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  1. Haven’t played portable before, but seems like it’ll be quite the lengthy playthrough at 3 or maybe even 4 playthroughs. Also i assume Elizabeth will be just as difficult as FES, although not positive
  2. Oxenfree 2. Everyone‘s favorite myth. Had to come out one of these days, right?
  3. Nah should be fine m8. Just tell everyone she is your daughter or something, that should fool em
  4. Anyone know if the ur version of this challenge is still possible? I heard that there exists not ur option for the letter Q atm
  5. Depends on the game, series and console for me. In other words, it varies pretty wildly
  6. Very late to the party but finally bought a switch the other day. Picked up xenoblade, 3 houses, SMT V and BOTW. Later on down the line I plan on picking up Metroid dread and bayonetta 2. also heard good things about live a live, odyssey, triangle strategy and monster Hunter rise
  7. For me no, mainly because the only games I’ve played on ps3 lately are games I never played before. I do plan on going back and cleaning up older games at some point though, and I imagine that would feel pretty nostalgic
  8. Smh, i need to be able to dislike this shit. They need to add that feature immediately
  9. So if the sequel to or remake of your favorite game of all time came out and was a 10/10 you wouldn’t play it? Seems strange to me. But everyone in this thread seems convinced all games with trophies will become like this one so…guess you’re safe. Lol
  10. Goddamnit, these devs stole my idea! I thought this up a year ago and now they get to rake in the profits. Time to contact my lawyer.
  11. Yeah the speedrun can be done on NG+, akumu mode needs to be done in NG
  12. You act as if he is ever going to actually read this response
  13. Definitely sounds like a game that needs a patch
  14. Tough question. Maybe rapture. Or the erebonian empire from the trails of cold steel series
  15. It’s been awhile since I’ve played it, but GOW 3 was a bit surprising to me in its brutality at the time