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  1. Probably you're asking about tips on tagging all enemies in each mission on normal difficulty since that's the only one that's not straightforward. For that, there are a few tricks: after tagging the enemy, you can kill them so they are out of the way. You can also try to interrogate enemies to learn the locations of others (only some do this). Otherwise you can purposely alarm them to get more enemies to run towards you, but that can also sometimes cause more enemies to get called in (and the new ones have to be tagged too).
  2. Small request: when viewing the trophy list of a game, it would be nice if PSNP+ displayed the average rarity of all of the trophies for that game to the sidebar. It would be fun to see if the next game I play will increase or decrease the average rarity in my stats page.
  3. You may find this checklist helpful: You don't need to do everything, but I found it really helpful to keep track of what I might want to work on next while I was playing.
  4. 5 trophies all for Bleed (NA). Don't have the platinum since the last one (arcade on very hard) was too much for me and I couldn't stomach practicing the levels anymore.
  5. Ah my mistake. I guess the Dora are just the 2 red tiles and the 4 Bamboo then.
  6. Some of the 5's are Doras too (the red ones) because you have that setting enabled. In your picture, the 2nd and 8th tiles are Dora. Also, the 3 Bamboo counts because it is before the Ura-Dora (opposite rule from Dora). I think you don't find out what the Ura-Dora is until someone wins with Richii. Finally, having the 9 circles isn't what you want. For the Dora point, you want the tile after it, so in this case it would be the 1 Circle.
  7. Thanks, it looks like it is fixed now, but there appears to be a strange issue with "sort by discount %" now in which games that are not on sale are being listed between games that are, and also the actual sorting isn't correct anyway:
  8. I noticed a new glitch with the site. It confuses regular discounts with PS+ discounts now. Example: The game is $5 for everyone but your site says you need PS+. This also messes up the "sort by discount %" in the wishlist. It also doesn't list the new sale on the front page. Maybe the two issues are related. Great site by the way, I find it very helpful!
  9. Recommendation for both Sam and Wolf side stories: play through once to get all upgrades before doing Revengeance. I followed the guide here for the DLC (and the main game) and found it very helpful: The Wolf DLC is on the easy side compared to the main game, but I found "You're hired" in Sam's DLC incredibly frustrating. The fight itself is not hard to beat but it's really easy to get hit. I don't own the DLC VR missions, so have no comments on that but I've read there are some frustrating ones there.
  10. I recommend only using the red suit (higher attack, lower defense). Getting "no damage" is typically the easiest way to get an S rank for a battle (there are some exceptions, but not many), so having lower defense is not a problem. Higher attack means you can finish battles faster, so less chances to get hit. Also with the Infinite Wig B you never have to worry about energy anyway.
  11. Yes, you have to get an S on all battles in one run of a level. But you can copy your save file in between battles in case you want to retry parts of the level. In case you don't know, there's an easy way to S-rank Sundowner: near the start of the fight, after breaking his shield, you just enter blade mode and keep slashing his feet until you get a 50 combo. Then you don't need to worry about getting Zandatsu (I couldn't ever get that to work before he killed the soldiers himself) and can just skip some of his phases by killing him with the pincer blade. Credit:
  12. You can avoid that by going back the way you came in, so climb back up the elevator shaft. Also, you have to do the permadeath run anyway, so I wouldn't bother finishing a NG+ run. You'll want to avoid combat altogether anyway (just focus on cloaking and mobility related augs) so it'll be easier to get the no alarms and pacifist trophies during that run. The one exception is using the kill switch on the final boss. I recommend using it to get "no alarms" and then reloading your save (back it up too) and beat him the normal way for "no kills". It's also worth mentioning that there is A LOT of conflicting information about what does or does not void the "no alarms" trophy. I tried to be very careful and avoid any situation that could lead to an alarm and didn't have problems with it, but I've read a lot of complaints about people not getting it and not really knowing why.
  13. Joining late, but since I'm almost done, why not: 1 YU-NO https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/yu-no-a-girl-who-chants-love-at-the-bound-of-this-world-trophy-guide/ 2 ✅Spyro 3 ✅God of War Chains of Olympus 4 ✅Persona 5 Strikers 5 ✅Resident Evil 6 ✅Mass Effect 3 7 ✅Sekiro 8 ✅Evil Within 2 9 ✅Metal Gear Rising 10 Bleed
  14. Mission 2 is just the initial time you spend in your apartment when you arrive in Prague, not really a proper mission.
  15. This doesn't directly answer the question, but I personally found this text/image guide useful: I remember that it literally is just describing (and takes screenshots from) what you see in one of the videos (powerpyx, maybe?) but I found it way easier to navigate while using a phone instead of a proper computer. As for your specific question, I remember that it was easier to come back to some of those ebooks after you get some more augs. Just make sure you don't leave Prague before getting all of them and you won't be locked out. You can always make manual saves if you're paranoid.
  16. Looks really cool, and it has very strong community response on Steam. I'll add it to the wishlist/backlog. Thanks for the heads up!
  17. I used the exploits for breach and I think it took around 10-12 hours to finish everything (including the DLC breach trophies).
  18. Thanks, but unless I'm missing something, you can't get personalized recommendations based on what you like. I only see the option of picking one game at a time or just seeing what games are the most popular in a genre.
  19. One of the main things I like about this site is discovering new games that I wouldn't otherwise have heard of. But how that happens is mostly by luck, like reading a bunch of random threads or browsing a bunch of profiles to see if people have a lot of the kinds of games I've played or liked before. Does anyone know of something a little bit more streamlined for this? For visual novels, there is which automatically reads the scores you give to visual novels on vndb and compares that to what other people have done and makes a list of new visual novels you are likely to enjoy. Platprices has a recommendation feature, but it's just based on whether or not you own a game (some of which I don't like as much as others obviously) or have it on a wishlist, so I'd be interested to see if there is something more fine-tuned for PS4 games.
  20. I almost fulfill the no stacking requirement, but I played both Dark Souls and the remastered version on PS4 since I never had the DLC on PS3. But I never got the platinum on either (didn't even beat the last boss on remastered!). I never even knew stacking was a thing until I joined this site, but I did find the idea that I could get trophies for the "same" game twice kind of weird.