the trophy for one 3 kill explosion, but still had to do it 5 times for the trophy, and I’m sure I’d done at least one or two Steel Fists before, but still took the full number for the trophy to pop. So it’s either tied to the game progress save, not the profile save, or patches/reinstallation/switching games resets the count but not the statistics page.
  11. If anyone was having difficulty with these three trophies, I just posted a quick YouTube video explaining how to do them (and easy/recommended spots shown for the latter 2.) Hope it helps someone.
  12. Ohh. Maybe that’s where I got the big pile from. I just remember I hadn’t really messed with it much until I decided to grind for the trophy, and was already at 500 or so when I started. Sorry for bad info.
  13. There’s a warp point in the Waterway that has 3-6 bats in a tight space right when you exit the room. Only took about 15 minutes to get 500L of blood just popping in and out, whacking the bats, using the shard and repeating. Already had half of the required amount before that, I suspect from draining the fountain.
  14. Happy to be of service. I hadn’t thought about what would happen if you did it when someone was already at the door... have to try that tomorrow, see what happens. Or maybe try it in Night Terrors/FNAF4 mode.... hmmm.
  15. Couldn't find any guides anywhere mentioning how to do it, so messed around a bit today and figured it out. Have a youtube video of how below, but for the short form, all you need to do is lean all the way out into the hallway in FNAF1. Foxy will come kill you, but leave a shiny gold trophy in his wake. Hope that helps someone.