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  1. https://music.businesscasual.biz/album/flower
  2. Metal Gear Solid 4, the game I bought my PS4 for when it came out. Haven't played it since trophies were added. 😥
  3. Is an awesome, intergalactic trophy slaying warrior and Welch's biggest fan.
  4. Is or was in the military.
  5. Definitely Last Guardian. I love SotC and ICO so I need to play this one.
  6. Hey, you should totally play J-Stars Victory VS+ if you are into it.  The online required trophies are really not hard at all!

    1. killivincent


      Oh, really? Thanks for letting me know! :) I'll try to look for it from sales then!

    2. daftprophet


      For sure.  There are I believe 4 online trophies, two for titles/icons and two for playing online (one and 20 matches) 

      Also, I think I have since deleted the game from my Vita, but if you're having trouble finding matches I would be able to help. :)


    3. killivincent


      That's so nice of you! I don't own the game yet, but if I end up buying it, I'll be sure to ask your help. :)

      Thank you very much again.

  7. Rainbow Moon, been on in my backlog for ages.
  8. Actually, I wonder how this will affect all the hackers that have already disputed. If they change their name, would their account show back up on the leaderboards? Not that I care all that much, more or less just curious. You rang?
  9. Nope. Especially since we don't know yet what might be affected by it, but I wouldn't change it even if nothing happened.
  10. I actually enjoyed the game and played through twice without auto pop. At least you'll still be able to play it offline and this really only affects the cross save feature. I wonder what will happen to other cross-save games?
  11. Me too, thanks. It'd be nice for those that didn't really put thought into their PSN IDs or just simply want something different.
  12. This thread reminds me that I have every single collector's edition and should play the one's I haven't done yet. I spose you can sign me up on this.
  13. This right here should be pinned. I had no idea that this was the case with M$ and really irks me that P$ can't do the same with servers, ultimately killing online games. RIP Ghostbusters. I have grown up loving Sony for many reasons but it seems the cannot get this right. Who knows and maybe it will change in the future? What about titles on PS Now? I don't use it but are there games with online still there? If so, that's fucked.
  14. It killed the series for a while for me. I remember buying it on launch too and was like...wut? Tornado Tonion...just no.
  15. Stoked. One of my all time favorites. I would love to have some kind of Collector's Edition, but just being able to play it with some sweet updates will be awesome.