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  1. Not a bad suggestion, I'm currently looking for something similar. I'll try it, it might work for me. I really love different games and often buy a new game - almost every week I find something interesting. I often run out of money at the most inopportune moment. That's why I use FitMyMoney when I need cash to get a personal $3000 loan and buy a few new items at once. I would like to receive a decent cashback because I spend really large sums not only on the games themselves, but also on their updates, additions, and so on. I hope that I will still have time to get on this offer.
  2. Can you tell me how long it takes on average to collect all the secret poems? Because I have a desire to collect them, but I'm afraid that with my schedule I will stretch it for a long time. I now devote little time to games, books and other hobbies, because I am very busy with my studies and I want to do everything on time. My friend has been recommending to me for a long time, because he is upset that I spend little time on hobbies and meetings with him. So he recommended me this service, which helps to perform various written assignments. This will relieve some of the burden and I will have more time for self-development and meetings with loved ones.
  3. Thank you very much for sharing your way to get an education nation. I'll try your way and share my own results later.
  4. Interesting games! It seems that all 4 trophies are indeed included in the game. I was an athlete as a child and dreamed of participating in real Olympic Games. But when I grew up and read more about this event, I realized that this is not what I want from life. I have researched a lot of essays on Olympic Games trying to find more pros than cons. In the end, I realized that it was better to leave sports as a hobby or a video game.
  5. I finished reading the stories "Easter Island" and "Lorax" and now began to take an interest in the environmental problems of the world. Earlier I didn’t pay much attention to this problem, but now I am more than sure that it is very important to talk about it. I found a great post to read with essays on environmental issues in books. It was from there that I learned about these stories and am very glad that I read them in full. Now I will be more aware of nature and its resources.
  6. Thank you more, let it be as a guide. I've already tried looking for books/guides to learn how to do it on my own. 😬 For example, I am always looking for information about fiction books at and I wondered if I could find something about this game. After all, I heard that many publish educational books on the game or books based on the game. So, it would be interesting to read the summary of the book in order to better understand the mechanism of the game. Thanks again!
  7. A lot has been written about the downside of social networks and there are a number of quite interesting studies on the topic of their negative impact on the psyche of people. For example, on you can read interesting essays on social media to learn about all the good and bad hidden sides of social life. And also about why it is must not believe the picture that we see on Instagram or Facebook in order to maintain mental health.
  8. I am very attracted to historical characters and games based on the stories we know. One such interesting person for me is Beowulf - click for more info about this person and read research paper examples. I would like to live in the world of the game Beowulf and be the main character there. It's an old game, but I really like it and have played it more than once.
  9. The Sherlock Holmes book series is one of the best for me and I am happy to have the opportunity to play a game based on famous stories as it is my favourite genre. I would like something similar to the novels of Edgar Poe. I read essays on The Fall of the House of Usher and immediately decided to search find more info about this story, hoping to find some game. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything interesting other than the classic hidden object games. Therefore, I hope that very soon the developers will take this particular author to create their new game!
  10. Be careful with this not only because of the type of game. Today's games, and especially multiplayer games, are designed to never let you go, to be endless. I read a lot of stories and essays on safety on about how to protect yourself from gambling addiction and fraud. Having a large online community of anonymous strangers and unfiltered, unmoderated discussions can present various potential risks.
  11. I recently watched the incredible Green Book movie. The theme of racism in America's old days is very vividly expressed here. Having learned this story, I was shocked, to say the least. I looked at for essay example by people who were born to black, Asian, or blended families. And I think you need to be proud of your skin color because it was you who were born with that color. I recommend the movie for watching! And the interview is great, I will add these films to the list that I just need to revise.
  12. I liked this overly causal and conversational scenes. I would add more thoughtful script and more epic speeches. I decided to use one of the frame scenes in my school casual production. I was recommended to find a good screenwriter. I decided it should be a short monologue. This resource helped me write a singing speech and it looked great. I made a Natsuki style costume. This situation reminded me of a comic-con or an annual anime gathering. I had no doubt that this format will appeal to fans of gaming and theater.