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  1. For those trying to get the platinum for this challenging game, here's a few tips for getting the coco true ending trophy: In order to get the Chad-In-A-Box to initiate the true ending, you need to clear level 1 without getting hit Try to increase your bullet range as soon as possible, as Coco has very short bullet range (e.g., with Bat Wing, mystery potion) The other main items you should go for are things that upgrade your weapon damage or speed (e.g., Double Shot, Dumbell, Left-Hand Glove) or things that increase your survivability (e.g., Extra Heart, Viking Helmet, Hamster Ball; sorry I forget their actual names) Getting the Ghost quest item is very useful for clearing rooms that are particularly difficult (e.g., triple shotgun enemy floor, AAA floor) The Invincibility Star quest item is also really useful as well for difficult bosses or floors, when used it gives you a whopping 20 seconds of invincibility! There also seems to be a glitch where the large arrowhead-shaped bullets fired from enemy Coco and the Snakes does not do any damage to you, so those floors become a breeze to clear through Be wary of mystery potions, it's quite a gamble and I recommend only drinking them in the earlier floors, on the later floors the potential debuffs can really break your run (unless you have the Rose or Silly Straw item of course) I feel like I only just got through the coco true ending by sheer luck in getting overpowered upgrades, but feel free to ask for help if you are attempting this trophy!
  2. Hmm I might be mistaken since I did 3 simple and then a regular boss after those. Also when your relic upgraded did it gain the heart ring effect first? I recall when I did the first boss with the cursed relic equipped there was no heart ring effect, and then only when I beat a few bosses did the heart ring effect appear with the cursed relic
  3. You can activate Djimmi's extra hearts as well to help with survivability when equipping the Cursed Relic. Also noticed that as the Cursed Relic levels up it will also have additional charm effects too including the Heart Ring, Smoke Bomb, and Whetstone When you fully level up the Cursed Relic (and get the Paladin trophy), it will become the Divine Relic and it has the Heart Ring, Smoke Bomb, Whetstone, and Coffee charm effects while randomly changing your weapon when you dash, stop shooting, and use the ex shoot Edit: removed misinformation