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  1. Feelin’ kinda shamed given the numbers other people are throwing up, but my 50th rarest is Shadow of War at 13.52%. 100th is Neptunia Re:Birth 2 at 19.88%. I must improve.
  2. I am still looking for the entertainment factor, personally, but as I have said multiple times, “you do you.” Whatever makes someone happy. Doesn’t change that I’m trying to understand the whys, or that I find certain aspects contradictory. Further, TLOU2 - or any other game’s - “psychofans” are liable to tear into someone for anything and most won’t care if you have the game on your profile or what % completion you have in it. I presented alternative means the insult could be slung. Nowhere did I claim it was my profile, or tell anyone what they should do.
  3. If it isn’t for internet randos but is instead for those people who know you personally - which you have claimed - then it doesn’t matter if it’s buried somewhere in your profile, since they’re already clued in to the… joke? Statement? Whatever you choose to call it. Of course, if it isn’t for internet randos, then I’m not sure why it matters if it’s on your main profile or not, since people who know you personally that are gamers (or at least aware enough of the ecosystem to know what a 0/low % trophy list is) are probably well aware of your stance on the game. Regardless, if it ending up buried in the 0% section is a concern, you could always either pop an early trophy - which still accomplishes the image of “bah, I hate your game” by saying “it wasn’t even good enough to keep playing” - or go through and scrub out your 0%s so it stands out more. The latter is probably not on the table due to your stance on the profile being a record of your gaming history, just noting it as an option.
  4. They’re confused - though I’m not seeing much hostility - because it seems like a very odd request. You’re free to do as you like, but this seems like a lot of effort to make some kind of statement that is ultimately irrelevant. As @DrBloodmoney said, if you just want it tagged on your profile to show you did it, so people can see your 100% TLOU1s and your low/zero % TLOU2 so they - or you, or your friends, or whoever it’s for - can say “Hah, take that, Naughty Dog! I hated your sequel so much I didn’t want to earn trophies in it!’ then you could accomplish that by just starting the game on your main profile. You won’t be missing anything, as you claim to have already played it on an alternate account, and would thus be saving yourself several hours of playing something you don’t enjoy.
  5. 100 Melee popped for me in Chapter 1 just from Nepgear while I was futzing around. Might try taking everyone out of your party other than Nepgear, head to an early area, and just beat on things until you're 100% you killed 100 with melee alone that way as a test (or starting a new game real quick and doing the same.) Might also double-check in Combo Creator that none of the skills you have set on Noire (or whoever you're using) are marked as "Ranged." Even if she herself is technically melee, some skills may not be and could be throwing you off... though I can't imagine that it'd be so far off that you wouldn't have gotten it by that late in the game.
  6. Fair enough… but if that was the case, I feel like there’d be more people with the trophies, or there’d be someone with any of them on the Xbox side (which so far as I can tell, has no achievers of any of the Jackpot-related awards.) I know we’re talking about a niche game in a specific market (even moreso if referencing the Xbox version, since nobody gives a damn about MS over there), but when one considers that you would likely earn at least the first Jackpot trophy/achievement in the midgame, and we’re on websites specifically targeting earning digital bling with a sizable userbase from that part of the world, it just feels like the numbers are off to me.
  7. Not sure how that would work; even if they’re playing in a different region, they’re still playing off the same stack (so far as I know, Bum-Bo doesn’t have any other stacks.) Was Serious Sam the same? I suppose it’d theoretically be possible if for some reason a patch was released but only in one region, but doing so would make no logical sense.
  8. Oh. I thought that was just for the Flash Step. I’m just stupid. Thanks.
  9. Anyone know how to dash (for the “Infinite Runner” trophy)? Or is that just Nepgear’s normal movement?
  10. Just finished playthrough #1 of Dead Space Remake. Wow. Love it. Literally can think of only one negative thing about it, and that’s very much a me problem and not the game’s fault (I don’t do well in “fucked up controls, massive camera shake, now try to hit a small moving object while all that’s going on before you die” situations.)


    It grabbed everything worth grabbing from the original, brought controls and feel up to snuff for a current-gen game, tossed out what didn’t work and made them better (the ADS cannon sequence, anyone?) and somehow managed to do it without being a bug-riddled mess. They also papered over a plot hole in a way that makes sense and doesn’t create new ones.


    Definitely going in my personal top 10.

  11. There’s several ways to reduce shares, and all they cost is time or money. Any time you get a wipe and hit “restart,” it’ll put a small dent in Nepgear’s shares, and if you start a Disc Development but then cancel it before it’s done, it’ll put another dent in it. You can rinse and repeat as necessary.
  12. Saw a video about (supposedly) the important things you need to know about Dead Space that the game doesn’t tell you. First on the list was “Don’t aim for the head, aim for the limbs.”


    I dunno, boss. I seem to recall a giant sign written in some dude’s blood right above the first weapon in both versions of the game. Something about cutting off the limbs? I dunno. Might have hallucinated it. Probably hallucinated the audio logs where they say things like “bullets aren’t doing anything!” or “I shot him in the head and he kept coming!” too.

    1. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Like David Jaffe saying Metroid Dread had bad game design because he didn’t realise he had the shoot the ceiling of the room he was in to progress despite the fact that the game practically screams at you to do so at that point lol

  13. For dropping shares, if you start Disc Development then cancel it before it’s done, it will drop Nepgear’s shares.
  14. Regarding the 30 FPS… did it also feel really stuttery to you, particularly when exploring dungeons? Regarding trophies: For the 300 blocks one, can you just hit the block button 300 times, or do you actually have to block 300 attacks?
  15. It’s interesting to watch David Jaffe tell me why I’m not interested in Forspoken and determine most of my personality from not feeling like buying it.


    I figured this sort of thing would be said, and it has been thrown at me multiple times in the time between Project Athia’s initial reveal and Forspoken’s release, but I didn’t have it on my bingo card that someone like Jaffe would be spouting it.

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      I mean, it's definitely not what was planned to be released. Reports have come out on that. It was more ambitious. 

      But there isn't much to warrant me paying full price to play what this empty shell is. I saw the final boss fight and ending. I'll play it eventually. Just not at this price

    3. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      Well, that's assuming SE doesn't shut it down if it fails to immediately make all the moneys.

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      shut down a single player game?