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  1. Thanks for the help again bro
  2. Thanks dude I will try that out can two of the controller in the online match be one from my other controller and the other from my buddies other controller?
  3. I did try it only two times though. Ive been working 12 hour days and havent really played anything in two days. I give it another shot. I know it needs to be the 4th spot but does it matter if its a local 4 people match or online?
  4. I tired that but never spawned on that spot
  5. Thanks!
  6. I am really struggling with this one. Anyone have any advice or tips?
  7. not only did they fix this they gave us our cp for the weeks we missed.
  8. Thanks i didn't think to look on the web. It doesn't show up on my vita even when I look by name.
  9. Lame. More people to email about their games
  10. Been trying to snag the vita version but I can find it in NA store.
  11. Sucks. Maybe we should write some emails.
  12. So I noticed that last week instead of getting a position after doing the weekly challenge i just get a . Also when coming back the following week no experience points awarded to me. When I completed the weekly challenge this week again just a . so I figure next week no more points for me? Anyone else having this problem? Same thing happens to my girlfriend when she plays on her account.
  13. They fixed it but no plat
  14. It looks easy but you have to do the entire game so maybe not a fast one.
  15. Well for Washington you have to finish the whole base story but my other issues fixed itself when I fast travels to New York.