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  1. Wow. It's been a long time since I've been in these threads, I really miss this place sometimes even though I haven't been here in a while. Anywhooo was finally able to complete this game. Was also fortunate enough to get a rad screenshot with my all time favorite skater. What a blast from the past🤘🏻 https://imgur.com/a/Dw4Lt3g
  2. It's not the got there's that suck the most. It's the fact that once you've done everything else, you still need about 30 levels to get to 100 and the grind is mind numbingly dumb. It literally doesn't make sense because there is no good way to obtain XP and you'll be doing the same "grind" for 30+ hours which is such a waste of time. They clearly didn't think this one through.
  3. Sheeeeeeesh, it's been quite some time since I've popped into these forums.  Hope everyone is doing well :)

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    2. daftprophet


      I'm glad to hear that!


    3. Icebrand1270


      Good to see you!

    4. daftprophet


      Yooo what up icy dude! Hope you're well!

  4. I just want to say that despite obtaining this trophy in time, it's such bullshit and poorly explained everywhere. I'm happy for those that were able to obtain it. I didn't realize the servers were closing a first time...then heard from someone that they were extended and boy o boy am I glad I got these out of the way. I feel for those who had the pivot glitch big time, I was lucky and did not experience that one but sounded irritating. God speed on the rest of the trophies
  5. Dude right!? I don't get it. Blind runs on these games make it 10x better. Worry about the trophies after experiencing the game. Man it's been a while
  6. What up bruvvah!? Been too long and hope you're doing swell! <3

    1. Helyx


      What it do, Pikachu?


      I see you've been hard at work on BZB, just like me. So many games to play, it's a bit overwhelming at times.

    2. daftprophet


      Haha, too true!  Always trying to slay that backlog but man does it keep you from playing anything else lol.

    3. Helyx


      Definitely, but the torture teaches me to either finish what I start the first time around, or stop playing things that I'm not 100% invested in. At least I'm not spending as much money on games as I was 10 years ago.

  7. 😮

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    2. daftprophet


      Hey Mayus, long time no see!  Hope you're well!

  8. Mirror's Edge, because I want it all to myself. But really, CoD classic. Because it's CoD...
  9. Oh shit! RIP in pieces .com
  10. https://saturngenesis.bandcamp.com/album/sunset-sunrise
  11. No, it's not a chore. I've been popping back and forth between the two since getting my PS4. Actually, I would say my PS3 has received more attention within the past 6 months.
  12. I heard they're easy. Like your mom.
  13. Finally went back to 100% Bioshock 2.  Only took me 9 years and 23 hours...

  14. Lmao, couldn't agree more and was pretty good fun! Just wait until you play the SP, clunk awaits.
  15. I'm still pissed these didn't release for the Vita. I only played exclusively on that and really want to pick this back up.