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  1. My goals: Clear Final Coil. Get 1 Zeta Weapon Ninja to LV 50. Leveling my alt.
  2. Great... I need a new memory card for my vita since I bought Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and that does take space... Should I transfer my data to the new memory card or run with two cards? Help!

  3. PS1: Final Fantasy IX I never had a N64.
  4. Take my money Persona 5! Lol. The trailer blew me away... Currently playing Tales of Xillia 2.

    1. Bonzi Buddy

      Bonzi Buddy

      Chair-kun.. am I right?

    2. Masamune


      Yeah, I hope they're going to announce the release date soon.

  5. I wished I could get something but all my Christmas money is all spent lol. Hope other people enjoy !
  6. Merry Christmas! :D

    1. SuffyZorugelion


      HO HO HO! Merry Christmas

  7. I would be interested to see a remaster of Dream Drop Distance.
  8. I actually own the ps3 version of the game. Playing with a controller wouldn't hinder gameplay a bit. It just takes getting some use to because you have to cycle through commands such as R1 + O and then selecting a command for example R2 + O unlike you probably have to click in the pc version or macros Just memorize the commands and where you put them. It sort of essential later on for rotations and to know what skill to use next. For example: (Just click on the pic to see a ps3 hotbar. Ignore Names.) I know this pic is old but it shows how the ps3 controls plays. Simpler yes but it requires you to switch sets of commands as you can see considering all your skill won't fit onscreen. Typically for me DPS is easier to play with my controller but that shouldn't hinder you from playing the class you want to play as.
  9. Hi!

  10. I'd say Velocity Ultra
  11. I voted... Let's see... There is JRPGs and Fighting games that I know I'll play for sure.
  12. My PS1 is still alive. Thank goodness. Time to play some Digimon World 3.

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    2. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Does it even matter if you play them on ps3? It's not going to have better graphics or trophies

    3. itzzh3lixx


      I wish they would have trophies, would platinum the shit out of spyro and crash

    4. Masamune


      I would probably replay every PS1 game I've ever played if that was the case.

  13. Black Butler: Book of Circus
  14. So... Hot... Plus I want to play on my ps1 and see if I can continue on Digimon World 3. Ah childhood.

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    2. kamifox1


      The first Digimon World was my first, funnily enough lol. I love every game on PS1 although we never got Digimon World 2 here, we skipped it and had 3 renamed as 2003 for some weird reason so I played Digimon World 2 on an emulator.

    3. kamifox1


      Every Digimon game on PS1*

    4. Masamune


      I played one Digimon game in my childhood but it's been so long I can't even remember which one it was, this was also before my love of RPGs.

  15. Well... You could just download the dlc and make sure it's in your download list in the PSN store... I did that when Lighting Returns had the Japanese voice pack free for a limited time but I still haven't installed it but I still have it in my download list. Although it's only free in the US for the first week...