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  1. Yeah I saw that took them along enough but at least it done now!
  2. And why arent the vita trophies live yet this is bullshit.
  3. Yeah it ended up popping the next few matches but I was pretty worried lol I got all the trophies but 3 in one single day not bad! hopefully I can pop the platinum over the next few days!
  4. I finished the riddles but the trophy never popped. I really hope i dont have to do this all over again. Anyone know whats going on? Well it just now popped a few matches after finishing it.
  5. i am leaning towards vita since it seems more like a game for my breaks at work
  6. I want to buy this game and since it doesnt have a shared trophy list no point in picking up both. Which is this game better experienced on?
  7. Same thing is going on with the us vita stack. I chatted with sony about it and it was a waste of time as usual. They wanted me to restore my vita like that was going to do anything. Im saving the last level trophy for when the trophies go live. It's kinda annoying knowing i have 30 less trophies than i should because of this.
  8. this is honestly all the response people like that deserve
  9. I am the hero was an awesome game you can eat a bag of dicks
  10. The person also didnt just insult them like they said either. They did insult them but they also made an argument which they choose to ignore and just focus on the insult. this seems very relevant
  11. Same thing has happened to me. Maybe i earned to many or its an error on their part
  12. Well let me know what you think when you do. It made me think of when i was a kid playing streets of rage or double dragon. Also you were kinda right about the white knight thing buy it wasn't so much to defend my plat (alot im will admit arent hard and i take no pride in) but it seems every new game they release the forums get flooded with people shitting all over their games. I mean one of the dudes is in this thread and they have to see all these comments of people just shitting on their work all the time and i just feel sorry for them to see it you know? Especially when i think they get alot of hate that is misplaced just because their trophies are usually not hard at all.
  13. My personal favorite is I am the Hero. Its like an old 2d beat em up game. Ive spent time on this game well beyond the platinum even. At once point I was the record holder for most waves in the workshop fight and fastest time for the challenge fight. I just checked before making this comment and saw I slipped which is great because it gives me an excuse to play and try to reclaim my spot. League of Evil was fun. Its like super meat boy but just more forgiving trophies. If you like League of evil you might like Daggerhood too. I liked Daggerhood but not as much as league of evil. Devious Dungeon was fun for me as well. I know alot of people will think Im lying but other than the shit controls on Access Denied I liked this game. I understand if people dont like it not everyone likes puzzle games. I also lied kinda. One of the games you played I did in fact like Im talking about Tetras escape. If you just dont like puzzle games I get it and Im not saying its really that great of one either its clearly for kids so none of the puzzles are really hard. I also dont really think the ones you played are that awful so much as its just not my taste. I think alot of gamers forget that one persons game of the year is someone elses turd of the year. Not everyone enjoys the same type of game experience. Sorry I was kinda an ass to you but I see people always shitting on ratalakia on here and I think its largely misplaced. They make some games I would play with or without trophies. They always crossbuy them and they even post on here. Im always trying to get people to play I am the hero even non trophy hunting friends. I really liked this game. I also think there is a market for these games maybe not all of them but most because games like this have always existed. Smaller scale games like this have always been around they just used to stay off the consoles. I agree the market isnt big but things like this have always existed. In closing I think people should play what they want to play, and not really worry alot what other people do with their time or money. Im a hardcore libertarian so thats likely why this mindset comes so naturally to me but not others but generally im a live and let live guy. I hope you really do at least give I am the hero a shot.
  14. Actually i think the ones you played aren't really that great. If those are your only experience with this company no wonder you don't think that highly of them. I did not enjoy them like i did the other titles i mentioned in this thread maybe you're the one in need of the critical thinking you think i need. I also have ultra rare plats like mk9, mkx, sc5, se3 so i don't only play ez pz games but the truth is if you enjoy moving up the leaderboards you'll have to play these games too. I also think plenty of AAA games set the bar low namely garbage like cod and kingdom hearts but these are highly popular games. But you know what? Candle in the wind is the highest selling single song in the world so that tells me how much faith to put in best sellers and popular sure doesn't equal right.
  15. Did you activate the trophy passes though? if you didnt already do so I dont think you will be able to do so now No but I think you only get 12 of them in one year time. For plats that 120 in year. for gold thats 300 I pretty quickly ran out of gold passes. Silver passes are the hardest to burn through If I remeber right they are 200 for a silver? maybe 100.