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  1. Smh, i need to be able to dislike this shit. They need to add that feature immediately
  2. So if the sequel to or remake of your favorite game of all time came out and was a 10/10 you wouldn’t play it? Seems strange to me. But everyone in this thread seems convinced all games with trophies will become like this one so…guess you’re safe. Lol
  3. Goddamnit, these devs stole my idea! I thought this up a year ago and now they get to rake in the profits. Time to contact my lawyer.
  4. Yeah the speedrun can be done on NG+, akumu mode needs to be done in NG
  5. You act as if he is ever going to actually read this response
  6. Definitely sounds like a game that needs a patch
  7. Tough question. Maybe rapture. Or the erebonian empire from the trails of cold steel series
  8. It’s been awhile since I’ve played it, but GOW 3 was a bit surprising to me in its brutality at the time
  9. About a decade or so ago I got really into retro gaming, and I have recently somewhat rekindled that enjoyment of 2D platformers. I put in the time and effort to actually beat ninja gaiden on the NES and menace beach back in the day, and got good enough at the OG castlevania to make it to the grim reaper without a death. I played a number of others but never put in the time to progress far. These games ranged from extremely enjoyable, like battletoads, little Nemo, ghosts n goblins, and silver surfer, to complete shit, like Bart’s nightmare, dr.Jekyll and mr.Hyde, and dick Tracy, which to this day is still the worst game I’ve ever played
  10. Trophy hunters are very much the minority, but getting rid of trophies doesn't really benefit sony at all, which is why it won't happen. For most people there wouldn't be a ton of negatives but there would be literally no positives since people who don't care about trophies can and do just ignore them.
  11. Nah, this is an exaggeration. It will still have the appeal of its exclusive titles.
  12. This comment here is pretty much my thoughts. Obviously very expensive having to buy all DLC. Also feels pretty restrictive in the sense that you can’t really buy anything day one. You have to wait to see if a game will have an extremely difficult list, or requires a long multiplayer boost. Even if you do everything right, you never know when you’ll get screwed by a random DLC having an unobtainable or glitched trophy. Rare sure, but it happens. And in that case, you have no other choice but to start a new account if you want to maintain 100% completion.
  13. First 2 for me. I don’t really consider games I’m planning on buying as backlog because sometimes things change and I don’t end up buying them
  14. Digital Devil Saga 2. criminally underrated game. Played it about a year ago
  15. Alan wake. 8/10. love the story and world, but the gameplay could be better