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  1. I see. Thanks for the replies so i have to do 100 taxi fares and such. Bummer. Also to confirm: yes checkpoint charlie glitch didnt work on this version (PS2 original) i cant get to start the 03.00 minute one
  2. Okay so i saw a few posts in this forum that say it disables the 100% i got the canolli trophy already so i dont care if my CR goes down will i still be able to get done it all? Also can i utilize the checkpoint charlie glitch for the remaining percentage after i get trophy related missions (packages,jumps paramedics, store hold ups)?
  3. You need 2 controllers or Remote Play for this. Okay so i tested this myself and i got the trophy using kustom kombat modifiers. Go to Two Players > Kustom Kombat then after you pick your characters You gotta pick Quick Uppercut Recovery P1 Turbo Combat P1 Juggle Combat P1 Slow Start P2 then at the match just spam uppercuts until you get 10 hits with every character. Here is a vid of me doing it i dont know why it didnt show the trophy pop notification I think you can also get every variation trophy a lot faster in this mode with danger modifier
  4. For me the list goes like this I prefer The Crew 2's Customization options Car Selection Less Multiplayer dependant trophy list And i prefer The Crews: Story No annoying/cringe lines No Boats and Planes Encourages interacting with the world Better PvP
  5. i want to add something to this. Its not just the guide but also the trophy requirements themselves are wrong. I got the calradian army knife with heavy war axe's secondary function (Two-Handed) instead of it's polearm variant. Also the headshots you get from Throwing axes won't count towards the Huscarl trophy too.