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  1. Dang, that's a really well done tattoo!
  2. I am waiting for my DL code from the developer. Also, the dude above already finished?
  3. Love your avatar!

    1. daftprophet


      Hey man. Thanks!  Been a while, how are you?

    2. Death


      I'm ok. Same shit, different day. What about you?

    3. daftprophet


      Haha.  Pretty much the same.  Still playing games like usual and trying to stay alive, lol. 

  4. Why no Xenosaga!? Sad news
  5. I'm stoked for this game. I helped kickstart it and cannot wait for the release. I played the demo and think the game is very well done and plays quite well.
  6. They're not hard to find, just overpriced now since you can't go pick em up at Wal-Mart anymore. Definitely like both colors but the blue one is noice.
  7. Dang, that's a decent chunk of change! Gratz to the winners!
  8. Hmm...this game looks pretty cool. I am listening to the soundtrack and it's really good.
  9. I love this as well. I am curious to see if they have improved certain aspects along with the controls. I love this game so I'll definitely be picking it up.
  10. Oh man, I love my Pandora's Box! That is a great collector item.
  11. Sweet. Thanks for the information! Definitely one for the shelf.
  12. Isn't that version bugged too? Shame. I really want to go back and finish getting the remaining trophies, but not if it's a mess. :/
  13. That is a shame. I loved playing on my Vita
  14. @RizzleAbbey12, definitely got distracted in December and will sit out for Jan. Hope to come back though.
  15. Hey man, thanks! That's super helpful!