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  1. I know what you mean and it's happened to me before and it is annoying but imo I don't deserve my s rank in Minecraft any more cuz I'm two dlc list behind. At least they are free but I just haven't botherd yet. I should do that this weekend maybe.
  2. Since S rank is for earning all the trophies why do you feel entitled to an s rank you have not earned?
  3. also should have mentioned every ten minutes I would save the game and upload it to the cloud. Just i case I hit fix by mistake. I happened a few times to me a half hour or so in. Yeah it adds more time but if you make mistakes just a couple times and have to start fresh that takes even longer.
  4. What's wrong with retro looking games? Games from the past had more winners and more fun than alot of games coming out these days. They also used to make films better before all the sepcial effects. It takes more than a bunch of nice graphics to make a game fun or interesting.
  5. This is what I did. I would click fix to see if anything was wrong and fix them and move on. I also just copied what I was doing on the vita at the same time to make it easier. Not a bad little game. Ive been slowly knocking this game out since release. I just need he last 3 puzzles on ps4 and vita. I have two new shiny platinums by the end of this week I am sure.
  6. I plat this game in 8 minites and 13 seconds blind on my first try with no guide or anything like that lol this game is not hard
  7. The online on sniper elite v2 was very easy. I got it all done in 2014 without even finding a boosting buddy on here. It won't be very hard for anyone to do the online for this game.
  8. I end up just starting over from step one and ended up being able to pop all the trophies. It seems like some how my save for the third slot was the problem. Not sure what I did wrong but I got all the trophies. Sucks I had to skip everything since I cant read japanese it looked like the story might have been interesting.
  9. So I used this guide to try to get this game platinum and it worked for the most part but at a few parts even after trying a few times the trophies did not unlock. I will just start all over later maybe unless someone here could tell me what I need to do to get those last 6 trophies. If anyone can help me out thanks in advance!らぶchu☆chu-trophy-guide-r380
  10. Yeah I saw that took them along enough but at least it done now!
  11. And why arent the vita trophies live yet this is bullshit.
  12. Yeah it ended up popping the next few matches but I was pretty worried lol I got all the trophies but 3 in one single day not bad! hopefully I can pop the platinum over the next few days!
  13. I finished the riddles but the trophy never popped. I really hope i dont have to do this all over again. Anyone know whats going on? Well it just now popped a few matches after finishing it.
  14. i am leaning towards vita since it seems more like a game for my breaks at work
  15. I want to buy this game and since it doesnt have a shared trophy list no point in picking up both. Which is this game better experienced on?