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  1. You can add me


  2. This is definitely not appealing to me whatsoever. Thanks for the info.
  3. I'm actually really excited to play this game. I found the soundtrack artist, Garoad on a whim while listening to music in bandcamp and it's truly a phenomenal soundtrack. I would play this game for that alone. Can't really speak to the trophies since I haven't played it yet!
  4. This is absolutely unacceptable for this to be the norm. I would complain too if I paid full price for a broken, unfinished game.
  5. That sucks I love Dead Space. EA can go to hell.
  6. Hmm...maybe it's time for me to brush off the PS3 copy and actually play it for more than 10 minutes.
  7. Resonance of Fate Also El Shaddai
  8. Completely off topic, but wtf is wrong with you? X2 was awesome!
  9. Only 300? This is odd but obviously is setting the game up for DLC trophies. GG Bungle.
  10. Wowow. I waited a bit too long to post this major milestone for me, but better late than never so here it is. I haven't posted here in forever anyway. 100th/6,000th trophy - June 4th, 2017 Mirror's Edge Catalyst The Few. The Elite. Unlock all Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Trophies This was definitely planned as the first Mirror’s Edge was my 50th platinum/3000th trophy milestone. I loved everything about Mirror’s Edge, so Catalyst was definitely on my to-do list. I do kind of regret waiting so long to play the game. There are so many games to play and I wanted to make this one a meaningful milestone. The game play is very familiar, though a bit different. In Catalyst, the game play flows much more fluid than the original, which in my opinion, isn’t necessarily a good thing. I felt like the movement techniques were easier to perform than in the first game, making it practically effortless to run around the city. I felt like every single step in the original game needed to be executed with precision and care. In my opinion, this made the game play in Mirror’s Edge more rewarding and somewhat a challenge against yourself to perfect your skills. The skills need to be unlocked in Catalyst and there are tons of side quests/collectibles all around the city. There is quite a bit of ground to cover, but that’s the fun part! All in all, I thought Catalyst was a great game and addition to the Mirror’s Edge story line. This game is much more approachable than its predecessor for people unfamiliar with Mirror’s Edge and it’s mechanics. Shortly after this was complete, I popped a few others that were in the works leading up to the milestone. #101 - June 4th, 2017 J-STARS Victory VS+ J-Stars Victory+ Collect all trophies I’m not super huge into fighting games, but I like some anime and manga here and there. This game plays a huge fan service to both, while being a fun and quick 3d fighter (kind of like the Dragon Ball games I think, never played them) Not much else to say other than it wasn’t too difficult. I had a lot of fun playing this one. #102 - June 4th, 2017 inFAMOUS 2 inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy Collect all other inFAMOUS 2 Trophies Not really much to say about this one, just been in the backlog for ages. It’s like the first game but a continuation of what happens after the events in the first inFAMOUS. Subtle differences here and there with techniques and abilities, otherwise it’s pretty much identical. Played it more for the story and was not difficult at all. #103 - June 11th, 2017 Uncharted 3 Platinum Platinum how original... I really like the Uncharted series and had been meaning to finally go back and finish the 3rd one up and so here we are. The game itself was pretty fun, standard adventure, platforming, hide-and-shoot encounters that the previous games had. Wasn’t as good as the 2nd one, but definitely a must play (if you’ve not already done so…) I’ll also use this post to include my most recent platinum as well. #104 - July 25th, 2017 Mighty no. 9 Trophy Master Get 'em all. Now this one was interesting. It’s just like Mega Man being a side scrolling action platformer. The game was a Kickstarter funded project coming from the original illustrator/character designer for Capcom (after he left of course) and the Mega Man games. This game is supposed to be the spiritual successor to Mega Man, however, it was met with harsh criticism and viewed as a hardcore flop in many people’s eyes. Personally, I had a hard time liking it at first as well…due to it not being Mega Man. I like that it was different, but it’s hard to create something better than one of your best creations ever. I feel like a lot of people either didn’t give this one a chance, or that the game play mechanics turned people away. It’s not as terrible as people make it out to be, just takes a bit to get used to how the game plays. I thought it was kind of gimmicky at first, but once I became familiar with the controls and mechanics, it turned into a “how can I do this even faster and more efficient!” type of game without feeling like a chore while maintaining fluidity. There are a few sections (PS4 version anyway) that had some lag issues, but overall I didn’t have any other problems with the game glitching or anything like that. I would definitely play this again and I’m very curious to see if any future projects come out of it. It had some challenging feats like beating the game without dying in one go, but you can acquire an energy tank throughout the levels making it less difficult. Honestly the killers were sections with one hit kill attacks or death walls/drops. Can get your nerves going if you are not careful! I would recommend giving it a chance, but realize it is not for everyone.
  11. I think so too, but it's limited to people who frequent these types of websites on the regular. You can't expect every single gamer to know the "delete your profile" process to remove ill gotten trophies is all I'm saying. :)

    1. Dr_Mayus


      It is all good :D And you are right not a lot of people know that but that guy had tons of hacked plats on his account so his story had more holes in it than a brick of Swiss Cheese ^_^

  12. This 👏 is 👏 totally 👏 common 👏 knowledge. Sorry this happened to you, OP. Hackers ruin everything. :/
  13. Lol. Genious. Should link him to some infected websites too.
  14. Just curious, how long do these online trophies take. Thinking of starting this game.